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SALE £849.99
Ideal for busy commercial bars, the Blizzard BAR20 Upright Bottle Cooler offers a large 466 litre capacity for chilling a range of bottles. Specially designed for use in bars, this cooler features forced air pull down to allow for frequent usage and fully
SALE £631.19
Keep your bar well stocked with the Blizzard BAR10 Upright Bottle Cooler, which offers a 292 litre capacity. Holding up to 324 beer bottles, this glass fronted cabinet lets you offer a wide range of beverages on clear display behind the bar.
SALE £486.99
The Blizzard Induction Cooker offers a safe, clean and efficient alternative to gas or electric cooking. Heat is generated through magnetic cookware, meaning there's no flames or hot surfaces and an even heat distribution.
SALE £514.99
The Blizzard Under Counter Fridge has a sleek stainless steel exterior finish for a contemporary look. Ideal for placement in commercial kitchens, this fridge easily fits under counter for convenience and offers easy maintenance.
SALE £514.99
Designed for placement under your worktop or counter, the Blizzard Under Counter Freezer is ideal for commercial kitchens. It has a high quality stainless steel exterior and plastic ABS interior for an easy to maintain finish.
SALE £2,699.99
Ideal for restaurants, takeaways, cafes and canteens serving fresh fish, the Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet ensures your fish retains its freshness for longer. Specially designed for fish storage, this cabinet features a low temperature range, sealed cooling system and easy access drawers.
SALE £2,429.99
Ensure your fish retain their freshness with the Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet. The low temperature range of -1°C to +2°C and sealed cooling system ensures this chiller is optimised for the storage of fresh fish. Ideal for use in restaurants and shops, this cabinet includes 6 sliding drawers for convenience.
SALE £2,159.99
The Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet has 4 draws for the storage and chilling of fresh fish. Ideal for restaurants, takeaways and shops, this cabinet has a low temperature range and features a sealed cooling system to keep fish fresh.
SALE £3,156.00
The wide Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers excellent display of food and beverages, ideal for use in commercial food outlets and shops. This chiller cabinet has rear service doors for a hygienic display and the refrigerated under storage offers extra cooling capacity.
SALE £2,339.99
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers a two tiered display for presenting a selection of food and drinks. Ideal for use in cafes, canteens and shops, this counter allows for easy service over the top. This chilled display offers extra capacity in the form of refrigerated under storage.
SALE £2,100.00
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge is perfect for food and drink display in shops, canteens, cafes and takeaways. This commercial quality chiller offers extra cooling capacity with refrigerated under storage. The two rear doors allows for easy service, while the curved glass front offers a hygienic display.
SALE £1,740.00
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge is designed to let you easily serve customers while offering a clear display. Ideal for shops and food outlets offering a selection of food and beverages, this display cabinet will keep them hygienically chilled and even offers refrigerated under storage.
SALE £1,439.99
The Blizzard Shadow Over Counter Fridge offers a clear, well lit display to entice customers. Ideal for placement in shops, cafes and canteens, this cabinet is suitable for chilling a wide selection of food and drink. This display chiller also offers refrigerated under storage to maximise capacity.
Able to store any kind of frozen produce from meat to vegetables, the largest of Blizzard's chest freezer range offers a large storage capacity of 675 litres. With an adjustable thermostat, manual defrost, temperature display and internal illumination the SL70 has an arsenal of features ready for large quantities of food.
With a large 492 litre volume, the Blizzard Chest Freezer SL50 is ideal for a wide range of varying commercial food service establishments. From fish and meats to vegetables, this chest freezer from Blizzard will keep almost any frozen produce fresh until required.
Professionally designed and crafted, the Blizzard SL40 is the perfect chest freezer for both commercial and domestic use. With a large 401 litre capacity and a wide array of features, this refrigeration unit is ideal for long-lasting use in commercial kitchens and restaurants.
SALE £319.99
