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Dash & Bitters Bottles

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Urban Bar Diamond-Cut Bitters Bottle 3.2oz / 90ml

Urban Bar Diamond-Cut Bitters Bottle 3.2oz / 90ml


RRP €32.99

SALE €27.87

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Martini Mister 2.8oz / 80ml

Martini Mister 2.8oz / 80ml




Not only a way to upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your bar, dash bottles and bitters bottles are an essential item for when it comes to making drinks, too. Typically made from glass, dash bottles are used when adding bitters to cocktails. They are designed to help you control the quantity of ingredients you add to your drinks, so you don’t mix in too much. They give greater control and look great on your bar, too.

What Types of Dash Bottles are Available?

Dash and bitters bottles come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your preferences. The clever pourers emit just a few drops at a time, so you have greater control over how much you pour in. But, while their purpose remains the same, there are many different types of dash bottles to choose from.

Typically, classic dash bottles come as a glass bottle that may be plain or engraved with a unique pattern. However, we also offer vintage-style dash bottles as well as different shapes, from round and domed dash bottles to square.

What Drinks Are Dash And Bitter Bottles Used For?

Dash bottles and bitters bottles are used for drinks where you need to add a small amount of an ingredient, such as bitters – these types of drinks include Manhattans, the Sazerac and an Old Fashioned. But dash bottles can also be used for other ingredients, such as syrups or citrus juice, to help you control how much you include.