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Bar Blenders

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SALE €474.87
Robust and reliable, this Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender saves time for restaurants and makes light work of blending ingredients.
SALE €390.19
Whether you are mixing up a delicious cocktail or crushing ice, this Waring Bar Blender is perfect for commercial bars and restaurants.
SALE €715.17
Highly powerful, this robust Waring Kitchen Blender can blend, emulsify, or reduce almost any food, even lobster shells and nuts!
SALE €876.52
High quality and powerful, this Waring X-Prep Kitchen Blender is perfect for creating soups, sauces, smoothies, cocktails and more.
SALE €492.04
Easy to use, this incredibly powerful Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender is perfect for making light work of mixing, puréeing and emulsifying.
SALE €486.31
This robust Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender allows for hassle-free blending, with a variable speed switch from 5000 to 18000rpm.
SALE €469.15
This professional and powerful, Waring Heavy Duty Big Stix Blender is the ideal time-saving appliance! From light mixing to puréeing.
SALE €313.53
This Waring Medium Duty Quik Stix Stick Blender is powerful with an adjustable two-speed control and has an ergonomic design for comfortable use.
SALE €1,224.38
With a heavy duty 2HP motor and stainless steel blades, this Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender creates a smooth consistency when blending hard to blend foods.
SALE €1,029.85
The Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender is perfect for a professional kitchen or bar, with stainless steel blades and heavy duty 3.5HP motor.
SALE €850.20
Immensely powerful, this Waring Xtreme Hi-Power Blender can crush ice and frozen fruit in seconds. With stainless steel blades and heavy duty 3.5HP motor.
SALE €391.34
The Waring NuBlend Bar Blender has powerful 375W two-speed motor, which makes it ideal for creating cocktails and it can easily crush ice in seconds!
SALE €453.13
This high quality blender is able to create cocktails, smoothies or sauces in seconds! The Waring NuBlend Bar Blender is perfect for commercial use.
SALE €426.81
The Waring Bar Blender is perfect for busy commercial bars, offering a quick and simple alternative to shaking cocktails. Simply use this blender to create a variety of drinks, including cocktails, smoothies, juices or milkshakes.
SALE €1,659.22
The Hamilton Beach Triple Spindle Mixer is perfect for use in commercial bars, cafes and restaurants, allowing the user to mix 3 different drinks at once. The spindle design makes this mixer ideal for blending milkshakes, smoothies, cocktails and batter m
SALE €549.25
The Hamilton Beach Single Spindle Mixer is perfect for mixing up a variety of cold drinks, from milkshakes to smoothies, and can even be used to mix batter for cooking. Ideal for use in commercial bars, the HMD200 provides a quick way to mix, including 3
Providing simplicity of use, the Rio Blender offers a quick and easy way to create some cocktails for a demanding public. With an easy to use 2-speed setting, the Rio Blender from Hamilton Beach boasts the ability to mix up a 16oz Daiquiri in a mere 20 se
Thanks to the Wave~Action System in the Rio Blender, icy drinks come out perfectly smooth every time. Simply put in some crushed ice and your ingredients, and in only 20 seconds you will have a perfectly blended cocktail!
With its Quiet Shield™, the Hamilton Beach Summit Blender is the quietest in its class. With patent-pending Auto Blend technology, the Summit Blender continuously monitors all factors to ensure you have the ideal final result to enjoy!
Ordinary blenders spin contents around the walls of the jar, which can leave whole chunks untouched by the blades. The Tango features the Wave~Action™ system which continually forces mixture down into the blades for smooth results.
Put outstanding results for every mixture in the palm of your hand. Four blades with five cutting edges quickly cut through ingredients for professional results every time.
The professional quality Model 908 blender from Hamilton Beach features a no-frills operation with a simple on/off switch. You can find Hamilton Beach blenders in professional kitchens all over the world, so it's about time they were introduced to the hom

Bar Blenders

When cocktails are in demand in your bar, it’s a good idea to invest in a bar blender. Helping you make a variety of frozen drinks, our range of bar top blenders are ideal for use as smoothie blenders, margarita blenders, pina colada blenders, and daiquiri blenders.

Made by Hamilton Beach, this selection of commercial bar blenders are designed to produce large quantities of drinks, smoothies and cocktails. All Hamilton Beach bar blenders are heavy duty bar blenders for use in commercial environments. Great for keeping your clientele happy, these cocktail bar blenders are available in a variety of sizes, offering large bar blenders and small bar blenders with a choice of pre-programmed settings.

With fast UK delivery, our table top bar blenders are the perfect way to enhance your bar and make your own smoothies and frozen drinks.