Serve your wine at the perfect temperature with the Blizzard Wine Cooler 105. With a capacity for 30 wine bottles, this cooler is ideal for use in bars and restaurants or in households that enjoy wine. This refrigeration unit has specially designed scallo
SALE £829.99
Suitable for busy kitchens, this Blizzard Stainless Steel Freezer has a high ambient temperature, helping you conserve energy. This freezer features an easy to clean stainless steel exterior and plastic interior with added features such as adjustable feet
SALE £799.99
The Blizzard Refrigerator has a sleek stainless steel finish, making it easy to maintain for busy commercial kitchens. Ideal for food and drink storage, this fridge has a large capacity and features a digital controller for ease of use.
SALE £924.00
Suitable for use in commercial environments, the Blizzard Glass Front Freezer is ideal for front of house display in shops, cafes and canteens. From Blizzard's economy range, this freezer boasts a high ambient temperature and CFC-free polyurethane foam injected insulation for better energy saving.
SALE £699.99
Featuring a solid door with white exterior and food safe plastic interior, the FZ40 Freezer offers large capacity at a low price. While the price may be low, the professional quality of the freezer still remains.
SALE £579.99
Utilizing a wide range of features, the SDR40 is the perfect budget refrigerator. Offering plenty of space with white food safe plastic interior, five shelves and a basket; this unit is great for use in pubs, restaurants and cafes.
SALE £549.99
The GDR40 features a clear glass door with a white and black exterior and food safe plastic interior. Ideal for use either as a front or back of house product display, it allows consumers quick and easy display. For use in pubs, cafes and shops.
Ideal for soft drinks, food, and even wine, the Blizzard Budget Fridge is a perfect all round fridge for use in lunch rooms, offices, and other non-commercial placements. Don't be fooled by the name, even Blizzard's budget refrigerator rates higher than o
SALE £734.99
This efficient and stylish Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler is the perfect way to chill drinks behind your bar. With a stainless steel finish, this cooler offers both a contemporary and practical design and is ideal for undercounter placement at the back of y
SALE £549.99
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This Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler in black offers a generous capacity, ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes wanting to offer a wide selection of drinks. Offering minimal running costs for daily use, this efficient and stylish cooler also features glass f
SALE £499.99
Specially designed to withstand the toughest commercial environments, this Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler is ideal for busy bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs. The sleek stainless steel body gives this cooler a contemporary look, while the efficient design
SALE £599.99
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Ensure perfectly chilled drinks every time with the Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler. This cooler features a stylish black finish, ideal for contemporary bars, restaurants and cafes. With an efficient design which includes self-closing doors and fan assisted
SALE £449.99
No matter how demanding your situation, the Blizzard BAR-1 will maintain a high level of efficiency throughout. Chilling bottles to an ideal serving temperature, the Blizzard BAR-1 is ideal for placement behind a busy bar, but is also ideal for use in pub
SALE £349.99
The BAR-1 by Blizzard is an ideal professional quality bottle cooler for inclusion in a commercial environment, with maximum efficiency and a large 130 bottle capacity.


Stay cool with our range of Blizzard refrigeration units, specially designed for your commercial refrigeration needs. From bar refrigeration to kitchen refrigeration, you’ll find a great range of Blizzard fridges and Blizzard freezers available with fast UK delivery.

If you’re kitting out your establishment, our range of Blizzard bar bottle coolers are available in different capacities so you can find the best Blizzard bar fridge for you. In addition to our Blizzard bottle fridges, we also offer Blizzard wine coolers.

To cater for the needs of commercial kitchen refrigeration, we offer a range of Blizzard upright freezers, Blizzard upright fridges, Blizzard undercounter freezers, Blizzard undercounter fridges, Blizzard chest freezers and Blizzard fish keeper cabinets.

For front of house display refrigeration, we offer glass front freezers, glass front fridges, cold counter top displays, hot counter top displays and over counter display fridges. Our range of display fridges, display freezers and display counters are the perfect choice for shop refrigeration, cafe refrigeration and canteen refrigeration.