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Jigger Measures

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Urban Bar Glass Ginza Jigger Measure

Urban Bar Glass Ginza Jigger Measure



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Jiggers are instrumental to professional bartending – while you can free-pour spirits and ingredients, you can never be certain of the results. With a jigger measure, everything is measured precisely, so you can guarantee tasty results every single time. Jigger measures make it easier to follow recipes and to create your own blends with consistency.

Types of Jigger Measures

We offer a wide variety of jigger measures, depending on your preferences. Our classic jigger is double-ended to provide two measurements, which makes it a versatile tool to have behind the bar. Alternatively, our Classico Hammer Jigger features a handle for extra accuracy, while our Urban Bar Coley Jigger is ideal for beginners. We also stock plastic jigger measures which are easy to clean and super lightweight.