What’s on: World Gin Day June 2017

 What is World Gin Day? 

World Gin Day is a day for everyone and anyone (over the legal drinking age) to celebrate and enjoy gin. It’s a great opportunity for Juniper enthusiasts or Juniper newbies to get together and enjoy a good drink! Not just limited to the humble gin and tonic, on World Gin Day you can enjoy everything from cocktails to sipping neat gin, it’s up to you! 

When is World Gin Day? 

Each year the World Gin Day is held on the second Saturday in June. This means that the date for World Gin Day this year is the 10th of June. The exact date varies from year to year but it does mean one thing, you get to enjoy gin on Saturday and then recover on Sunday!

Ways to enjoy World Gin Day

Ok, so you’ve decided that you want to celebrate world gin day, but you aren’t sure how. Well you’ve got a couple of options: 

a) Check out the World Gin Day website and find an event being held near you! 

Bars and venues across the country are hosting events that are sure to impress! Not just serving G&T’s or cocktails, some of the events include a Gin Masterclass being held at The Star By Hackney Downs in London. You can visit a Gin Bar-On-A-Bike in Cambridge. It’s being stationed at the Museum of Technology in Cambridge and will be there alongside food trucks, an open air cinema, and live music. Beefeater Distillery is even throwing their doors open to host a house party! If a party isn’t your thing there are even festivals being held across the weekend including Ginstock 2017, Junipalooza and The Juniper Festival. 

b) Feel like doing something a bit more low-key and closer to home? Host your own party! 

If you and your friends enjoy drinking gin, but don’t fancy heading out why not hold a gin party! Here at drinkstuff, we have everything you need to host a gin party, all you’ll need to do is add alcohol! 


To start with you’ll need something to drink your gin out of, but you’ll need to make a decision. Disposable or reusable? Do you want to recycle everything or do you want to do the washing up? We can help either way. If you want to go down the disposable route we have everything you could want, tumblers, cocktail glasses, or even Biodegradable Plastic Glasses. But if a glass is more what you’re thinking we have a huge range of glasses including stunning City Gin Balloon Glasses which are the perfect vessel for a classic G&T. 

Cocktail Equipment 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good G&T but sometimes it’s fun to shake it up a bit. Literally. Sometimes I like to make cocktails. If you want to make gin cocktails on World Gin Day you’ll need some cocktail making tools. We have handily made some cocktail sets that contain everything you’ll need, check them out here. If you want to mix and match and buy some cocktail tools separately we can do that to! 


Cocktail Syrups, Purees, and Garnishes 

Last but certainly not least you might want to make some signature cocktails that contain some unique flavours. We’ve got that covered too. Gin is perfectly paired with flavours like Elderflower or Mint, so why not grab some Monin Syrups or Funkin Premixed Cocktail Mixers. As for garnishes, if you want to show off to your friends and wow them with some on trend garnishes check them out here.


However, you chose to spend World Gin Day we hope that you get to enjoy even just the one Gin & Tonic! Stay tuned for some World Gin Day cocktail recipes that are sure to get you in the party mood! 

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