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Foster Refrigerator

Foster Refrigerator
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The large capacity Undercounter Refrigerator Cabinet from Foster Refrigerator is ideal for busy commercial kitchens. The dual forced air fan system maintains a steady temperature even in warm environments, while the front based ventilation makes it suitab
This Undercounter Refrigerator Cabinet works extra hard to ensure contents are kept at a steady temperature, even in warm environments. With a sleek stainless steel exterior, this refrigerator fits in perfectly with commercial kitchens, slotting in under
Ideal for busy, hard working kitchens, the Undercounter Freezer Cabinet from Foster Refrigerator has a dual forced air fan system that maintains a steady temperature in warm environments up to 40°C. This freezer slots under counters and worktops to maximise space.
Ideal when space is at a premium, the Undercounter Freezer Cabinet can be placed out the way underneath counters and worktops. This freezer features a dual forced air fan system to ensure a steady temperature is maintained even in warm environments.
SALE £1,499.99
The Foster Eco Pro G2 Upright Refrigerator Cabinet offers significant energy and carbon reductions, making it highly efficient and better value for money. Highly efficient ECM fans and the Foster Circulair II air system helps save energy, while maintainin
When running a busy commercial kitchen, it's important that fresh meat produce is stored appropriately. The Eco Pro Upright Meat Chiller Cabinet from Foster has a large capacity and energy saving features for efficient running. It can be set to a lower te
The Foster Eco Pro G2 Upright Freezer Cabinet has a large 600ltr capacity, making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens. It offers energy saving features such as self-closing doors, high density thermal barrier and low energy fan motor technology.
SALE £1,699.99
The UnderMount Refrigerator Cabinet from the Foster Eco Pro G2 range has a large and practical capacity with an energy saving design. The Foster Circulair II air distribution system takes cooler air from floor level and distributes it evenly throughout th
SALE £1,999.99
Ideal for large commercial kitchens, the UnderMount Meat Refrigerator Cabinet from the Foster Eco Pro G2 range is highly efficient with energy saving features such as self-closing doors, efficient air distribution system and a high density thermal barrier
The Foster Eco Pro G2 UnderMount Freezer Cabinet is ideal for use in busy and warm commercial kitchens. It takes air from floor level for more efficient fan cooling, while the advanced Foster Circulair II air distribution system ensures an even temperature throughout.
With a stainless steel worktop for food preparation and a 3 door cabinet for chilled items, the Foster Eco Pro Refrigerator 1/3 Counter is a practical solution for busy commercial kitchens. It provides excellent and efficient insulation and temperature regularity for an environmentally friendly appliance.
Optimise space with this Refrigerated 1/2 Counter that acts as a chiller and worktop counter. Part of Foster's Eco Pro range, this fridge is approved on the Carbon Trust's ECA Scheme. More carbon friendly than many alternatives, this refrigerator is highly efficient and economical.
The Meat Chiller 1/3 Counter from Foster's Eco Pro range doubles as a worktop for food preparation and a meat chiller. This refrigerator can be set at a lower temperature for storage of meat products and has a large capacity for use in commercial kitchens.
This Meat Chiller 1/2 Counter from the Foster Eco Pro range has a lower temperature range for storage of meat products. It offers high efficiency and a greener footprint than many of its alternatives.
Optimise space in your kitchen area with the Foster Eco Pro Freezer 1/3 Counter. This 3 door freezer is designed to maintain a steady temperature with a dual forced air fan system and heavy duty magnetic door gaskets.
A popular choice for many professional kitchens, the Foster Eco Pro range includes this Freezer 1/2 Counter which acts as a freezer cabinet and worktop. Ideal for optimising space, this large capacity freezer is highly efficient.

Foster Refrigerator

From commercial fridges to commercial freezers, you can cater for your commercial refrigeration needs with our Foster Refrigerator range. Available with fast UK delivery, we stock a wide range of Foster Eco Pro fridges and Foster Eco Pro freezers, so you can find the ideal Foster fridge or Foster freezer for your commercial sector.

Foster refrigeration offers a great range of refrigerated storage cabinets and counters, freezer storage cabinets and counters, food preparation refrigeration. Our Foster Eco Pro refrigeration range of Foster refrigeration equipment, Foster freezer equipment and Foster meat chillers includes Foster undercounter refrigerators, Foster undercounter freezers, Foster upright refrigerators, Foster upright freezers, Foster undermount refrigerators, Foster undermount freezers, Foster refrigerator counters and Foster freezer counters.