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SALE £48.99
With a stunning dark colouring and sleek glazed finish, the Utopia Kelp Footed Bowls provide true elegance to any food presentation.
SALE £54.99
With subtle curved design and organic shape, these Utopia Kelp Oval Dishes are perfect for bringing a rustic feel to any table setting.
SALE £79.99
The Utopia Kelp Oval Plates are the perfect shape and size for presenting appetisers, canapes and sharing platters! With a distinctive dark design.
SALE £62.99
Holding up to 960ml, these Utopia Kelp Footed Bowls allow for generous portions and perfect for sharing rice, noodles or side dishes.
SALE £67.99
The Utopia Horizon Footed Bowls feature a perfect blend of white, blue and sand colouring. Showcasing an inspired by nature design.
SALE £47.99
Stunning in design, the Utopia Horizon Plates stand out with its spiral design. With a white and blue colour blend. Provides a distinctive table setting.
SALE £48.99
Showcasing colours inspired by nature, the Utopia Horizon Footed Bowls are perfect for providing a unique touch to oriental dishes. Holding up to 300ml.
SALE £67.99
With a organic shape and inspired by the sea, the Urchin Oval Bowls from Utopia are perfect for a traditional oriental table presentation.
SALE £67.99
Perfect for showcasing your signature dishes, the Urchin Coupe Plates boast a truly unique design. Inspired by the ocean, the plates offer a unique design.
SALE £45.99
Present delicious starters, desserts or dishes sides in a truly unique way with these Urchin Coupe Plates! Featuring a eye-catching lined design.
SALE £46.99
Featuring a unique shape and eye-catching blue lined finish, these Urchin Oval Bowls are designed to bring the feel of the ocean to your table setting.
SALE £70.99
Professionally crafted from vitrified porcelain and finished in a bold blue lined design, the Urchin Footed Bowls brings an ocean inspired touch.
SALE £54.99
Ideal for an oriental service, the Urchin Footed Bowls from Utopia are perfectly suited for rice, noodles or side dishes. Boasting a sleek glazed finish.
SALE £59.99
Perfect for showcasing delicious sides, starters or desserts, these Utopia Azure Bowls provide a unique food presentation. With a speckled finish.
SALE £52.99
Crafted from durable vitrified porcelain and a unique speckled finish, the Azure Bowls combine excellent strength and contemporary style.
SALE £76.99
Stunning in design, these Utopia Azure Bowls feature a attractive blue colouring and speckled finish! Constructed from robust vitrified porcelain.
SALE £44.99
Whether you are serving up a small side portion of vegetables or a chunky dip, these Utopia Azure Cups are highly versatile. Made from vitrified porcelain.
SALE £53.99
Inspired by the night sky, these striking Azure Coupe Bowls from Utopia are perfect for bringing an injection of rustic colour to any table setting.
SALE £41.99
With an organic shape and inspired by the night sky, these Azure Square Dishes are perfect for bringing natural and rustic tones to your foodservice.
SALE £39.99
Whether you are serving a chocolate dipping sauce alongside a dessert or chunky sauce with a main dish, these Azure Bowls are incredibly versatile.
SALE £39.99
Stunning and rustic, these Azure Mini Plates from Utopia are inspired by the night sky and provide natural tones to your table presentation.
SALE £46.99
Perfect for serving a variety of dishes these Etna Oval Plates from Utopia are not only incredibly versatile they also offer durability.
SALE £59.99
Perfect for framing signature dishes and serving main meals or desserts these Utopia Etna Plates offer incredible versatility.
SALE £29.99
This Vintage Cake Dome and Stand from Utopia is perfect for displaying cakes and pastries and even sandwiches for afternoon tea service.
SALE £13.00
Ideal for serving cakes and pastries as well as Tapas dishes, canapes and appetisers this Mini Sharing Stand is extremely versatile.
SALE £37.00
This stunning Vintage Birdcage Presentation Stand from Utopia is perfect for serving sandwiches and cakes alongside Afternoon Tea.
SALE £14.49
Following the current trend for copper barware and drinkware, these Copper Octagonal Julep Cups are perfect for showcasing your creative cocktails.
The perfect size for serving soups, desserts or starters, these Utopia Lichen Coupe Bowls provide a rustic touch to signature dishes.
SALE £85.00
With an etched copper finish these Chased Copper Mugs are ideal for serving a wide variety of cocktails and cold drinks alike.
SALE £189.99
Featuring an etched copper finish these Julep Cups from Utopia offer as much creativity and individuality as your cocktail creations!
SALE £19.99
More options
Featuring an etched, patterned design these Chased Copper Shakers from Utopia are sure to add colour and creativity to your barware.
SALE £32.99
Following the current demand for gin these Botanist Gin Glasses offer a traditional, large bowl for development of flavours and aromas.
Showcasing an organic shape and natural colour, the Utopia Lichen range offers venues a rustic option for their food presentation.
SALE £28.00
Perfect for serving Champagne, Prosecco and other sparkling wines these Hayworth Coupe Glasses feature a ribbed cut glass design.
Inspired by the differing colours of the ocean, these Utopia Lagoon Coupe Bowls are perfect for bringing a natural touch to any table presentation.
SALE £10.00
Ideal for serving Margaritas at themed restaurants and cocktail nights these Utopia Cactus Jars are a quirky addition to your glassware.
SALE £19.99
Utopia's Mini Village Carafe is incredibly versatile and can be used as a creative way to to serve milk, cream or even salad dressings.
SALE £40.00
Incredibly versatile these Utopia Aspen Beer Glasses are perfect for serving and enjoying a wide variety of lagers, beers and ales.
SALE £26.99
Lined at half a pint these Tubo Glasses are made from toughened glass making them perfect for use in commercial settings.
SALE £67.99
More options
With a traditional design with a large bowl sitting aloft its stem these Charante Cognac Glasses are perfect for enjoying Brandy & Cognac.
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