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Absinthe Service

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Absinthe Glassware

Absinthe is a drink that is as much about the serving and display as it is about the taste. For many people, the drama and theatrics of creating a glass of absinthe are just as enjoyable as the taste of the drink itself. Whether you’re working in a professional bar or enjoy the taste of absinthe at home, having the right serving-ware is important.

Items In our Absinthe Glassware Range

There are several items available to help you serve absinthe properly. Our Glass Absinthe Fountain provides the perfect way to serve iced water for your guests, adding an extra element of dramatics to the experience. The spoon is one of the most important aspects of serving absinthe, as it has a very unique design. Absinthe spoons are flat and perforated, as well as shaped like a trowel. They have an indented area in the handle to allow you to hold it in place comfortably over the glass, while the holes allow the water and sugar to pass through into the glass below. You will also need a glass to serve your beverage in – absinthe glasses are typically ornate and have markings to help you serve the perfect quantity. The La Rochere Absinthe Glass is an example of this type of glassware, or our La Rochere Vintage Absinthe Glasses which have a longer stem for holding.