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Neo-Link Create Your Own Neon
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Code: 3184

Neo-Link Create Your Own Neon

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Try Other Sale
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Create Neon words in a “Snap” !

Where can you customise a neon sign at 4pm and have it on your doorstep the next morning before 9am???

Well Drinkstuff can now do this for you. Simply select your letters or words and place your order...

The revolutionary 'Neo-Link' neon sign kit enables you to build your own custom made neon sign entirely to your specification.

Simply slot the letters, numbers or symbols together, clip the locks in place and attach the transformer.

You can select your Neo-Link sign to either be static or flash at the touch of a button.

Each Neo-Link transformer pack comes complete with hanging kit for use on walls or to hang from a ceiling, alternatively you can have it free standing.

Neo-Link requires a minimum of 4 characters be connected together and up to a maximum of 22 characters.

Of course you can buy multiple transformers if you wish to display more than 22 characters.

Each Neo-Link Character use less than 0.5 Watts of power meaning a 20 letter sign will use only 10 watts which is the equivalent to a sixth of an average household light bulb…

As well as the large variety of letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols, we offer you the Neo-Link Power Kit which comprises of a mains power supply adapter and a car adapter kit, for when you want to cruise in style!


Please Note:
Neo-Link characters require a Power Pack to operate.
Please ensure you add the "Power Pack AC Adapter" to your basket with your chosen letters.
Pink and green neon letters are now on clearance while stocks last!

Delivery Timescale: 2 to 5 Days

This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery FREE
Saturday Delivery £7.99
Next Day Express £7.99
Next Day Before Midday
Next Day Before 10:30am
Scottish Highlands £14.99
Scottish Islands £14.99
Northern Ireland £14.99
Isle of Man
Isle of Wight & Offshore UK £14.99
Channel Islands £16.79
Ireland / Eire (Republic)
The Netherlands
Slovak Republic

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

**Please Note**: We are looking for distributors interested in Neo-Link. If you have an interest in stocking Neo-Link, please email

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Neo-Link has a life span of approx 50,000 hours
• Can be left on permanently and gives off little heat
• 12 month warranty
• Currently available in Blue, Pink & Green
• Safe & easy to install
• Suitable for use in the UK and the rest of Europe
• Total cable length 3.25metres with the transformer approx half way
• 12V DC Car Adapter is supplied with a 3 metre (10ft) cord
• Suitable for indoor use only

Electrical - Mains Powered: Yes (UK Plug Supplied)

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Blue Letter B: UCA-B
• Blue Letter C: UCA-C
• Blue Letter D: UCA-D
• Blue Letter F: UCA-F
• Blue Letter G: UCA-G
• Blue Letter H: UCA-H
• Blue Letter I: UCA-I
• Blue Letter J: UCA-J
• Blue Letter M: UCA-M
• Blue Letter O: UCA-O
• Blue Letter Q: UCA-Q
• Blue Letter T: UCA-T
• Blue Letter U: UCA-U
• Blue Letter V: UCA-V
• Blue Letter W: UCA-W
• Blue Number 0: UCN-0
• Blue Number 4: UCA-4
• Blue Number 5: UCN-5
• Blue Number 6: UCN-6
• Blue Number 7: UCN-7
• Blue Number 8: UCN-8
• Blue Number 9: UCN-9
• Blue Symbol .: UCS-3
• Blue Symbol ?: UCS-2
• Blue Symbol £: ?
• Blue Symbol %: UCS-5
• Blue Symbol &: UCS-7
• Blank Word Spacer: UCS-6
• Pink Letter C: UCA-CP
• Pink Letter D: UCA-DP
• Pink Letter F: UCA-FP
• Pink Letter G: UCA-GP
• Pink Letter J: UCA-JP
• Pink Letter M: UCA-MP
• Pink Letter P: UCA-PP
• Pink Letter Q: UCA-QP
• Pink Letter U: UCA-UP
• Pink Letter W: UCA-WP
• Pink Number 0: UCN-0P
• Pink Number 1: UCN-1P
• Pink Number 3: UCN-3P
• Pink Number 4: UCN-4P
• Pink Number 5: UCN-5P
• Pink Number 6: UCN-6P
• Pink Number 7: UCN-7P
• Pink Number 8: UCN-8P
• Pink Number 9: UCN-9P
• Green Letter C: UCA-CG
• Green Letter D: UCA-DG
• Green Letter F: UCA-FG
• Green Letter Q: UCA-QG
• Green Number 1: UCN-1G
• Green Number 3: UCN-3G
• Green Number 4: UCN-4G
• Green Number 5: UCN-5G
• Green Number 6: UCN-6G
• Green Number 7: UCN-7G
• Green Number 9: UCN-9G
• Green Symbol ?: UCS-?P
• Green Symbol .: UCS-.P
• Green Symbol £: UCS-£P
• Green Symbol %: UCS-%P
• Pink Symbol ?: UCS-?P
• Pink Symbol .: UCS-.P
• Pink Symbol £: UCS-£P
• Pink Symbol %: UCS-%P
• Pink Symbol &: UCS-&P
• Blue Symbol @: UCS-@
• Pink Symbol @: UCS-@P
• Green Symbol @: UCS-@G
• Power Pack AC Adapter: powerkit
• Car Adapter Kit: UCS-peaceG

