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ODK stock a wide range of tasty purees for creative drinks, whether you’re a professional bartender or mixologist, or you want to level up your drinks at home. They can be used for cocktails, mocktails, hard and soft shakes – or whatever your imagination can conjure up!

ODK specialise in intensely flavoured purees that are ideal for cocktails and mocktails such as flavoured margaritas, tropical drinks like pina coladas and adding a zesty punch to smoothies and shakes. If you’re making drinks for a crowd, having purees on hand means you can make beverages quickly without compromising on flavour.

In particular, ODK's lime juice and lemon juice are popular ingredients that save time and money spent on juicing fresh limes and lemons. For an exotic drink, why not pair their coconut puree with ice and rum for a quick take on a classic cocktail. Or for flavoursome mocktails and smoothies, use their berry or peach purees. ODK are renowned for their high quality ingredients and with easy to use containers, you can keep their purees in the fridge for multiple drinks, making them a great investment into the flavour and ease of making drinks.