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Cocktail Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

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Vintage Cocktail Glasses
SALE £29.99
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Whether you like yours shaken or stirred, you can't dispute that the classic yet elegant Martini Glass is a cocktail party essential.
SALE £44.99
Featuring a translucent grey and lustrous finish, the LinQ Beverage Tumblers are perfect for serving a wide variety of beverages, such as cocktails.
SALE £19.99
Perfect for serving a number of cold beverages from juices to cocktails, these Nude Rocks S Hiball Tumblers are incredibly versatile.
SALE £44.99
These LinQ Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are stackable and professionally made with strong Duratuff glass, which offers excellent longevity.
SALE £44.99
With translucent grey finish and subtle panelled design, these LinQ Rocks Tumblers are perfect for showcasing short cocktails and spirits on the rocks.
SALE £89.99
With an elegant design, these Classico High Ball Tumblers are made from Luigi Bormioli SON.hyx Technology for superior quality and strength.
SALE £49.99
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With an exquisite mirror finish and textured design, the Precious Glass Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are perfect for showcasing your cocktails.
SALE £59.99
Following the current trend for creative cocktails, these Vintage 1924 Coupes will transport you right back to the roaring 20's. Adding jazz-age flair.
SALE £59.99
Featuring a truly distinctive stem and tulip-shaped bowl, these Vintage 1924 Wine Glasses offer elegant flair to any drinks service.
SALE £32.99
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Robust yet elegant, these Nude Reserva Balloon Glasses offer an attractive cocktail presentation. Following the current trend for gin based cocktails.
SALE £34.99
Perfect for enjoying gin based cocktails, these Nude Reserva Balloon Glasses have a wide bowl for the development of aromas and flavours in your beverage.
SALE £49.99
Featuring a classic design, these Nude Reserva Martini Glasses are the perfect choice for serving luxury cocktails. Made from a lead-free crystal.
SALE £24.99
Providing a refined and striking design, these Nude Cuvee Champagne Flutes are perfect for flaunting your champagne or prosecco.
SALE £64.99
Simple yet bold, these Nude Terroir Champagne Flutes are perfect for showcasing champagne, prosecco or sparkling wines in elegant style.
SALE £140.99
This Utopia Nude Vintage Martini Glass is the perfect choice for showcasing a Pornstar Martini, Cosmopolitan or a classic Manhattan!
SALE £34.99
With a sleek tulip-shaped bowl and tapered stem, these Nude Vintage Champagne Flutes are perfect for creating a distinctive drink presentation.
SALE £34.99
Highly versatile, these Nude Vintage Short Stem Glasses are ideal for serving beer, wine or even short cocktails. With a short stem and made from crystal.
SALE £34.99
Perfect for showcasing champagne or prosecco, these Nude Vintage Champagne Flutes feature an ultra fine stem and sleek silhouette.
SALE £124.99
Providing a elegant silhouette and classic slender design, these Nude Climats Champagne Glasses are perfect for presenting your prosecco or champagne.
SALE £29.99
Stunning in design, these Nude Mirage Champagne Glasses provide an extremely modern drink presentation. With a slender silhouette.
SALE £69.99
Unapologetically contemporary and stunning in design, these Nude Vinifera Champagne Glasses are perfect for showcasing a wide variety of sparkling wines.
SALE £74.99
These elegant Nude Fantasy Coupe Glasses feature fine stem and wide bowl, which is perfect for serving champagne and short cocktails.
SALE £72.99
Perfect for serving Champagne, prosecco or sparkling wines, the Nude Fantasy Champagne Glasses are perfect for toasting at a wedding or event!
SALE £86.99
Perfect for enjoying a classic Cosmopolitan, the stylish Elia Meridia Martini Glasses bring a touch of elegance to any cocktail.
SALE £52.99
With a modern black colouring and beautifully textured design, these Dante Onyx Hiball Tumblers are perfect for showcasing creative cocktails.
SALE £24.99
Perfect for enjoying Gin and Gin based cocktails in style these LSA Balloon Gin Glasses feature a wide bowl and contemporary shape.
SALE £49.99
Heavily textured with a onyx black coating, these Dante Onyx Double Old Fashioned Tumblers allow your creative cocktail to stand out from the crowd.
SALE £3.99
Whether you are serving a smooth whiskey on the rocks or a refreshing Caipirinha short cocktail, these Aras Rocks Tumblers are incredibly versatile.
SALE £59.99
With a fluted base and stackable design, these Empilable Duralex Stacking Tumblers are perfect for bringing a modern touch to any drinks.
SALE £114.99
With a retro-style and stackable design, these Gibraltar Stacking Beverage Glasses are perfect for a wide variety of refreshing beverages.
SALE £74.99
Whether you are serving up a whiskey on the rocks or fresh orange juice, these Gibraltar Stacking Rocks Glasses are incredibly versatile.
SALE £79.99
A must-have piece of glassware, these Green Stem Gin Goblets are the perfect vessel for all G&T creations! The popularity of gin cocktails is on the rise.
SALE £34.99
These Endeavor Beverage Glasses are lined at half a pint, which makes this glassware the ideal choice for licensed establishments.
SALE £17.99
Perfect for serving up classic Old Fashioned cocktails, the Endeavor Rocks Tumblers are the ideal size for presenting neat spirits.
SALE £19.99
With a sleek shape and stackable design, these Endeavor Hi-Ball Tumblers provide a modern drink presentation. Perfect for cocktails and soft drinks.
SALE £19.99
With a long stem and balloon shaped bowl, these Enebro Gin Cocktail Glasses provide a Spanish twist on the classic Gin and Tonic.
Crafted from BPA-Free Tritan and featuring a high clarity, these Tritan James Cocktail Glasses are the perfect alternative to delicate glassware.
SALE £24.99
The classic shape of a balloon glass but with a unique PVD platinum finish, these Gin Glasses are perfect for adding a modern touch to Gin'o'clock!
SALE £59.99
These modern Platinum Radiant Highball Glasses add a unique twist on the original Radiant glasses, with the PVD platinum coating.
SALE £58.99
Bring your drink presentation up-to-date with these stylish Platinum Hobstar Long Glasses! Providing a modern touch to any bartop.
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What glass should I serve cocktails in?

