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Glassware Capacities Information

  • Glassware volumes listed on are calculated to the brim of the glass. Please be aware that most drinks will not be served to the brim, particularly when serving wine.
  • Handmade glassware volumes may vary slightly.
  • Some of our glassware is in US packaging so will feature US fl oz.
    • 1 US oz = 1.04 Imperial oz = 29.57ml
    • 1 Imperial Pint = 20 Imperial oz = 19.22 US oz = 568ml
  • Some manufacturers list pint and half pint volumes with slight differences. For example, you might see a Half Pint glass listed as 280ml, 285ml or 290ml depending on the manufacturer.
    • Half Pint = 10 Imperial oz = 284ml
    • Pint = 20 Imperial oz = 568ml
    • One Third Pint = 6.7 Imperial oz = 189ml
    • Two Third Pint = 13.3 Imperial oz = 379ml

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