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Commercial Fridges

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SALE £1,179.99
Designed for use in the commercial market, the KIC Refrigerators from Mondial Elite are ideal for a wide range of situation and include a whole array of features including a choice of exterior finish in either white or stainless steel.
SALE £999.99
Packed full of the quality that comes with the Mondial name, the KIC PR60 offers premium refrigeration in demanding situations. Designed for use in busy commercial kitchens, this upright refrigerator features 5 adjustable shelves, a digital thermometer, a
SALE £514.99
The Blizzard Under Counter Fridge has a sleek stainless steel exterior finish for a contemporary look. Ideal for placement in commercial kitchens, this fridge easily fits under counter for convenience and offers easy maintenance.
SALE £514.99
Designed for placement under your worktop or counter, the Blizzard Under Counter Freezer is ideal for commercial kitchens. It has a high quality stainless steel exterior and plastic ABS interior for an easy to maintain finish.
SALE £1,919.99
The Inomak Refrigerated Counter offers a large cooling capacity with a wide work space for use in busy commercial kitchens. The stainless steel counter top is ideal for food preparation, while the refrigerated unit below features 6 drawers and doors for gastronorm pans.
SALE £1,799.99
The Inomak Refrigerated Counter acts as both a food preparation work top and refrigerated food store. Ideal for busy commercial kitchens, this counter is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and offers a selection of both drawers and doors for g
SALE £1,349.99
Designed for use in busy commercial kitchens, the Inomak Refrigerated Counter offers a practical and efficient design. The counter top is ideal for food preparation, while the refrigerated unit below has both drawers and doors.
SALE £4,429.99
Perfect for restaurants and takeaways, the Infrico Pizza Counter offers a specialist work space for pizza preparation. The chilled counter below holds plastic trays for chilling pizza dough and ingredients, while the stainless steel counter top provides adequate room for preparing pizzas.
SALE £3,239.99
The Infrico Pizza Counter is perfect for restaurants, takeaways and canteens specialising in freshly prepared pizzas. This counter allows you to store pizza dough and ingredients in the chilled cabinet below while the raised gastronorm pan holder gives easy access to toppings.
SALE £779.99
With a sleek stainless steel finish and large capacity, the Vestfrost Refrigerator is perfect for placement in commercial kitchens. Designed for the storage of food, this fridge offers excellent efficiency for use in restaurants, canteens and shops.
SALE £707.99
The professional quality Vestfrost Refrigerator is ideal for placement in commercial kitchens, offering efficient chilling for the storage of foodstuff. The large capacity and upright design makes this fridge ideal for restaurants, cafes and shops.
SALE £2,699.99
Ideal for restaurants, takeaways, cafes and canteens serving fresh fish, the Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet ensures your fish retains its freshness for longer. Specially designed for fish storage, this cabinet features a low temperature range, sealed cooling system and easy access drawers.
SALE £2,429.99
Ensure your fish retain their freshness with the Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet. The low temperature range of -1°C to +2°C and sealed cooling system ensures this chiller is optimised for the storage of fresh fish. Ideal for use in restaurants and shops, this cabinet includes 6 sliding drawers for convenience.
SALE £2,159.99
The Blizzard Fish Keeper Cabinet has 4 draws for the storage and chilling of fresh fish. Ideal for restaurants, takeaways and shops, this cabinet has a low temperature range and features a sealed cooling system to keep fish fresh.
SALE £1,546.99
Designed for the busy commercial kitchen, the Refrigerated Counter from Inomak has a practical and hygienic design. The stainless steel counter top is ideal for food preparation, while the refrigerated cupboards below give quick access to chilled ingredie
SALE £1,299.99
The Inomak Refrigerated Counter offers a practical design, allowing chefs to prepare food on the counter top with quick access to the refrigerated cupboards below. Each door accommodates a full size gastronorm pan for hygienic and quick food preparation and cooling.
SALE £1,149.99
The Inomak Refrigerated Counter will help maximise your workspace, combining a practical worktop for food preparation with a refrigerated cupboard underneath. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, this counter has been designed for use in busy commercial kitchens.
SALE £1,299.99
A gleaming example of high quality commercial refrigeration, the Inomak Heavy Duty Refrigerator CA170 stands tall with a vast array of features, quality stainless steel construction and full digital control, this unit is perfect for a wide range of placem
SALE £1,829.99
Hygienically designed with internal angles and corners and manufactured from high grade stainless steel, the CE2140 Heavy Duty Double Door Refrigerator from Inomak is the perfect solution for all of your refrigerating needs.
SALE £1,164.00
Offering a giant storage capacity of 19cu.ft spread over 4 shelves, the Inomak CA170/SL Refrigerator is able to store a vast amount of food. Perfect for use in a wide array of environments, this commercial refrigeration unit is mounted on 4 castors for easy movement and placement.
SALE £1,718.40
Built to perfection, the CE2140/SL Heavy Duty Refrigerator by Inomak is made with a slimline design, and also provides premium chilling even in the most demanding kitchen. Industrial quality casters are fitted to allow easy maneuvering and mobility. With
SALE £789.99
The Vestfrost Display Fridge offers excellent presentation for food and drink with a clear glass door and internal illumination. Suitable for use in commercial establishments such as cafes, canteens and shops, this upright display cabinet offers a large capacity with 6 shelves.
