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Bar Blade Vinyl Coated Black
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Code: 397

Bar Blade Vinyl Coated Black


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Set of 12
£2.67 per item

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Case of 144
£2.22 per item
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This stylish Vinyl Coated Bar Blade offers excellent grip and a strong design for ease of opening beer bottles. Perfect for professional bartenders or use at home, this durable Bar Blade also features a spinner ring making it perfect for flair tricks.

Delivery Timescale: 2 to 5 Days

This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery £4.99
Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £8.99
Scottish Highlands £13.99
Scottish Islands £13.99
Northern Ireland £13.99
Isle of Man £13.99
Isle of Wight & Offshore UK £13.99
Channel Islands £13.99
Austria £21.99
Belgium £17.99
Bulgaria £32.99
Croatia £27.99
Czechia £22.99
Denmark £22.99
Estonia £24.99
Finland £29.99
France £21.99
Germany £19.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £19.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £14.99
Italy £24.99
Latvia £24.99
Lithuania £21.99
Luxembourg £19.99
The Netherlands £17.99
Poland £19.99
Portugal £24.99
Romania £31.99
Slovak Republic £22.99
Slovenia £21.99
Spain £21.99
Sweden £168.00
Iceland £49.99
Norway £32.99
South Africa £0.00

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Multi purpose bar blade for opening bottles
• Vinyl coating ensures grip
• Show of some flair behind the bar

Packs Available:
• 1 x Bar Blade Vinyl Coated Black
• 12 x Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Black
• 144 x Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Black

Brand: bar@drinkstuff

Country of Origin: India

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: DS35547
• Set of 12: DS35547
• Case of 144: DS35547

• Single: 5055736953002
• Set of 12: 5055736953019
• Case of 144: 5055736953026

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 180 x 41 x 5mm, 0.094kg
• Set of 12: 200 x 150 x 100mm, 1.1kg

• Width: 41mm
• Length: 180mm
• Depth: 5mm
• Weight: 94g

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
"Good quality bar blades at a very low price!"
Emanuele Sacchi - Italy, 13th January '12
Great Value
"Great value for money. Would highly recommend to friends or to someone on the site debating whether to order or not. I will be ordering again."
Marie Morgan - Rotherham, 1st January '12
"Good product and fast shipping!!!"
Barbaroux - France, 17th November '11
Exactly what the barman ordered.
"Drinkstuff always provide amazing service and the staff love it when I bring my new box of goodies into the bar almost every week. I get all the equipment I need from barmans ltd and have never had a bad experience.

I was surprised to learn from some reviewers that they have had problems with their blades bending, I have used barblades for years and I've never heard of one bending, unless the reviewers were trying to open the company safe with one, they shouldn't have had a problem.

Highly durable, very well priced, excellent quality item."
Oli Nejad - Exeter, Devon, UK, 5th January '09
"this is very cool and easy to use, thankyou.."
samantha - tamworth, 10th November '08
"Great items, very quick delivery. Barman's son very happy with the barblades."
Alison Lockwood-Goose - Oxfordshire, 27th May '08
"What a flimsy piece of metal! I was at work (behind a bar) for less than an hour before the thing almost bent in half..

Drinkstuff says: Thanks for your feedback Lindsay, this is a commercial product and we supply them to pubs and clubs. Whilst we appreciate your feedback we have not had an issue with them before. We have emailed you regarding returning the item.
Lindsay - Manchester, 27th February '08
"Bar blade seems to have nice strong rubber surrounding. Downfall is in the core. Metal way too thin for heavy bartending. Bends like crazy on heavy nights. Make sure you buy one with a thicker gauge.

Drinkstuff says: Andrew, we have never had feedback like this for the Bar Blade so we have tested some from our stock in the warehouse and have experienced no problems with them. We have emailed you to find out further information."
Andrew - Cambridgeshire, 15th October '07
"Vinyl Coated Bar Blade-, fantastic product,light but with an excellent weight balance, very sharp and clean to use, vinyl coating had to be modified slightly to allow certain tricks to be performed easier, about 1-inch in total, overall, amazing product, excellent value for money and with free postage you definetly cant go wrong. 5-Star"
Ed Carter - SU Bars Swansea, 15th August '07
"great purchase. use it constantly and always works perfectly."
felix cloke - london, 14th August '07
"Excellent, works in exactly the way a bar blade should.

