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Cocktail Spirit Measures

Cocktail spirit measures are a must-have in any bar, whether it’s a commercial space or your home bar. They ensure you have the right measurements for cocktail recipes and that you can make drinks time and again consistently, without the flavours changing. In commercial bars and pubs, spirit measures are an essential to ensure that you’re adhering to regulations and legalities, and they have to be CE marked to comply.

Types of Cocktail Spirit Measures

For serving spirits or liqueurs, thimble measures are a great option. They are marked to measure out 25ml, 35ml or 50ml of liquid, depending on the drinks you’re making. They’re a sleek but incredibly practical tool to have on hand when you’re making mixed drinks. Alternatively, jigger measures are a popular choice for bartenders, as they allow you to measure out two different measurements – one of the ends of the jigger is larger for bigger quantities, while the bottom is smaller for single servings. They’re also ideal for smaller bars, such as home bars, where you want to maximise space and have a more discreet way of measuring spirits. For larger bars or commercial spaces, wall optics or spirit dispensers are a convenient option that reduces risk of waste. There are also wine measures available for serving the perfect amount of wine, depending on whether it’s a white, red or rose wine.