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SALE £40.00
Made from cornstarch and sugar these apple flavoured drinking straws from Sorbos are edible, gluten free and individually wrapped.
SALE £40.00
Individually wrapped and gluten free these Lemon Flavoured Straws from Sorbos are edible; a perfect quirky alternate to harmful plastic.
SALE £40.00
Perfect for enjoying a variety of cold drinks these Cinnamon Flavoured Straws are edible and have been individually wrapped.
SALE £40.00
Perfect for milkshakes these Chocolate flavoured straws are edible and are the perfect alternative to harmful one use plastics straws.
SALE £40.00
Perfect as an eco friendly alternative to plastic straws these Lime Flavoured Straws are edible, for a quirky addition to your drinks service.
SALE £40.00
Made from sugar and cornstarch making them 100% biodegradable these Strawberry Flavour drinking straws are edible and gluten free.
SALE £14.99
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These branded Kingfisher Pint Glasses feature a red embossed logo and ornate Kingfisher design; perfect for enjoying a pint in style.
SALE £187.99
Incredibly versatile these Raku Oval Coupe Plates can be used to serve a wide variety of dishes and feature a jade green finish.
SALE £203.99
Featuring a jade green textured finish these Churchill Raku Oval Coupe Plates are the perfect way to add colour and variety to food service.
SALE £142.99
Ideal for presenting and serving sharing platters, canapes and buffet foods these Raku Oblong Chefs Plates are incredibly versatile.
SALE £193.99
Perfect for serving sharing platters and buffet foods these Churchill Raku Oblong Chefs Plates feature a textured effect jade green finish.
SALE £86.99
Made from Super Vitrified Porcelain these Churchill Studio Prints Raku Evolve Coupe Bowls are extremely durable and hard wearing.
SALE £4.99
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With a unique design, this Bonzer Jigger Measure offers a 20ml & 40ml. With measures at each end, which allows bar staff to make cocktails quicker.
SALE £102.99
Ideal for serving a variety of mains and signature dishes these Green Evolve Coupe Plates feature a textured Jade Green finish.
SALE £86.99
Perfect for serving starters and desserts these Raku Evolve Coupe Plates boast a stunning textured effect jade green reactive finish.
SALE £56.99
Perfect for use as a side plate these Churchill Studio Prints Raku Evolve Coupe Plates feature a jade green, textured effect finish.
SALE £144.99
These Raku Evolve Coupe Bowls are perfect for serving large portions of pasta, rice or salad and boast a jade green textured effect finish.
SALE £9.99
Made from Porcelite's Vitrified Porcelain, these Porcelite Narrow Rim Plates will perfectly frame everything from mains, to starters and even desserts.
SALE £54.99
This Lavanto collection from Utopia takes its inspired from the natural world, with its smooth curved shapes and beautifully unique reactive glaze.
SALE £27.99
Add the finishing touches to your table setting with these Deco Nightlight Holders! With a cut-glass design, this candle holderwill cast a stylized glow.
SALE £27.99
The Rita Nightlight Holder boasts a stunning cut-glass design, which is perfect for creating a unique stylized glow. Add a touch of radiance to any table setting.
SALE £23.99
With a textured finish and black carbon colouring, these Utopia Coal Bowls are inspired by the natural elements. Perfect for showcasing vibrant sauces.
SALE £3.99
More options
Whether you are serving an ice cream sundae, fruit sorbet or dessert mousse, the Utopia Ice Cream Cups offer a highly versatile design.
SALE £41.99
Beautifully rustic, the 'Coal' range from Utopia brings nature to the table, with its dark carbon colouring and textured organic shape.
SALE £39.99
Taking inspiration from the natural elements, these Coal Mini Plates from Utopia are perfect for bringing a unique touch to any foodservice.
SALE £41.99
Bringing nature to the table, the Moss range from Utopia provides rustic tones to any on-trend table presentation. With an organic shape.
SALE £39.99
Taking its inspiration from nature, these Utopia Moss Bowls are perfect for bringing earthy tones to on-trend table settings. With a dark green colouring.
SALE £39.99
This miniature creative tableware is perfect for showcasing a wide variety of side dishes! With an earthy colouring and textured finish.
SALE £39.99
Ideal for serving a variety of dips along side mains and starters these Botany Dip Bowls feature a traditional Chinese patterned design.
SALE £52.99
Perfect for serving Oriental inspired dishes such as rice and noodles these Botany Coupe Bowls feature a traditional Chinese pattern.
SALE £43.99
Featuring a traditional Chinese inspired pattern and design these Botany Coupe Bowls are perfect for serving Oriental inspired dishes.
SALE £59.99
Featuring a stunning Chinese inspired pattern these Botany Bowls are perfect for serving rice, noodles and other Oriental dishes.
SALE £52.99
With an authentic Chinese inspired design these Utopia Botany Bowls are perfect for serving oriental style dishes such as rice.
SALE £45.99
This Utopia Minno Cups features a traditional Japanese deign making them perfect for serving tea or alternatively sides such as fries.
SALE £11.99
Add the finishing touch to your sophisticated table setting with these Utopia Jesmond Stonewash Tea Spoons. With a vintage matte finish.
SALE £13.99
The Stonewash range from Utopia combines both durability and vintage matte finish, which makes these Jesmond Dessert Spoons ideal for on-trend restaurants.
SALE £14.99
Professionally made from durable 18/10 stainless steel, these Jesmond Stonewash Table Forks are perfect for on-trend restaurants, hotels or pubs.
SALE £21.99
With a beautiful and intricate design, these Jesmond Stonewash Table Knives provide a sophisticated touch to your table presentation.
SALE £11.99
Perfect for a modern breakfast service or afternoon tea, these Manhattan Stonewash Tea Spoons feature a sleek design and vintage matte finish.
SALE £53.99
Perfect for serving a variety of Eastern style dishes these Utopia Minno Bowls feature a traditional Oriental shape and design.
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