What’s On: World Martini Day June 2017

What better excuse to enjoy a cheeky cocktail than on a national cocktail day! June 19th is known around the world as National Martini Day. With a huge range of different ways to create the classic cocktail, we thought that we’d share with you some of our favourite recipes. We also thought we’d share this in preparation for the weekend so you don’t have to rock into the office next Tuesday sporting a hangover! 

The Basic Martini  

The martini is a perfectly blended cocktail made up of gin, vermouth, and a garnish. Simple right? Well, it can get complicated. Firstly, is it gin or are you supposed to use vodka? And what about the garnish? Is the olive the traditional garnish for a martini, or should you be serving it with lemon peel? And then, of course, the dirty martini adds a splash of olive brine. However, you like your cocktail, all you need to start is a spirit and vermouth. Anything beyond that is up to you! 

Martini Riffs

Because the martini is such a versatile cocktail it’s easy to tweak the recipe. You can work out your preferred proportions, but it also allows you to experiment to create your own cocktails. One of the easiest ways to play around with the recipe is to switch up the style of the gin. Try switching up the type of gin you use, instead of a London Dry Gin, try using a genever. Or try making it with a different type of vermouth. These simple tweaks are small tweaks but can yield impressive results. 

As well as tweaking the types of ingredients used you could try adding extra flavours. By using an infused alcohol you can subtly alter the cocktail without straying too far from the original recipe.

Over the years we’ve featured a range of different martinis, like the classic martini and the porn star martini. This year at drinkstuff HQ for World Martini Day we want to carry on the tradition of sharing martini riffs, and hope you’ll stick around to see all the cocktails we can come up with. 

If you fancy joining in on the fun but need some cocktail supplies check out our website for cocktail tools, shakers, and even ingredients

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