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CE Mark Glasses

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SALE £134.99
These Amelia Wine Goblets are incredibly versatile and are perfect for serving up red and white wines or even a glass of water.
SALE £6.99
This pack of 6 colourful translucent shot tumblers ensures an exciting display, no matter what drink you're serving. These shots glow under UV light.
SALE £84.99
Each Michelangelo Masterpiece Red Wine Glass is CE marked at a perfect 175ml, making them perfect for use in commercial settings.
SALE £1.99
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For the ultimate party without the mess, the truly stylish Econ Black Polystyrene Shot Glasses are perfect for stress free shooters.
SALE £10.99
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Ideal for use in restaurants, and pubs, the Teardrop Tear Wine Glasses are CE stamped and lined at 250ml, perfect for a legal measure.
SALE £1.49
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Styled in the classic conical tumbler shape, the Clarity Reusable Half Pint Tumblers are great for use at events and outdoor parties.
SALE £154.99
Perfect for serving a large glass of your favourite red, white or rose, these Princesa Wine Glass feature a classic shape and design.
SALE £2.99
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When you're hosting a party in your own home, one of the main worries is breakages. The simple answer are these light-weight, flexi-glass tumblers.
SALE £9.89
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While these Geo Hiball Pint Glasses may look like they're supposed to sit alongside your range of hiballs, they offer a different take on the standard pint glass.
SALE £35.99
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Lined at 175ml these Elisa Wine Glasses are perfectly suited to use in commercial and licensed drinking establishments.
SALE £9.99
Drink the extra smooth drink in extra smooth style with these officially branded John Smith's tulip pint glasses. Featuring an organic, easy-to-hold shape.
SALE £31.99
Featuring a nucleated base for added head retention, these Senator Pint Glasses are CE marked making them the perfect choice for pubs.
SALE £38.99
The Elite Polycarbonate Nonic Half Pint Tumblers feature virtually unbreakable polycarbonate. CE marked at a half pint to brim for use in commercial bars.
SALE £8.99
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The Elite Penthouse Polycarbonate Hiball Nucleated Tumblers are designed to be virtually unbreakable. Ideal for a truly safe serving of the finest beer.
SALE £23.99
The Elite Premium Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes offer a durable, stylish way to serve bubbly at parties or events. With a virtually unbreakable design.
Present your drinks in glassware branded with your logo as the nucleation with these Custom Nucleated Premier Beer Glasses.
SALE £21.99
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The Sensation Exalt Wine Glass has an elegant and delicate design that has been reinforced with Arcoroc's Kwarx technology.
SALE £69.99
Holding 470ml, and CE Marked at 250ml these Nude Reserva Bordeaux Red Wine Glasses are perfect for serving red wine in pubs and bars.
SALE £5.99
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The Elite Premium Polycarbonate Shot Glasses provide everything you need in a shot glass; a practical sturdy design, an accurate double shot measure and great value. Virtually unbreakable, these shooters are ideal for parties as an alternative to breakabl
SALE £21.59
Perfect for parties and at the bar, the CE marked Econ Neon Blue Polystyrene Shot Glasses glow under UV light. Made from durable and rigid plastic.
SALE £39.99
These Elegance Half Pint HeadStart Hiball Glasses promote head retention providing your drink with a long lasting, frothy head.
SALE £4.99
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Join in the latest drinking craze with these Bomb Shots! A great alternative to a plastic shot glass in a glass, these keep the shot and chaser separate.
SALE £5.99
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Perfect for enjoying drinks outdoors, the Elite Remedy Polycarbonate Tumbler is made from durable plastic to help prevent breakages.
SALE £21.59
The vibrant Econ Neon Green Polystyrene Shot Glasses glow under UV light, making them the perfect glass for large parties and bars.
SALE £22.79
The Elan Beverage Glasses 14oz LCE at 2/3rd Pint present the perfectly sized delicate serving of beer in commercial settings.
SALE £76.99
These Cervoise Stemmed Beer Glasses have a nucleated base and are perfect for serving a variety of draught, bottled beers and ales.
SALE £12.99
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Made from toughened glass with a nucleated base these Strongbow Heritage Pint Glasses are CE marked and incredibly durable.
SALE £27.99
There's often a moment of tension whenever a glass gets knocked or spilt. The Inverness Beer Tumbler is designed with Libbey's DuraTuff technology.
SALE £2.99
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Be prepared for your next big party or event with these Plastic Shot Glasses. Completely disposable and recyclable, they offer great value when catering.
SALE £34.99
Built to last, the Endura Wine Glasses are ideal for use in commercial environments, such as bars and restaurants.
SALE £11.99
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You've not truly had a pint until you've had one out of the iconic Traditional Pint Tankard! Simply fill it with your favourite ale or lager and enjoy!
SALE £4.99
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Make your home bar feel more like a real pub with these classic Nonic Pint Glasses, the favourites of British pubs.
SALE £7.99
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Introducing a new measure to the world of beer glasses, the Conique Third of a Pint Glasses are perfect for serving smaller amounts of your favourite beer.
SALE £149.99
With a simple yet elegant design, the Princesa Wine Glasses are ideal for both red and white wines, the perfect glass for everyday use.
SALE £6.99
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With many bars and homes opting for safer alternatives to glassware, the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Pint Tumblers offer great value.
SALE £29.99
These Islande Tubo Hiball Glasses are incredibly versatile and durable and can be used to serve a wide variety of cold drinks.
SALE £89.99
The Alternato Wine Glasses have been specially designed for bar service, offering a practical and durable design for drinking at the bar.
SALE £17.99
Get a round in with the Econ Neon Orange Polystyrene Shot Glasses, perfect for handing out at your next party. These durable glasses are also CE marked.
SALE £21.59
Great for use indoors and outdoors, the Econ Neon Orange Polystyrene Shot Glasses are manufactured from durable, reusable plastic.
SALE £19.99
CE Marked at 175ml these elegant Imperial Red Wine Glasses from Utopia are the perfect way to serve red wines in bars and pubs.
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CE Mark Glasses

Our range of cheap CE mark glasses and cheap LCE mark glasses are suitable for use in licensed establishments, such as bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes. CE marking is a mandatory conformance mark to ensure the product has met EU health, safety and environmental requirements. The letters 'CE' doesn't stand for anything and are used on glassware to ensure it holds an accurate legal measure, whether it's for beer, wine or spirits.

Glasses that carry the CE mark hold a legal measure to the brim, often seen on pint glasses, half pint glasses, 1/3 pint glasses, 2/3 pint glasses (schooner glasses) and shot glasses. LCE stands for lined and CE marked, which means the legal measure is accurate to the line, often seen on wine glasses and beer glasses.

Previously known as government stamped glassware (GS glassware) or crown stamped glassware, CE stamped glassware must be used in licensed establishments when serving certain alcoholic drinks. For beer, lager, ale, cider and similar beverages, the UK government currently offer a CE pint measure, CE half pint measure, CE one third of a pint measure and a CE two thirds of a pint measure. Wine served by the glass should be a 125ml wine measure, 175ml wine measure or 250ml wine measure and a 50ml measure or 70ml measure for fortified wines. We offer professional quality CE glassware delivered direct to your door, with an optional next day UK delivery service.