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Bar Knives

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Every bartender needs a good quality knife – a well-honed blade makes it ten times easier to prepare garnishes for cocktails. Even drinks that don’t require fruit as an ingredient look more professional with a fancy peel twist on the top for presentation.

Whether you’re an amateur bartender, an expert, or simply someone who wants to upgrade their tools for making drinks at home, a bar knife is a must-have.

Types of Bar Knives

There are several types of bar knives to choose from, depending on how you intend to use them. A serrated blade, like the Fruit Twist Dual Blade Bar Knife, is perfect for crafting cocktail garnishes like fruit twists, as well as cutting slices of fruit. It has a dual-sided blade that includes a straight blade and a serrated one for multipurpose use.

Alternatively, a standard Bar Knife is great if you just want a basic but effective knife for slicing fruit and other garnishes.

For hygiene purposes, you don’t want to be picking up ingredients with your hands – especially if you’re working in a commercial space. Knives with a forked tip are perfect for preventing this, enabling you to not only prepare ingredients but also transfer them to the glass without needing to pick them up. The Genware Serrated Forked Bar Knife is the perfect example of this type of knife.

No matter which type you choose, a bar knife is a key piece of equipment for your bar that will help make your job easier and your drinks much more presentable.