Engraving was a cinch also, even with the painted finish."
Anthony Devine - Edinburgh, 14th July '07
"Excellent, works like it should."
Anthony Devine - Edinburgh, 14th July '07
"As good as in the description...just try it - then you'll know why it is so cool. No dissapointment guaranteed, that's my opinion!"
Jakub - North West London, 25th June '07
"an awesome bottle opener, lightweight and perfect for spinning and opening tricks."
miriam - bournemouth, 24th June '07
"great product! learning new tricks on how to open bottels which customers are loving and are amazed by! great for my tip jar!!!"
Dan Marks - Southampton, 26th March '07
"Looks professional, easy to use, good value. Would recommend it to any bartender!"
Alison - Essex, 19th March '07
"as a working bartender my barblade is essential, this one is good quality and does the job. Good shipping and customer care from drinkstuff also."
Nick Earp - Chester, 20th November '06
"really easy to use, certainly get one if you work in a busy bar because it opens bottles with ease."
Christopher meadows - Hull, England, 4th November '06
"I was very pleased to find that the black vinyl handled blade I ordered was in fact double edged rather than single as the description states. Very good item, great value, would buy again."
James Ferrier - Reading, 16th October '06
"fantastic functional bar blade, the plastic coating takes a bit of getting used to, if your used to useing a standard bar blade, however, it does make sure that your hand dont slip in what can be a wet enviroment. :)"
Isabel - Watford, 12th September '06
"fantastic, functional bar blade, easy to use and the black gives an edge. :)"
Isabel - Watford, 12th September '06
"Sturdy, works well. Vinyl coating seems to be quite tough. Although there isn't a dimple on both sides of the opening end, it still works both ways."
Stephen Poole - Edinburgh, 12th August '06
"What an excellent product!
I cant believe i have been bartending for 3 years and have never used one!
Makes life sooooo much easier!"
Melissa Gallagher - Edinburgh, 22nd July '06
"yeah thanxs for the product its wicked thanxs"
chris c - manchester uk, 21st July '06
"perfect tool for the job. couldn't be any better. pefect"
Dan - Huddersfield, 14th July '06
"Excellent quality and performance. Speaking as a barman, this product is an essential."
Nick - Glasgow, 18th May '06
"the bar blade in red does exactly what is says fast effective and eye catching a real head turner!"
g c - eastbourne, 12th May '06
"Fantastic!!! You should see the bottle caps rocketing off. Only problem is i keep hitting the customer with the caps."
Nick Callaghan - Edinburgh, 5th May '06
"the Vinyl coated bar blade is one of the most important tools for a bar man to carry. and this one is of a high standard. and brilliant value. if you are serious about bar work get your self on of these vinyl bar blades. or for your bar staff."
Luke jones - loughborough, 4th April '06
"Quality bar blade, needed to trim the vinyl so i could hit bottle caps down the bar, but better to have too much vinyl than too little."
Olly - Newcastle, 8th March '06
"WHOA! this opens bottles so fast!!!! makes me look good"
Rupz - Coventry, 23rd February '06
"An extremely useful piece of equipment that save time when having to run along a bar to find a bottle opener, also quite entertaining for the customer. Every bar worker should have one"
Ryan Forknall - Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, 11th February '06
"Very good looking and working blade, hope to have it at my side for years to come and at an extremily reasonable price."
Dean Scource - Dorset, 10th February '06
"Good general purpose stainless steel bar blade and built to last.
My only complaint is that is has 'TAIWAN' stamped onto the steel in small letters. Still great for popping bottles though."
Alex - Cambridge, 20th January '06
"I was very impressed with this bar blade, especially considering the price. It has a very nice finish and looks really good. excellent value for money but be a bit careful as it scratches after a bit of abuse.