Should a Strawberry Daiquiri be served in a Martini glass or Margarita glass? Can you serve a Tequila Sunrise in a hurricane glass? With such a variety of cocktail glasses on offer, you may feel like you need a degree in bartending just to choose the perfect glass for your cocktail, which is why this cocktail glassware guide is here to help.

Whether you're throwing a party for friends or opening your own cocktail bar, choosing the right cocktail glass is not only about the presentation, but the taste also. Wide rim glasses are perfect for sipping strong cocktails and can be accessorised with cocktail decorations and fruit slices, while taller glasses are ideal for layered cocktails and also leave plenty of extra room for ice. This guide will ensure you're not serving guests a Margarita in a Pina Colada glass.

Martini Glasses

A classic cocktail glass, made even more popular by James Bond’s famous quote 'shaken not stirred', the Martini glass is also commonly called a 'cocktail glass'. This type of stemmed glass usually holds between 5 and 10oz. As well as a serving up a variety of Martini cocktails (classic, dry, dirty), the fluted design makes it ideal for strong, small cocktails such as a Cosmopolitan, Manhattan or Sidecar.

A classic Martini cocktail contains 3 measures of gin and ½ measure of vermouth, which can be stirred in mixing glass with ice before being strained into a Martini glass and served with an olive or lemon twist.

Signature Martini Cocktail Glass

Margarita Glasses

Specially designed for that tequila based cocktail, the Margarita glass is slightly larger than a Martini glass, usually holding between 10 and 15oz. A Margarita glass is recognisable by its tall stem and narrow to wide rim bowl, which is often coated with lime and salt and also makes it ideal for placing cocktail decorations and garnishes. You can also use a Margarita glass for a variety of frozen cocktails, such as a Daiquiri, or even as a chilled dessert glass.

A Margarita cocktail contains 2 measures of silver tequila, 1 measure of lime juice and 1 measure of Cointreau, which are shaken with ice, before pouring into a ready prepared lime and salt coated rimmed Margarita glass filled with crushed ice.

