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French Cocktail Shakers

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Buy Your French Cocktail Shaker Online

Featuring an easy to use design, our French cocktail shakers are guaranteed to add some classic value to your collection of cocktail making equipment. Whether you’re a professional bartender or have a bar at home, using a french cocktail shaker will be sure to improve your drink making abilities.

What Are French Cocktail Shakers?

French cocktail shakers are two-piece shakers that have a classic shaker shape but without the built-in strainer. The walls of the body and the lid of the shaker sit tightly to create a seal while you’re shaking your cocktail together. As well as being practical for cocktail making, they also have a wonderful visual appeal.

Why Should I Use A French Cocktail Shaker?

There are many reasons as to why you may choose to use a French cocktail shaker over a cobbler shaker or Boston shaker. French cocktail shakers are made from thick metal, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming damaged from knocks or drops. The material they are made from also chills your drinks faster. And, of course, french cocktail shakers make that exhilarating clattering noise when you’re creating a cocktail. There’s nothing more exciting than the sound of your cocktail coming together.