I painted mine with some clear glittery nail varnish, it gives it a quite look and tougherns it up a bit.
drinkstuff says: The Vinyl Coated Bar Blades are manufactured from Stainless Steel and unfortunately with all steel products are susceptible to scratches, especially in busy working environments such as a bar or pub. "
Alex - Cambridge, 20th January '06
"Love this bar blade, nice thick vinyl, looks the business and lasts very well. I`ve had mine for months and im popping bottles. You can always peel the vinyl off too when it starts to get worn..."
Alex - Cambridge, 20th January '06
"being a barman myself i had a barblade, i lost it, went online and found this one. Its perfect for opening bottles and helps your speed of service, and also looks the part!. Had a few problems with out of stock barblades but kept me very well informed and upto date on what was happening, so all in all, a great site and a great product!"
Peter Yianni - Huddersfield, 13th January '06
"i reccomend you buy one especially if you are also buying one of the flairco dvds as they have some great tricks to do with the blade"
Daniel Davison - leeds, 2nd January '06
"I bought two of these, a red coated and a plain stainless steel. The red is an excellent product, exactly what I wanted. However, the plain stainless is nowhere near the quality, poorly machined steel with rough edges and improperly made--by a different company to the similarly advertised (and equally priced) red blade, I was really, quite disappointed.
drinkstuff says: We most apologise to James about the poor-quality S/S bar blade, he received a faulty unit. All our other stock is of high quality with smooth-edges. We are more than happy to replace the item with a stainless steel or vinyl-coated blade."
James - Sheffield, 31st December '05
"i would like this as i work in a niteclub in kingston"
daniel lindsey - london, 21st December '05
Mike - Bristol, 17th December '05
"I have been using bar blades for some time now and i can't imagine any other way of opening a bottle of bud (or whatever) without it not only is it quick but it is very impressive as well people love it and have got a lot of numbers with it ;-)"
Joe B - Sutton, Surrey, 14th February '05
"Awesome tool. Bought mine and can't work a shift without it."
James - Leicester, 6th December '04
"This is the best thing to have on the bar ever! Grab it out the back pocket, spin it on your finger and fire the lids off!
Great tool!
Alex - Karma Bar - Brighton, 22nd November '04
"had one of these for a while, EVERYONE wants one! can open average of 10 bottles in 6 seconds (takes some practise) ive just ordered 5 for the staff on my bar as the customers love it! either open them lightning speed, or slightly slower but with a classic *POP* as you do. A MUST for Every barman. Thanks DrinkStuff - expect more orders soon no doubt"
James Tanner - Ballare Nightclub Cambridge, 25th September '04
"Bar blades, the best accessory to have when working a busy shift.

Never start work without it and it impresses the ladies if used properly, e.g. Popping !"
Chris - Manchester, 12th July '04
"This is an amazing addition to any bar workers toolage, they are great whip it out spin it round then pop off the lid ( i always aim for a drink hehe) though beware i have chipped the lip of the bottle a fair few times kinda embarrasing and expensive."
Paul - Bristol, 13th April '04
"I first encountered a Co-Rect ® bar-blade on the first night of my first bar job, and wanted one instantly. Luckily, was where I found one. I placed my order and found it on my doorstep the next working day.
Since then I've been opening bottles at light-speed, looking like a pro. (I'm new to the scene) in the process.
For anybody who ever needs to open a bottle whilst working a bar, I recommend this product, from this company."
Tom - England, 13th April '04
"The best, Ultimate, whatever they say, this bar blade will be smoother and better weighted than any other! The smoothness and lack of harsh metal will make your bottle opening better and better. Cannot reccommend it high enough"
Jonah Roberman - Neighboorhood, 5th February '04
"Swift and Fast. The only thing Cruise was missing"
Wil - Manchester, 19th November '03
"have only just found this but out of stock. must be in high demand!!!

Drinkstuff says 'Sure is in high demand, only added to our range in May and has been a rapid seller'"
Dawson - warrington, 16th September '03
"Been looking for these for time! The ultimat barmans tool!"
Bert - Stansted, 5th July '03