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Churchill China

With well over 200 years of experience, Churchill China has been at the forefront of ceramic production for the hospitality industry. Providing a wealth of ranges for varying tabletop display solutions, Churchill pride themselves on in-house design and leading manufacturing techniques with rigid product testing to ensure only the finest quality items are available for high-end food and drink presentation.

Churchill China are the top choice for professional chef's, proudly sponsoring the National Chef of the Year competition, and having items regularly appearing on national television cooking competitions such as the BBC's Great British Menu. Browse our full stocked range of Churchill China, ready to be shipped today.

Churchill Stonecast China

Churchill Stonecast Hints China

Churchill Studio Prints Homespun China

Churchill Studio Prints Raku China

Churchill Studio Prints Stone China

Churchill Monochrome China

Churchill White Beverage China

Churchill Bit On The Side China

Churchill Art de Cuisine Menu China

Churchill Retro Blue China

Churchill Vintage Print China

Churchill Profile China

Churchill Art de Cuisine Igneous China

Churchill X Squared China

Churchill Vintage Café China

Churchill Trace China

Churchill Alchemy China

Churchill Art de Cuisine Rustics China

Churchill Moresque China

Churchill White China

Churchill White Nova China

Churchill White Maple China

Churchill White Sandringham China

Churchill Bamboo China

Churchill Just Desserts China

Churchill Rustics Nova China

Churchill Cookware China

Churchill Wooden Boards
SALE €44.88
Whether its an afternoon tea or breakfast service, these Monochrome Iron Black Saucers are perfect for presenting Macchiato or coffee shots.
SALE €46.17
Designed to fit Cappuccino cups, these Monochrome Iron Black Saucers are perfect for showcasing delicious Italian coffees. With a dark hand painted design.
SALE €44.88
Serve your morning coffee in rustic style with these Monochrome Vintage Copper Saucers. Designed to effortlessly fit with espresso cups.
SALE €46.17
These Monochrome Vintage Copper Cappuccino Saucers are perfect for showcasing a wide variety of frothy coffees. With a luxurious shine.
SALE €44.88
With a luxurious hand painted finish, these Churchill Monochrome super vitrified saucers offer a superior way to serve espresso cups.
SALE €46.17
With a hand painted finish and rich sheen, the Monochrome Mist Blue Saucers offers a unique drink presentation. Featuring an scratch resistant ecoglaze.
SALE €38.91
With a hand dipped painted finish, these Monochrome Cinnamon Brown Espresso Cups are subtly inspired by the warm tones of autumn.
SALE €52.01
The Churchill Monochrome Cinnamon Brown Cappuccino Cup serves up frothy coffee in an impressive super vitrified china body.
SALE €63.69
Ideal for serving a variety of frothy Italian coffees, the Monochrome Cinnamon Brown Cappuccino Cups bring a rustic touch to your drink presentation.
SALE €83.14
Featuring a delicate speckled design and hand dipped in reactive colour glaze, these Monochrome Cinnamon Brown Mugs are perfect for adding warm tones.
SALE €90.01
Provide rustic charm to any table setting with these modern Monochrome Cinnamon Brown Bowls from Churchill. Featuring a speckled design.
SALE €90.01
With a deep sapphire colouring and delicate speckled design, these Monochrome Sapphire Blue Bowls are perfect for adding rustic charm.
SALE €90.01
Create a distinctive food presentation with these Monochrome Onyx Black Bowls! Perfect for serving rice, noodles or sides with rustic charm.
SALE €38.91
Serve up Italian coffee shots with a contemporary touch with these Monochrome Onyx Black Espresso Cups! With a unique speckled finish.
SALE €52.01
Designed to withstand a fast-paced commercial environments, the Monochrome Onyx Black Cappuccino Cups offer excellent strength and impressive longevity.
SALE €63.69
Hand dipped in a reactive colour glaze, these Monochrome Onyx Black Cappuccino Cups are truly unique and bring a contemporary touch.
SALE €83.14
With a sleek black colouring and rustic design, these Monochrome Onyx Black Mugs bring a contemporary touch to your hot beverage service.
SALE €38.91
Dipped in a reactive colour glaze, these Sapphire Blue Espresso Cups from Churchill are part of the new Monochrome Range of crockery.
SALE €63.69
The Monochrome Sapphire Blue Cappuccino Cups from Churchill create a distinctive drink service, with its unique dipped colour glaze and rustic finish.
SALE €83.14
With a speckled design and dipped in reactive colour glaze, these distinctive Monochrome Sapphire Blue Mugs from Churchill are each unique.
SALE €95.98
Showcase your food in style with these Churchill Alchemy Balance White Tear Dishes, the pure white glaze finish allows you food to stand out!
SALE €160.18
Following the trend for beautifully rustic tableware, these Studio Prints Raku Coupe Plates from Churchill offer organic shapes and natural textures.
SALE €113.23
Showcasing organic shapes and natural textures, these Studio Prints Raku Coupe Plates from Churchill are sure to impress.
SALE €63.04
With a textured topaz blue glaze, these Churchill Studio Prints Raku Coupe Plates provide a truly elegant table presentation!
SALE €167.31
The Studio Prints Raku Wide Rim Bowls are perfect for serving salads, soups or pasta dishes. Made from a Super Vitrified China.
SALE €143.31
With an autumnal influenced design, these Studio Prints Raku Wide Rim Bowls offer a rustic touch to all your signature dishes.
SALE €160.18
The Studio Prints Raku Coupe Bowls from Churchill provides a truly rustic presentation for starters, appetisers or desserts.
SALE €95.85
Built to last, these Studio Prints Raku Coupe Bowls provide style and durability! Made from Churchill's Super Vitrified China.
SALE €160.18
From the new Studio Prints Raku range by Churchill, these Oblong Plates showcase an attractive textured print and topaz design.
SALE €213.49
Dine in style with these Studio Prints Raku Chef's Oblong Plates! Featuring an attractive topaz blue colour and dappled textured design.
SALE €8.68
More options
With a clean and sleek design the Churchill Classic Plate is the ideal solution to all of your dinner service needs. With gloss white finish.
SALE €11.85 RRP
More options
An egg shell blue glaze finishes these Super Vitrified Churchill Stonecast dinner plates for a rustic dinner service. 5 Year Warranty.
SALE €7.71 RRP
More options
Bringing a touch of nostalgia to your food service, the enamel-style Churchill Retro Blue Coupe Bowl is perfect for gastropub style dishes.
SALE €8.92
More options
These Churchill White X Squared Plates are perfect for adding creativity, variety and a contemporary aesthetic to food presentation,
SALE €3.16 RRP
More options
The Churchill Bit on the Side Ripple Dip Dish brings both colour and creativity to table settings and can be used to serve dips.

Churchill China

Established for over 200 years, Churchill China offers high quality and durability with elegant design. Our range of Churchill tableware, Churchill cookware, Churchill porcelain crockery, Churchill china crockery and Churchill white crockery make an excellent choice of hotel crockery and restaurant crockery. Selected Churchill crockery items are covered by a 5 year warranty to guarantee quality and include a wide range of Churchill plates, Churchill bowls, Churchill dishes, Churchill cups, Churchill saucers, Churchill mugs, Churchill teapots, Churchill jugs and Churchill salt & pepper pots.

Choose from a wide range of china plates, china bowls, china dishes, china cups, china saucers, china mugs, china teapots, china jugs and china salt & pepper pots available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.