Cabernet Margarita Cocktail Glass

Pina Colada Glasses

This goblet shaped glass is perfectly suited to serving up a Pina Colada cocktail as its large enough to accommodate plenty of coconut cream and pineapple juice. The Pina Colada glass has a longer stem than a hurricane glass, which is ideal as it keeps your hands from warming the drink.

A Pina Colada cocktail contains 2 measures white rum, 2 measures pineapple juice and 2 measures coconut cream which are shaken with ice and strained into the Pina Colada glass and garnished with a pineapple spear and cherry.

Pina Colada Glass

Hurricane Glasses

Named after the New Orleans cocktail by Pat O’Brien, the Hurricane glass features a short stem and tall, curved bowl to resemble a hurricane lamp. This glass usually holds between 16 and 20oz and is ideal for serving frozen and tropical drinks.

A Hurricane cocktail contains 2 measures of dark rum, 1 measure of white rum, 1 measure of passion fruit juice, 2 measures of orange juice, 1 measure of lime juice, 1 measure of pineapple juice and a dash of Angostura bitters, which are shaken together with ice, then served with a garnish of lime and pineapple wedges.

Hurricane Cocktail Glass

Tom Collins Glasses

Tall and narrow, a Tom Collins glass can be easily interchanged with a hiball glass and usually has a capacity of 10 to 14 oz. With plenty of room for ice, a Collins glass is ideal for a variety of long cocktails including a Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Sea Breeze and of course a Collins cocktail.

A Tom Collins cocktail contains 2 measures of gin, 1 measure of lemon juice and ½ measure of simple syrup, which are poured into an ice filled glass, topped with 4 measures of chilled club soda, then mixed and garnished with a lemon slice and cherry.

Original Disco Hiball Glass

Cocktail Punch Bowls

Cocktail punch bowls come in all shapes and sizes, making them ideal for parties, whether you want to serve up something unique or create a cocktail punch for sharing. From traditional punchbowls with ladles to novelty fish bowls and oversized stemware they make the ideal party centrepiece.

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl

Shot Glasses

Not just limited to tequila slammers, shot glasses provide the perfect basis for a unique cocktail or layered cocktail. Traditionally holding between 1 to 3oz, shot glasses now come in a variety of unique designs including tall shot glasses for layered shots, jagerbomb shot glasses for a shot and chaser and twisted shot glasses for a mixed shot.

Econ Siptail Twister Shot Glass

Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses come in two distinctive styles; tulip shaped champagne flutes and wide bowl champagne saucers. Both are ideal for serving champagne cocktails, such as a Kir Royale or a Jacuzzi.

Princesa Champagne Flute

Irish Coffee Glasses

Perfect for a winter warmer, adding a dash of whisky to your coffee will transform it into an Irish coffee, or a combination of brandy, bitters, honey and lemon will make you a hot toddy. Irish coffee glasses and hot toddy glasses come in a variety of shape and sizes, usually defined by a handle, double walled or toughened design.

Irish Coffee Glass

Boston Glass

Although not used for serving cocktails, the Boston glass plays a very important role in the world of cocktails. A bar essential, a typical Boston cocktail glass is a 16oz conical shape tumbler and can be used simply for mixing but is most commonly combined with a 28oz Boston tin to form a Boston cocktail shaker.

Professional Boston Cocktail Shaker Glass

Cocktail Glasses

Always dreamed of sitting back and relaxing with cocktail in hand? Fancy hosting a cocktail party for all your friends and family? Got a busy contemporary bar to run? All you need now is the perfect cocktail glass for the occasion and we can deliver it straight to your door – we even offer an optional next day UK delivery service!

Whichever cocktail you're in the mood for we have a cocktail glass to cater for every cocktail recipe. Choose from our wide range of cheap cocktail glasses, including martini glasses, margarita glasses, pina colada glasses, daiquiri glasses, hurricane glasses and hiball cocktail glasses.

If you're looking for something a little different, we have a great range of novelty cocktail glasses, which include cocktail fish bowls, giant cocktail glasses, LED light up cocktail glasses and reusable plastic cocktail glasses.