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SALE £23.99
Perfect for completing your contemporary coffee or tea service, these Elia Stemme Teaspoons provide professional quality. Designed with unique curves.
SALE £35.99
Designed for enjoying soups or broths, this Elia Stemme cutlery provides professional quality and contemporary design. With unique curved edges.
SALE £35.99
Simple yet modern, these Elia Stemme Dessert Spoons provides professional quality and a highly polished finish. Forged from 18/10 stainless steel.
SALE £35.99
Dive into desserts in style with this contemporary Elia cutlery! With a highly polished finish and constructed from 18/10 stainless steel.
SALE £35.99
Forged from professional quality 18/10 stainless steel, these highly polished dessert knives feature a unique tapered handle and soft curved edges.
SALE £35.99
These sleek Elia Stemme Table Spoons feature a slightly curved shape, which makes this cutlery easy to use and comfortable to hold.
SALE £35.99
Highly polished and expertly crafted from solid 18/10 stainless steel, these Elia Stemme Table Knives are built to last. Featuring slight curves.
SALE £35.99
Expertly crafted with robust 18/10 stainless steel and featuring gentle curves, these Elia Stemme Table Forks are the perfect choice for modern hotels.
SALE £64.99
With an elegant and simple design, these Elia Orientix Rectangular Plates offer a contemporary look for optimum tabletop creativity.
SALE £86.99
Serve elegant cocktail with these Elia Meridia Coupe Glasses. With a vintage inspired design and featuring gentle curves. Perfect for champagne.
SALE £76.99
The perfect addition to your glassware collection, the Elia Meridia Water Glasses are a must-have for completing your table setting.
SALE £82.99
With an elegant angular bowl and tall silhouette, the Elia Meridia Champagne Glasses are perfect for showcasing fine sparkling wines.
SALE £86.99
Perfect for enjoying a classic Cosmopolitan, the stylish Elia Meridia Martini Glasses bring a touch of elegance to any cocktail.
SALE £79.99
Light and graceful, the Elia Meridia White Wine Glasses feature a delicate stem and are made from fine mouth-blown crystal.
SALE £89.99
With a large round angled bowl, the Elia Meridia Burgundy Wine Glasses are designed to allow your full bodied red wine to breathe.
SALE £77.99
Stunning in design, the Elia Liana Beer Glasses are a truly elegant way to enjoy a beer. Featuring gentle curves and a tall silhouette.
SALE £79.99
Perfect for serving sparkling wines, champagne or prosecco, the Elia Liana Champagne Glasses bring a touch of elegance to your drinks service.
SALE £77.99
Featuring gentle curves and a rounded bowl, these Elia Liana White Wine Glasses open the floral notes and enhance the aroma of fine wines.
SALE £84.99
With a large rounded bowl and gentle curves, the Elia Liana Red Wine Glasses are specifically designed for opening the floral notes of a fine red wine.
SALE £14.99
Featuring a polished, mirror finish with an ergonomic design, these Meridia 18/10 Serving Forks provide a professional feel to food service.
SALE £14.99
The perfect accessory for main meals and carvery style food service, Elia Meridia Serving Spoons are incredibly versatile.
SALE £49.99
Featuring a solid handle and an ergonomic shape and design, these Elia Meridia 18/10 Solid Handle Steak Knives are both stylish and practical.
SALE £79.99
A must have utensil for enjoying your favourite cut of steak in style, these Elia Meridia 18/10 Steak Knives feature a highly polished finish.
SALE £19.99
Perfect for serving cakes, salads and a variety of other foods, these Elia 18/10 Siena Serving Tongs are perfect for buffet style food service.
SALE £14.99
Perfect for serving fried foods thanks to its perforated design, this Elia Siena Skimmer is ideal for buffet and carvery style service.
SALE £69.24
With a broad tulip shaped bowl, these expertly designed Elia Miravell Brandy Glasses are the perfect way to serve vintage brandy or cognac.
SALE £76.99
With a broad tulip design, these lead-free fine crystal Elia Miravell Short Tulip Wine Glasses ensure that the bouquet and flavour of wine are fully developed.
SALE £84.24
With room to allow the body and bouquet of vintage wines to develop, these Elia Miravell Tulip Wine Glasses are made from a lead-free fine crystal.
SALE £75.32
When serving vintage champagne, you must ensure it is served in only the finest glasses. These Champagne Flutes are made from a mouth-blown fine crystal.
SALE £83.64
With a tulip design that allows guests to explore the flavour profiles of vintage wines, these Elia Miravell White Wine Glasses are made from a fine crystal.
SALE £83.64
Serve superb vintage red wines with style in these mouth-blown, fine crystal Elia Miravell Red Wine Glasses. With a tulip shaped bowl.
SALE £68.12
With an impressive design and voluptuous profile, these Elia Siena Water Glasses are made from a lead-free, mouth-blown fine crystal.
SALE £69.79
With a stemmed design and generous bowl, these fine crystal Elia Siena Beer Glasses are perfect for serving on trend craft beers.
SALE £76.99
With a generous bowl, and a stunning lead-free fine crystal construction, these Elia Siena Champagne Flutes are perfect for serving champagne or prosecco.
SALE £77.54
Provide your guests with a truly luxurious drinking experience by serving white wine in these lead-free Elia Siena White Wine Glasses.
SALE £87.51
With a voluptuous profile and impressive bowl, these Elia Siena Red Wine Glasses will ensure full bodied red wines are elevated to it's full potential.
SALE £99.14
With an impressively generous bowl, these Elia Siena Bordeaux Glasses are made from a stunning, lead-free fine crystal.
SALE £31.20
The perfect compliment to any table setting, these Elia Round Decanters are made from a fine, mouth-blown, lead-free crystal.
SALE £23.82
Showcasing a classic design, these Elia Classic Decanters are made from a fine, lead-free crystal and will suit any table setting.
SALE £28.44
Finish off your table setting with pure elegance using these Elia Classic Large Decanters. Made from a fine mouth-blown, lead-free crystal.
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Whatever your business, our range of Elia catering accessories and Elia catering equipment offers great value and is available with fast UK delivery. Ideal for restaurant catering equipment, hotel catering equipment and cafe catering equipment, our range includes Elia tableware, Elia barware and Elia beverage service.

If you’re offering a hot beverage service, you’ll find a great range of Elia beverage dispensers, including Elia Airpots, Elia vacuum jugs, Elia thermal jugs, Elia coffee dispensers, Elia tea dispensers and Elia hot water dispensers.

For a professional breakfast service, we offer a great range of Elia cutlery and Elia crockery, including Elia tea cups, Elia tea saucers, Elia coffee cups, Elia milk jugs, Elia creamer jugs, Elia sugar bowls and Elia plates. Our Elia Miravell crockery and Elia Orientix crockery ranges offer a great selection of fine bone china crockery.

In addition to our Elia white crockery range, our Elia stainless steel range includes Elia stainless steel cups and saucers, Elia stainless steel wine buckets and Elia stainless steel champagne buckets. This range of Elia wine coolers and Elia champagne coolers is ideal for restaurant and bar use.