Your Guide to hosting a Jubilee Street Party

It’s 2012 and there’s never been a better time to be British; we’ve got the London Olympic Games, Euro 2012 and of course the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! With celebrations happening up and down the country from 2nd to 5th June, you’d better don your party hat and get ready for a good old fashioned British street party. We’ve got the ultimate guide to making your Jubilee street party one to remember and a great range of Jubilee street party accessories.

Royal wedding street party in Percy Road, Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin. Sourced from

Step One – Location, Location, Location
This might be quite an obvious one, but ensure you have the appropriate permission to close or part close your road if you’re planning a street party. Alternatively, hosting a Jubilee party in your home or garden is also a great option.

Step Two – What to Eat?
Of course no Jubilee street party is complete without plenty of food, and what’s more British than sausage rolls, cucumber sandwiches and Victoria Sponge cake? If you’re stuck for inspiration then the BBC Good Food website is packed full of ideas.

Jubilee Party Cakes. Sourced from
British Street Party Cup Set

Step Three – What to Drink?
In the Great British climate you have to be prepared for all weather, from rain or shine. Hopefully the sun will be shining on the Jubilee weekend, and you’ll be able to serve up a selection of refreshing drinks. Our British Street Party Cups Set is ideal for serving up lemonade and squash for the kids, and beer and cocktails for the adults. Pimm’s and lemonade is also a great choice for the adults and we’ve got a great selection of Pimm’s Jugs and Pimm’s Glasses. If you’re serving afternoon tea, our Union Jack Party Cups are ideal for both hot and cold drinks.


Step Four – Stock Up on Party Essentials
Our great range of Jubilee party decorations will ensure your Jubilee party is appropriately themed with a selection of red, blue and white colours and Union Jack flags. Keep drinks cold with our Inflatable Union Jack Beer Mug Cooler or Husky Union Jack Refrigerator! Add some Union Jack decoration to your food and drinks with our Union Jack Cascade Picks and Cello Frill Cocktail Picks. Ensure all mess is cleared away with our Union Jack Luncheon Napkins or British Street Party Napkin Set.

Step Five – Invitations
Invite your friends and neighbours of course! You can always invite the Queen and Prince Phillip if you wish, but we can’t guarantee they’ll turn up.

Queen unable to make it? Simply use our Mask-arade Personalised Masks!

Don’t forget to visit us for all your Jubilee party equipment! We hope your 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party is a roaring success!

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