• Blue Letter B: 875040000118
• Blue Letter C: 875040000149
• Blue Letter D: 875040000163
• Blue Letter F: 875040000231
• Blue Letter G: 875040000262
• Blue Letter H: 875040000293
• Blue Letter I: 875040000323
• Blue Letter J: 875040000354
• Blue Letter M: 875040000446
• Blue Letter O: 875040000507
• Blue Letter Q: 875040000569
• Blue Letter T: 875040000651
• Blue Letter U: 875040000682
• Blue Letter V: 875040000095
• Blue Letter W: 875040000736
• Blue Number 0: 875040000880
• Blue Number 4: 875040001009
• Blue Number 5: 875040001030
• Blue Number 6: 875040001061
• Blue Number 7: 875040001092
• Blue Number 8: 875040001498
• Blue Number 9: 875040001153
• Blue Symbol .: 875040001245
• Blue Symbol ?: 875040001214
• Blue Symbol £: 875040001665
• Blue Symbol %: 875040001306
• Blue Symbol &: 875040001344
• Blank Word Spacer: 875040001313
• Pink Letter C: 875040000125
• Pink Letter D: 875040000156
• Pink Letter F: 875040000217
• Pink Letter G: 875040000248
• Pink Letter J: 875040000330
• Pink Letter M: 875040000422
• Pink Letter P: 875040000514
• Pink Letter Q: 875040000545
• Pink Letter U: 875040000668
• Pink Letter W: 875040000712
• Pink Number 0: 875040000866
• Pink Number 1: 875040000897
• Pink Number 3: 875040000958
• Pink Number 4: 875040000989
• Pink Number 5: 875040001016
• Pink Number 6: 875040001047
• Pink Number 7: 875040001078
• Pink Number 8: 875040001481
• Pink Number 9: 875040001139
• Green Letter C: 875040000132
• Green Letter D: 875040000170
• Green Letter F: 875040000224
• Green Letter Q: 875040000552
• Green Number 1: 875040000903
• Green Number 3: 875040000965
• Green Number 4: 875040000965
• Green Number 5: 875040001023
• Green Number 6: 875040001054
• Green Number 7: 875040001085
• Green Number 9: 875040001146
• Green Symbol ?: 875040001207
• Green Symbol .: 875040001238
• Green Symbol £: 875040001672
• Green Symbol %: 875040001290
• Pink Symbol ?: 875040001191
• Pink Symbol .: 875040001221
• Pink Symbol £: 875040001689
• Pink Symbol %: 875040001283
• Pink Symbol &: 875040001320
• Blue Symbol @: 875040001849
• Pink Symbol @: 875040001382
• Green Symbol @: 875040001832
• Power Pack AC Adapter: 875040001108
• Car Adapter Kit: 875040001818

• Height: 75mm
• Width: 50mm

  • Returns
  • Further Info
  • Video

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

**Please Note**: We are looking for distributors interested in Neo-Link. If you have an interest in stocking Neo-Link, please email

