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Food Baskets and Food Presentation Bowls

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Food Baskets and Food Presentation Bowls

Serve up your favourite mains and sides with our selection of food baskets and food presentation bowls. Perfect for use as bread baskets, chip baskets, sandwich baskets, burger baskets, side basket, salad bowls and chip bowls, our range of food serving baskets and food serving bowls are ideal for use in your establishment or home. Choose from a wide range of polywicker baskets, woven baskets, plastic baskets, wire baskets, stainless steel baskets, ceramic bowls, porcelain bowls, stoneware bowls, plastic bowls, stainless steel bowls, wooden bowls and glass bowls, all available with fast next day UK delivery.

SALE £11.99
More options
A unique alternative to food baskets, these Extra Large Disposable Wood Boats are the perfect solution for catered events, street food or buffets!
SALE £65.99
The perfect addition to buffets or breakfast services, these Utopia Titan Stone Rimmed Fruit Bowls are great for large portions.
SALE £32.99
With a flared shape and two-tone coloured design, these Midnight Stellar Bowls feature a stunning green tie-dye edge and smooth black finish.
SALE £82.99
Whether you are serving fries, scampi or onion rings, this Inox Gold Chip Cone is perfect for presenting a wide variety of sides.
SALE £89.99
Inspired by the natural elements and offering true Japanese style, these Isumi Rice Bowls are perfect for serving up traditional noodle or rice dishes.
SALE £119.99
Perfect for serving up noodles, starters or soups, these Isumi Bowls bring oriental style to your food presentation. With a unique textured finish.
SALE £97.99
Perfect for showcasing noodle soup or rice dishes in true oriental style, these Tokyo Bowls are great for a wide variety of foods.
SALE £114.34
Ideal for adding height to food displays, these Bamboo Wood Cascade Buffet Risers can be used to present a wide range of foods.
SALE £104.99
These Acacia Wood Cascade Buffet Risers are ideal for adding height and dimension to any buffet display or counter top.
SALE £5.99
More options
Perfect for serving burgers, hot dogs and sharing platters, these Rectangular Diner Platters are made from galvanised steel and can be used commercially.
SALE £9.99
More options
Serve up your burgers, hot dogs and sharing dishes in these brick patterned, Stainless Steel Oval Diner Platters. Full of retro diner style.
SALE £5.99
This on-trend Vintage Serving Cup is not only perfect for presenting creative cocktails but ideal for serving sides alongside mains.
SALE £8.99
More options
This Utopia Titan Diner Hot Dog Tray offers an American diner aesthetic and can also be used to present and serve sub sandwiches.
SALE £52.99
Serve your fish and chips in a truly traditional way with these Newspaper Chip Cones! Featuring a classic black and white newspaper print.
SALE £12.99
If you are looking for a retro way to present your food, this Red Striped Greaseproof Burger Wrap is ideal for a wide variety of foods.
SALE £12.99
Blue Striped Greaseproof Burger Wrap brings a retro-diner feel to your food presentation and is the perfect choice for wrapping burgers.
SALE £7.99
More options
Serve up your burgers and starter platters in style with these on trend Stainless Steel Round Diner Platters, perfect for use in commercial settings.