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Glossary of Terms


Glossary of Terms

A muddler is a bar tool which is used to crush cocktail ingredients such as lime, sugar and mint in the bottom of a glass. This process is called muddling and involves mashing, crushing or bruising the ingredients so their essence is released and the ingredients are mixed. Some muddlers are also suitable for crushing ice.
A muddler has a similar design to a pestle (from a pestle and mortar) and is a stick with a flat, sometimes slightly rounded or serrated head. Cocktail muddlers are usually made from wood, plastic or stainless steel and are usually between 7-10 inches long. Cocktails which require use of a muddler include the mojito, mint julep and the old-fashioned.

Wooden Muddlers

Like wooden chopping boards, a wooden muddler requires seasoning to ensure it is more resistant to absorbing bacterias and odours.

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