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Oenologue Expert Glassware

• Extremely Fine Rim: 0.8mm, agreeable on the lips for full taste appreciation

• Fine Bowl Construction: no distorting magnifying effect

• Widened Bowl: better wine aeration to gain stronger aromas and release the undesirable volatiles

• Flat Base: no depressions in which water can gather after glasswashing

• Designed by oenologist Dany Rolland

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Why Choose Oenologue Wine Glasses?

Designed by wine expert Dany Rolland, who is a world renowned Oenologist and a graduate of the Tour Blanche Viticultural and Oenology school in Bordeaux, the Oenologue wine glasses have been crafted with wine tasting and appreciation as the primary use.

The word "Oenologue" is the literal French translation of "oenologist" (a wine specialist), and each piece in the collection is designed to help you get the most from different varietals. Have a look at our Oenologue glass-to-wine matching table below.

Made by the leading European glassware manufacturer Arc International, as part of their premier Chef & Sommelier brand, the Oenologue glasses are made from Kwarx Advanced Material, the trademarked glass material that features a higher resistance to shock, glasswasher use, and features an unrivalled, thin and transparent finish that aids judging the colour of wines.

Which Oenologue Glass Goes with Which Type of Wine?

Need some help choosing which of the Chef & Sommelier Oenologue glasses is right for you? Just use our handy table to work out what type of wine you favour, then choose the Oenologue glass that suits that wine.

   730ml   550ml   450ml   350ml   280ml   Flute 260ml 
Chardonnay X X X
Chenin Blanc X X X
Gewürztraminer X X X X X X
Marsanne X
Muscat X X X
Pinot Gris X X X
Riesling X X X
Roussanne X X
Sauvignon X X X
Sémillon X X X
Viognier X X
Cabernets X X
Carignan X X
Cinsault X X
Gamay X X
Grenache X X
Malbec X X
Merlot X X
Mourverdre X X
Nebbiolo X X
Pinotage X X
Pinot Noir X X X
Sangiovese X X
Syrah X X
Tempranillo X X
Zinfandel X X

Oenologue Glassware

Specially designed for wine tasting, the Oenologue Glassware range is ideal for sampling reds, wines and champagne. This range of red wine glasses, white wine glasses and champagne flutes are manufactured by Arcoroc glassware. Made from Arcoroc’s kwarx glass, the Oenologue glasses feature a selection of toughened wine glasses and toughened champagne glasses. Perfect for use at home, in your bar or at your wine club, these Oenologue glasses are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.