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European Beer Glasses

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European Beer Glasses

Differentiating themselves from classic British pub glasses, European beer glasses come in many different shapes, including stemmed beer glasses, straight beer glasses, pilsner glasses, beer mugs, beer boots and even beer horns. With the range of Belgian beers being so vast, the range of Belgian beer glasses is similarly varied to accommodate the different types of Belgian beers and Belgian ales. Belgian beer glasses and Belgian ale glasses are often known for being stemmed beer glasses, particularly beer snifters, tulip beer glasses, beer schooners, beer goblets and beer chalices.

The classic snifter beer glass is characterised by a large bowl on a stem, looking like a brandy glass for beer, the Belgian beer snifter is designed to concentrate aromas towards the nose. Belgian tulip beer glasses are similar to beer snifters but have a fluted top to aid head retention. Stemmed tulip beer glasses can be substituted with cocktail glasses of a similar shape so you can have Pina Colada glasses for beer and Hurricane glasses for beer.

Beer goblets and beer chalices offer a wide bowl beer glass on a stem, while classic schooner glasses sit in between a beer goblet and a beer snifter. Great for use as a beer sipper glass, goblets, chalices and schooners are often associated with the big Belgian ale brands and are used as a Chimay beer glass, an Abbey beer glass and a Trappist beer glass.

So to ensure you are tasting European beers in the best way possible, our range of cheap European beer glasses are all available on fast UK delivery direct to your door.