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Excellent Service
"Amazing service and quick delivery."
Gillian Peffers - Lanarkshire, 6th January '13
"Both my daughters loved this present, they had a 5 letter name and 8 letter name, all worked perfectly and loved that it had two settings (constantly on and flashing). Easy to put together and very very recommended!"
Stephanie Hughes - Ferndown, 27th January '12
Minimum 4?
"I'm a bit confused; I'd like to do a 3 letter neon, which is shown in some of the images, but on another image it says 4-22 letters.
Can I make a 3 letter sign or does it have to be at least 4?"
Paul - London, 7th December '11
Drinkstuff says: Hi Paul, apologies for the misleading images - the Neo-Link must be a minimum of 4 letters to work.
Neon Letters
"A brilliant idea - really effective. However, one of the 7 letters ordered didn't work and as they were a present, there was a bit of disappointment. This seems to be a fairly common comment about this product; maybe manufacturer needs to look at quality control?"
Claire Bowick - Peebles, 27th September '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your comments Claire, and we're sorry that you received a faulty Neo Link letter, we have passed on your concerns to the manufacturer.
"The Neo Link is good because you can make whatever sentence you want. You get pink blue and green letters. It's good for bars restaurants and on you bedroom door and lots more. For an example "Amelias room" or "open" on a bar door. It flashes and it stays normal. It's only ??3 a letter!"
Amy Jones - Cambridge, 27th July '11
Neon Lettering Make Your Own
"Think it's a fantastic idea and what I have been looking for for a while now but I'm unsure how it works, want them in green neon, my name."
Melissa Jones - Wirral Merseyside, 17th February '11
Drinkstuff says: Thanks for your comments Melissa. The Neo-Link are modular letters that clip together to make neon words, just like in the pictures on this page. Just select the letters that you need and a Power Pack and join them all together for your own personalised neon.
"Some items that I wanted to complete my name were unavailable, so I requested to be emailed once they came back in stock. A few days later I received an email and was able to place my order for the missing letter. Excellent service all round."
Lyndsey Cook - Leeds, 22nd June '10
5 stars
"I also used my neons for my art degree show and was so happy with the results! They are definatly a must have!!!"
Samantha - Bolton, 14th January '09
Pretty good!
"Really chuffed with the delivery service and ordering."
Sharon Harrison - Ruthin, North Wales, 27th December '08
4 stars
"The icing on the cake !!"
Sandra Epps - Surbiton, 13th December '08
"Ordered a DIY neon kit as part of my art degree show. When it arrived some of the connections didn't work. Drinkstuff sent out replacements quickly and were really helpful. As this was a tense time in my studies, their prompt service really helped and everyone loves the sign! Thank you! I have recommended you to other students and staff."
Caroline - Gloucester, 5th June '08
"Very pleased with our purchase, highly recommended. Very quick delivery, and great product. Will be ordering more 'create your own neon' asap.

Well done DRINKSTUFF. A+++++++++++++++"
Chris - Hampshire, 13th February '08
"great product but the S did not work. Can this be replaced??

Drinkstuff says: Tim, we are sorry that the S does not work. We can look into any fault with an order, just contact us within 3 working days of receiving your order and we will be happy to help you."
tim eliot-cohen - hilldrop farm, 5th February '08
"We've loooove our neon bar sign! Really amazing customer service - one of the letters stopped working and we had it replaced free within few days - thanks!"
Sally - Arbroath, 16th January '08
"orderd somw neon lights 4 my son 4 christmas when i recived them 2 letters was broke and some dident ight up i then made a second order and i orderd a w which i payed 4 but did not recive and in my second orderd the n was broke and i now had 2 make a 3rd order as my son was so disapointed and so was i as u can c we have orederd a lot from u.i look forward 2 hearing from u.
mrs cable

Drinkstuff says: If you receive any order where all or part of it does not work then as long as you let us know within 3 days of receiving it then we can look to replacing the item or refunding you as per our policy on our website. We are sorry for the items not working."
mrs j cable - bromley kent, 1st January '08
"Where can u get the power pack for neon lights?

Drinkstuff says: If you create the neon using the create your own software on, and click add to basket, the power pack is automatically added. Alternatively, you can select it from the drop down box at the bottom of the product page."
Lisa - Dumfriesshire, 14th December '07
"I just got my daughter (for Christmas) her name lit up in pink neon letters. I have put it together so that it is ready for Christmas morning - I tested it and it looks absolutely fabulous!!! I am going to get another one for the house, but can't decide what to say! Great idea, thanks v much (p.s. when is the Vegas sign coming back in?)

Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Lynne. We love the Neo-Link too! Unfortunately, we cannot give a date for the neon sign at this time but we are looking towards the second quarter of 2008. We hope you can wait that long!"
Lynne - Cardiff, 6th December '07
"great to shop with you, prompt delivery and fantastic items bought. will shop again, thank you.

ann cairns - n ireland, 28th November '07
"just purchased this superb product.well worth every penny for that special effect and talking item delivered by drinkstuff in two days from ordering.TOP ITEM TOP DELIVERY TOP SHOP CHEERS N THANKS AGAIN."
"Brilliant!! Really pleased with item and with service, infact im back on to order another one as we speak!!!"
Leeanne G - Glasgow, 9th November '07
"Looks great for my poker business."
Kev - Woodford, 8th October '07
"very pleased with item"
Sandy Gunton - southampton, 4th October '07
"wicked little product... it's a little smaller than expected but when you put it together and switch it on it gets a lot of 'ohs' and 'ahs'!"
sam brown - london, 17th July '07
"What a fun, light product, and in exciting colours too. I shall have lots of fun with these. I may write a novel with them. What a novel idea."
Henry Jones - Montana, 14th July '07
Steve - Hitchin, 12th June '07