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Celebrate the annual Bavarian beer festival Oktoberfest by stocking up on some traditional German glassware to serve your beer in! The world’s largest funfair is held in Munich where large quantities of Oktoberfest beer are served in traditional Steins, Tankards and Bierstiefels - all of which we offer in our Oktoberfest category for you to recreate the beer-swilling festivities at home.

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Oktoberfest Accessories

Oktoberfest is one of the most famous drinking festivals in the world and it’s become a popular event for beer enthusiasts, complete with its unique décor and customary traditions. The dimple tankard is a classic of Oktoberfest, providing the ideal vessel for tasting a variety of German beers and lagers, but we also stock a variety of other styles that add to the festivities. From boot mugs to yard stick glasses, we have novelty glasses to add to the fun and frivolity of Oktoberfest and provide the ideal vessel for a memorable event.

Hosting an Oktoberfest event? Why not invest in a beer paddle to make the process of serving multiple people at once look the part. If you want a disposable option, plastic cups are a great solution for larger events where reusable glasses aren’t practical.

Whether you want a classic Oktoberfest glass, a novelty item that you can give to your guests or something more fun and interesting, we have a great selection of glasses that are perfect for this world-renowned festival.