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Gibraltar Twist Glassware

Gibraltar Twist Glassware

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SALE £26.99
Perfect for serving a number of drinks these Gibraltar Twist Glasses are robust, versatile and boast and exciting hexagonal shaped design.
SALE £22.99
Featuring a the classic Gibraltar shape and design but with a twist... literally. These beverage glasses are perfect for adding a modern touch to your existing glassware.
SALE £15.99
Made from DuraTuff Glass these Gibraltar Twist Rocks Glasses are extremely versatile and durable as well as being resistant to thermal and mechanical shock.
SALE £24.99
Add some variety to your glassware collection with the Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses with their unique twisted design.
SALE £5.99
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Serve up a classic spirit or liqueur on the rocks with a twist in the quirky Gibraltar Twist Rocks Glasses. Libbey have taken the classic Gibraltar design and literally given the glass a twist to create this contemporary and stylish 26cl glass.
SALE £6.99
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Taking a leap into the world of contemporary glassware, the Gibraltar Twist Double Old Fashioned Glasses give a new lease of life to the iconic Gibraltar design.
SALE £7.99
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The Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses are perfect for mixing up a cocktail that's as unique as the glass it's served in. A modern take on a classic design.
SALE £5.99
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With a quirky twisted design these Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses are perfect for serving a wide variety of cold drinks.
SALE £7.99
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Bring a unique twist to your favourite cocktail with the Gibraltar Twist Beverage Glasses. This 35cl glass takes the classic eight-sided design and gives the whole glass a twist for an unusual and contemporary look.

Gibraltar Twist Glassware

Setting a new trend in the world of cocktail glassware, the Gibraltar Twist range of glasses gives bartenders the opportunity to present cocktails and other drinks in a unique cocktail glass. The classic Libbey Gibraltar glasses have been given a modern twist in the form of the Gibraltar Twist glassware, featuring a twisted base, making them a set of unique cocktail glasses.

With various options of Gibraltar Twist, this range of unique tumblers includes Gibraltar Twist Hiball Glasses, Gibraltar Twist Old Fashioned Glasses and Gibraltar Twist Whiskey Glasses. This fantastic range of unusual cocktail glasses have already proved to be a hit with bartenders for use as a cocktail tumbler for displaying drinks.

To get your cocktail bar serving drinks in a unique range of glassware, choose our fast UK delivery service to ensure you're one step ahead of the competition. With the option of next day delivery, you will be serving a variety of drinks in these toughened cocktail tumblers before anyone else.

Made from Libbey's DuraTuff glassware, the Gibraltar Twist tumblers can be used for simply serving drinks, or they can even be used as Boston shaker glasses. A fantastic all-rounder, the Gibraltar Twist glassware range is a must have for any cocktail bar.