What’s On: National Burger Day 2017

This week sees the most important day in the culinary calendar; National Burger Day 2017! On Thursday the 24th of August restaurants across the country will be offering discounts on the World’s greatest creation – the humble burger!  Head on over to the National Burger Day Website that shows you how to get your special discount code for a whole host of venues across the country. Of course, if you’re not heading out to one of the venues on the list, we have everything you’ll need to host your own Burger Night!

How to Host Your Own Burger Night

The best way to host your own burger night is, of course, to bring all your friends over, and share a few drinks. You could grill them, you could even pop them on the BBQ! You don’t even need to serve the traditional beer burger, you could have pulled pork sliders, grilled chicken breast or even large flat mushrooms (for the veggies). Once you’ve decided on your menu, you’re gonna need some supplies, and we’ve got you sorted. Here’s our All You’ll Need List for hosting the best burger night in town.


National Burger Day 2017


What You’ll Need
  • Cast Iron Skillet – If you’re not planning on cooking your burgers on the BBQ, we’d recommend using a Cast Iron Skillet. Once you’ve preheated your skillet, the hot iron is perfect for searing your burgers to perfection.
  • A Blade Turner – Half way through you’re going to need to flip your burger and a professional quality Pierced Blade Turner is going to be your best friend.
  • Bamboo Skewers – Of course you’re going to be stacking up your burgers, and no one’s going to be able to pick them up whole, so stick a skewer in them to keep them together!
  • Fast Food Baskets – Want to have that American Dinner feel to your burgers? You’ll want some fast food baskets!
  • Greaseproof Paper – And if you are using fast food baskets you’ll be needing greaseproof paper to finish off the look
  • Wooden Presentation Crates – If you don’t want to use plastic diner baskets then you could always combine greaseproof paper with wooden presentation crates
  • Sauce Pots – Serve sauce in style alongside your burgers in a sauce pot! Plastic, stainless steel, the options are endless!
  • Chip Baskets – If you are serving any sides you’ll need something to serve them in, and forget the traditional bowl, why not try a chip cone?
  • Table Caddies – Keep the table tidy and hand your guests cutlery using a table caddy

And that’s that!  Of course, there’s more you could get to host the perfect burger night, so check out drinkstuff.com for more inspiration.

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