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SALE £127.00
These Utopia Lyra Plates offer truly unique food presentation and can be used to serve desserts, starters. Perfect for high end restaurants.
SALE £126.99
Perfect for adding a contemporary and unique feel to food presentation these Lyra Plates feature a textured finish and unique design.
SALE £198.99
Boasting a beautiful walnut wood construction with the words ' Cut, Slice and Chop' embossed into the wood, the Nevada Boards are great for food platters.
SALE £139.99
Combining the appearance of real stone with the durability of melamine, these Grey Pebble Platters offer both style and longevity. With a marble effect.
SALE £51.99
These Utopia Midas Jugs are extremely versatile and can be used to serve, milk, cream, custard, sauces and a variety of dressings.
SALE £139.99
With a real stone appearance and chip resistant finish, these White Pebble Platters offer style and long lasting durability. Perfect for appetisers.
SALE £13.99
Ideal for serving a whole host of sauces, dips and condiments these Utopia Midas Dip Bowls are versatile and feature a textured finish.
SALE £63.99
This Lavanto range goes through a firing process to create unique markings and each piece is individually glazed. With a rustic finish.
SALE £60.99
With a subtle curved shape and rustic finish, the Lavanto collection takes its inspiration from the natural world. Each piece is individually glazed.
SALE £35.99
The perfect size for noodle, rice or side dishes, these Utopia Lavanto Bowls are highly versatile and hold up to 400ml. Each bowl is individually glazed.
SALE £25.99
Crafted from stoneware with a metallic, textured finish these Midas Bowls are perfect for adding variety to food presentation.
SALE £59.99
These Lavanto Coupe Plates provide a distinctive feel to your foodservice, each plate is individually glazed and goes through a firing process.
SALE £39.99
These Midas Coupe Bowls from Utopia feature a hammered, metallic finish that is perfect for adding creativity and variety to food service.
SALE £49.99
Perfect for presenting dips, oils or condiments, these Koi Ramekins hold up to 50ml and are incredibly versatile. With a oriental inspired design.
SALE £53.99
With a practical divided design and distinctive dark finish, these Koi Seasoning Dishes are perfect for showcasing dips, sauces or sides!
SALE £64.99
Perfect for storing and pouring oils or sauces, the Utopia Koi Jugs are highly versatile and holds up to 330ml. With a oriental inspired design.
SALE £33.99
Perfect for serving sides, starters and desserts these Midas Plates from Utopia are incredibly versatile and feature a textured finish.
SALE £48.99
Featuring a textured, metallic finish these Midas Plates from Utopia are perfect for adding creativity and variety to food presentation.
SALE £24.99
Perfect for serving sauces and dips alongside Mains and Tapas style dishes these Utopia Umbra Dip Dishes are incredibly versatile.
SALE £43.99
Showcasing a cream finish these Utopia Umbra Irregular Bowls are perfect for adding a subtle rustic aesthetic to food presentation.
SALE £51.99
Featuring a cream finish these Utopia Umbra Oblong Plates are perfect for achieving a subtle natural, rustic inspired aesthetic.
SALE £114.99
Incredibly versatile these Utopia Umbra Oblong Plates are perfect for serving buffet foods, appetisers large mains and sharing platters.
SALE £37.99
Featuring a subtle dappled cream finish these Utopia Umbra Bowls provide the perfect blank canvas for food presentation and service.
SALE £44.99
Ideal for adding variety and creativity to your table settings these Umbra Square Plates from Utopia feature a subtle rustic finish.
SALE £51.99
Thanks to their square shape these Umbra Square Plates are the perfect way to effortlessly add variety and creativity to food service.
SALE £38.99
These Umbra Coupe Plates provide a blank canvas for your culinary creations whilst their dappled brown rim effortlessly frames them.
SALE £52.99
The Utopia Koi Pots offers a rustic way to serve sauces, small portions or side dishes. With a lustrous glaze and superior stoneware construction.
SALE £78.99
Holding up to 900ml, the Koi Shallow Bowls are perfect for holding a generous amount! Whether you are presenting traditional sushi appetizers.
SALE £58.99
Perfect for bringing a botanical and earthy feel, the Utopia Arboreta Pots boast a two-tone design and tree-like structured finish.
SALE £52.99
Whether you want to add depth and texture to your contemporary table setting or looking to complete your traditional oriental tableware range.
SALE £54.99
Perfect for presenting pasta dishes, mains or larger portions, these Vellum Bowls hold up to 740ml and are highly versatile. Boasting a cream finish.
SALE £71.99
Featuring an organic shape and unique spiral design, these Vellum Plates are perfect for creating a distinctive table presentation.
SALE £51.99
Inspired by parchment paper, the Vellum range from Utopia is perfect for bringing natural tones to any table presentation. With a cream colouring.
SALE £45.99
With a monochrome two-tone design and organic shape, these Utopia Sano Bowls are perfect for bringing a rustic yet contemporary touch.
SALE £56.99
These Sano Oval Bowls have a rustic design and coupe shape, making them perfect for serving traditional pasta dishes or even signature dishes.
SALE £68.99
With a smooth matte effect finish and unique angled two-tone design, the Sano Rectangular Platters are a perfect alternative to standard crockery.
SALE £48.99
These Etna Coupe Bowls from Utopia are perfect for adding creativity and rustic flair to your food presentation and table settings.
SALE £81.99
Distinctive and ultra contemporary, the Utopia Sano Plates feature a matte effect finish and unique two-tone design. Combining both white and black.
SALE £72.99
Made from hard wearing vitrified porcelain these Utopia Etna Oval Plates are durable as well as versatile. Featuring a reactive hand applied glaze.
SALE £48.99
With a stunning dark colouring and sleek glazed finish, the Utopia Kelp Footed Bowls provide true elegance to any food presentation.
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