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Cocktail Strainers

Cocktail Strainers

Hawthorne Strainers

Julep Strainers

Cocktail Sieves

Cocktail Strainers

An essential bar tool for any bartender, a cocktail strainer is specially designed to keep out large bits of ice and fruit pulp. Our range of metal strainers includes stainless steel strainers and gold plated strainers, ensuring a range of quality professional strainers.

Our range of cocktail strainers and cocktail sieves come in a variety of different designs, including 2 prong strainers, 2 eared strainers, 4 prong strainers and 4 eared strainers. Our range includes the classic hawthorne strainer and julep strainer, all available with fast UK delivery.

For a stylish bar, our range of cocktail shaker strainers and cocktail shaker sieves includes designer cocktail strainers and branded cocktail strainers. You’ll find our range of hawthorn strainers and juliep strainers are ideal for use as Boston shaker tin strainers or Boston shaker glass strainers.