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SALE £99.99
The Lay Z Spa Platinum Spa Starter Kit is the ultimate starter kit to get your home spa up and running! With everything you need to get started.
SALE £54.99
The Lay Z Spa Gold Spa Starter Kit gets your Lazy Z Spa up and running. With all you need to provide a healthy clean water environment.
SALE £34.99
The Lay Z Spa Silver Spa Starter Kit is the perfect way to get your Lay Z Spa up and running. With all you need to get started.
SALE £29.99
Suitable for use with home spas and hot tubs, including the Lay Z Spa, the Chemical Starter Pack contains everything you need to get started with water maintenance. The simple to follow guide makes setting up your spa easy, allowing you to sit back, relax
SALE £8.99
The ClearWater Test Strips help you test for total alkalinity, chlorine and pH in your pool or spa.
The pH Plus is designed to increase the pH levels of your spa or pool. The ideal pH levels for the Lay Z Spa are between 7.2 and 7.6; promoting bather comfort and effective chemical use. Test the pH of your spa, if the pH is below 7.2 then use the 'pH Plu
ClearWater pH minus is used for decreasing the pH of pool and spa water.
Clearwater Foam Remover has been formulated for use in spas to control and prevent foaming.
ClearWater Clarifier gives your pool or spa added sparkle and clarity.
SALE £9.99
More options
ClearWater stabilised chlorine granules are designed for disinfection of pools & spas.
ClearWater Liquid Algaecide is designed to prevent and control algae in your pool or spa.
SALE £17.99
Keep your spa or pool safe and hygienic with the ClearWater Multifunction Tablets. Containing 50 individual tablets, they are designed to slowly erode over a period of 3 to 5 days to help add the required chlorine levels to your pool or spa.


Ensure your home spa or home pool is treated with our range of ClearWater chemicals. Suitable for domestic spas and domestic pools, the ClearWater range is suitable for use as spa chemicals, Lay Z Spa chemicals, hot tub chemicals, Jacuzzi chemicals and swimming pool chemicals. This range of Lay Z Spa chemicals and accessories are available with fast UK delivery, ensuring ClearWater treatments make spa maintenance and pool maintenance easy.

For a complete choice of Lay Z Spa care, our range of ClearWater spa chemicals and ClearWater pool chemicals includes ClearWater chlorine granules, ClearWater multifunction tablets, ClearWater ph plus, ClearWater ph minus, ClearWater test strips, ClearWater foam remover, ClearWater clarifier and ClearWater algaecide.