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Mixing Glasses

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Cocktail Mixing Glasses

When you’re making drinks, especially where cocktails are concerned, the way in which you make a beverage counts just as much as the final result. Mixing glasses are an essential for any bar as there are certain drinks, like martinis or manhattans, that should be stirred, not shaken. While you could use a cocktail shaker for this, mixing glasses add a nice touch to the experience. Depending on practicality and aesthetics, there are several styles to choose from.

Why You Should Use Mixing Glasses

Mixing glasses allow you to maintain the texture and viscosity of your drink. Not only are mixing glasses a practical way of making drinks well, they also add flair and style to your bar and create a more elegant appearance when you’re making sophisticated beverages.

Styles of Mixing Glasses

Plain mixing glasses are workhorses that can hold 16 ounces or more. They are typically tapered towards the base. Larger glasses, like our 26oz Mixing Glass, are perfect for larger quantities or multiple drinks. Our Diamond Patterned Japanese Mixing Glass has a stylish exterior, perfect for adding elegance to the room. These glasses have a heavier base and a curved spout at the top for pouring out your drink.