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Disposables & Reusables

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SALE £4.00
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Filled with a high quality blue foil confetti, these handheld confetti cannons are perfect if you're looking to add a touch of excitement to your event.
SALE £4.00
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Add an explosion of colour to events, parties and even weddings with these handheld confetti canons. Filled with a high quality red foil.
SALE £1.49
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These Biodegradable Bendy Straws have been made from an eco friendly material for those considering their carbon footprint.
SALE £6.49
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100% biodegradable and compostable these Green and White Paper Straws are perfect as an eco friendly alternative to plastic straws.
SALE £4.00
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Perfect for milkshakes and slushies these Biodegradable spoon Straws feature a scoop end for getting that last little bit out of the cup.
SALE £2.99
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Ideal for enjoying drinks such as alcopops and bottled juices these eco-friendly Biodegradable Alcopop Straws are 10.5inches in length.
SALE £2.99
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With a wide diameter these Biodegradable Smoothie Straws are perfect for enjoying not only smoothies but milkshakes and slushies too.
SALE £2.87
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Thanks to their wide diameter these Biodegradable Jumbo Straws are perfect for enjoying ice cold smoothies and crushed ice drinks.
SALE £1.49
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Made from a special biodegradable material these Biodegradable Bendy Straws are perfect for enjoying drinks served in hiball glasses.
SALE £1.49
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Featuring a bendy neck these Biodegradable Bendy Straws feature a contemporary white finish and are perfect for drinks served in hiballs.
SALE £74.99
These Kraft Compostable Hot Food Boxes are a must-have for street fairs, food vans and catered events. Made from sustainable board.
SALE £10.99
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Made of pinewood, these rustic Mini Disposable Serving Cups are perfect for catered events and can simply be disposed of at the end.
SALE £6.99
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The perfect choice for outdoor parties, catered event or barbecues, these Disposable Wood Tasting Spoons are highly versatile and ideal for street food.
SALE £120.99
Featuring a thumb hole for ease of carrying and a section that holds your wine glass or other stemware.
SALE £19.99
With a classic French design, these polycarbonate Pierre Tumblers from Utopia are perfect for serving soft drinks at events and parties.
SALE £3.39
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Pour and serve the perfect pint at BBQs, events or even festivals with these Disposable Pint Tumblers that are a pint to the brim.
SALE £94.99
These Ruby Stackable Plastic Tumblers are incredibly versatile and can be used to serve a wide variety of cold beverages.
SALE £99.99
Made from polycarbonate, these Stackable Plastic Tumblers are a vivid red in colour and can be used to serve a variety of cold drinks.
SALE £56.99
Perfect for serving Champagne, these Sommelier Champagne Flutes have been made from a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material.
SALE £59.99
These Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from a robust polycarbonate material and are suitable for serving red, white and rose wines.
SALE £55.99
A safe alternative to glass, these Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from polycarbonate, eliminating the risk of dangerous broken glass.
SALE £11.99
Featuring a contemporary shape, these Utopia Venture Stacking Shot Glasses are ideal for serving a number of spirits and shots.
SALE £26.99
Enjoy your spirits in style with these Utopia Pentagon Old Fashioned Tumblers, featuring a stylish contemporary pentagonal design.
SALE £39.99
Ideal for adding some variety to your drink presentation, these Utopia Pentagon Hiball Tumblers feature a unique pentagonal design.
SALE £27.99
Featuring a contemporary pentagonal shape, these Pentagon Half Pint Tumblers are CE marked making them suitable for commercial use.
SALE £26.99
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers are made of polycarbonate and are ideal for commercial use.
SALE £29.99
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers feature a retro panelled design and are made from polycarbonate.
SALE £34.99
Ideal for adding a retro American theme to your drinks presentation, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers feature a panelled design.
SALE £47.99
Perfect for outdoor events such as BBQ's and parties, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers are made from a sturdy polycarbonate plastic.
SALE £69.99
These Carlisle Alibi Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are made from polycarbonate plastic and are ideal for serving spirits on the rocks.
SALE £51.99
Thanks to their polycarbonate material, these Carlisle Astaire Hiball Tumblers are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's.
SALE £57.99
Perfect for serving cocktails, these Carlisle Astaire Martini Glasses are made from polycarbonate and are suitable for commercial use.
SALE £54.99
Perfect for serving champagne and other sparkling wines, these Carlisle Astaire Champagne Flutes have been made from robust polycarbonate.
SALE £59.99
Made from sturdy polycarbonate, these Carlisle Astaire White Wine Glasses are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's and picnics.
SALE £72.99
These Carlisle Astaire Red Wine Glasses have a contemporary design and are made of polycarbonate for a safe alternative to glass.
SALE £34.99
These Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses are lined at 125ml and are dishwasher safe making them perfect for use in commercial settings.
SALE £2.29
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Stronger than your standard plastic cutlery these Heavyweight Clear Disposable Knives are made with polystyrene, which offers durability.
SALE £3.99
Ideal for skewering olives and fruit to garnish cocktails, these Bamboo Knot Picks can also be used as food picks at buffets and events.
SALE £5.49
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Enjoy your Pepsi in authentic style with these Pepsi Paper Cups complete with plastic lids and straws. With a double poly coated design.
SALE £2.99
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Ideal for parties, outdoor events and BBQ's, these Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses have a black finish and made from crystal styrene.
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Disposables and Reusables

The worst part of a party is the cleaning up afterwards, so make it easier without range of party disposables and party reusables. For all your party accessory needs, choose from our convenient range of party supplies.

For a quick party clean up, our choice of disposable glasses, disposable cutlery and disposable plates are the perfect solution. No matter what you’re serving, our paper plates, disposable wine glasses, disposable tumblers and plastic cutlery will suit your needs. For the environmentally conscious of you, we even offer biodegradable plates and biodegradable cutlery for eco friendly disposable party supplies.

If you would rather keep hold of your party supplies the morning after, then our range of reusable party supplies will be perfect for you. Including reusable plastic glasses, plastic wine glasses, and polycarbonate glasses, our range of reusable party supplies lets you keep a clear mind because you don’t have to throw things away after the party.

For a party in a hurry, use our next day delivery service to get all of your party supplies delivered in time for your guests.