SALE £707.99
The glass-fronted Vestfrost Display Fridge is perfect for the presentation of foodstuff and drinks, offering a large 306 litre capacity. Designed for commercial use in food outlets and shops, this fridge features automatic and efficient operation.
SALE £829.99
Perfect for presenting chilled goods, the Vestfrost Two Door Display Fridge features a unique stable door design to help you conserve energy as users only open the door they require. Ideal for placement in cafes, canteens and shops, this commercial fridge offers fully automatic operation and fan assisted cooling for efficiency.
SALE £549.99
The GDR40 features a clear glass door with a white and black exterior and food safe plastic interior. Ideal for use either as a front or back of house product display, it allows consumers quick and easy display. For use in pubs, cafes and shops.
SALE £579.99
Utilizing a wide range of features, the SDR40 is the perfect budget refrigerator. Offering plenty of space with white food safe plastic interior, five shelves and a basket; this unit is great for use in pubs, restaurants and cafes.
SALE £799.99
The Blizzard Refrigerator has a sleek stainless steel finish, making it easy to maintain for busy commercial kitchens. Ideal for food and drink storage, this fridge has a large capacity and features a digital controller for ease of use.
SALE £899.99
This Mondial Elite Display Fridge is perfect for front of house refrigeration, giving consumers easy access and choice. Perfect for displaying food and drinks, the glass front allows browsing without the need to open the door.
SALE £1,099.99
The Mondial Elite BEV PR60 is an excellent way of displaying your range of food and drink. This stylish fridge can be used either front of house for customers or back of house for staff. Featuring a white lacquered exterior and a glass door, consumers can
SALE £899.99
Carrying the Mondial Elite name, the KICPR40 refrigerator is designed for use in commercial establishments. Offering an ABS interior with anti bacterial treatment, 4 adjustable shelves, replaceable gaskets, a reversible door and 2 adjustable front feet, t
SALE £999.99
Designed and manufactured to a professional standard with the commercial environment in mind, the KICPRX40 refrigerator is ideal for a wide range of applications. Its versatility allows it to be placed seamlessly in a vast array of locations.
Ideal for soft drinks, food, and even wine, the Blizzard Budget Fridge is a perfect all round fridge for use in lunch rooms, offices, and other non-commercial placements. Don't be fooled by the name, even Blizzard's budget refrigerator rates higher than o
SALE £999.99
The professional build quality of the KICPV40 Refrigerator from Mondial Elite is evident in its construction. Designed to be used as either a general purpose or a meat refrigerator, the KICKPV40 offers a white anti corrosion steel plate exterior.
With industrial catering being the aim of this unit, the KICPV60 is ideal for use in a wide array of different establishments. Able to hold 640ltrs, this unit is designed for general refrigerator purposes as well for refrigerating meat products.
With an array of features including an ABS antibacterial interior, 6 fixed shelves and 2 adjustable front feet, not only is it easy to find a location for this unit, but the KICPVX40 General Purpose Refrigerator offers great versatility and allows for far more general application, making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.
Designed for a wide range of applications, the Mondial Elite KIC PVX60 is able to store meat at the perfect temperature but is also versatile enough to be used as a general refrigeration unit. Featuring automatic defrost, 4 adjustable shelves, replaceable gaskets, reversible doors and 2 adjustable front feet.
The SLIM60L Tiered Display by Mondial Elite is ideal for use in a range of different establishments. Its flexibility of application means that this unit can be situated and adjusted as needed. Featuring tilting shelves, a night blind fitted as standard, price holders and shelf edge stoppers as standard, this unit is perfect for use in self service cafes and shops.
SALE £1,979.99
The perfect unit for many different types of establishment, the SLIM60LXX Tiered Display is designed to industry standards and is perfect for use in establishments like shops and self service cafes. This premium quality unit features 4 tilting shelves, a night blind, price holders and shelf edge stoppers.
Manufactured to an industry standard by Mondial Elite, the SLIM90L Tiered Display is the perfect unit for presenting chilled food and drink. With an array of features which include 4 tilting shelves, a night blind, price holders and shelf edge stoppers, the Slim range features and a great quality build by one of the leaders in the refrigeration field.
SALE £2,459.99
Since 1996 Mondial Elite have been manufacturing refrigeration units of excellent quality. With a prior 40 years of experience in the field, the SLIM90LXX Tiered Food Display is just one of their many posterchild units. Perfect for displaying a variety of food from milk and cheese to pre-packed sandwiches, this unit is ideally suited for use in self service cafes, shops and many other establishments.
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Commercial Fridges

Refrigeration is an essential part of any commercial kitchen, so our range of commercial fridges is the ideal place to start kitting out your place with commercial refrigeration units. Incorporating upright fridges, undercounter fridges, display fridges and eco fridges, our range of commercial refrigerators helps you store food at the optimum temperature.

Whether you need meat fridges and meat chillers for a busy restaurant kitchen, or display fridges for use front of house as canteen fridges or cafe fridges, our fast UK delivery will ensure you can get the right refrigeration for your needs.

To complement your new commercial fridge, our range of commercial freezers incorporates the same brands and ranges of refrigeration units to help set you up with the perfect kitchen.