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Ring Bottle Opener
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Code: 399

Ring Bottle Opener

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Try Other Bottle Openers
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This truly marvellous innovation fits snugly onto your finger, enabling you to pop open caps as if by magic. Simply place your hand over the bottle, fit the cap under the ring, and PRESTO! Never again be caught without an opener; save a fortune on dental bills and key-cutting!

We recommend that you buy a ring with internal diameter (see box below) slightly larger than your own finger size in order that the cap can fit under it.
Ring Bottle Opener
This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery FREE
Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £12.99
Scottish Highlands FREE
Scottish Islands FREE
Northern Ireland FREE
Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK FREE
Channel Islands FREE
Austria £17.99
Belgium £13.99
Bulgaria £41.99
Croatia £28.99
Czech Republic £21.99
Denmark £13.99
Estonia £29.99
Finland £29.99
France £14.99
Germany £13.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £28.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £21.99
Latvia £43.99
Lithuania £43.99
Luxembourg £13.99
The Netherlands £13.99
Poland £33.99
Portugal £33.99
Romania £31.99
Slovakia £25.99
Slovenia £28.99
Spain £25.99
Sweden £28.99

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Makes opening multiple bottles easier
• Available in two sizes
• Made from stainless steel
• Ideal for at home, travelling and professional bartending

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Large 23mm: 468L

• Large 23mm: 5055736902369

• Depth: 19mm
• Diameter: 23mm
• Weight: 8g

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Stocking Filler
"Good little stocking filler, shame there isn't more sizes."
Simon Dject - Northampton, 5th January '12
Not Helpful
"Thanks God I didn't pay much on it, it's useless !!! If you want to injure yourself with it, than have a try, buy this ring !"
Stefan - London, 15th December '11
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Stefan. We apologise that you are having certain difficulties with the Ring Bottle Opener. We can confirm that we have not experienced any problems with this particular item and we have sold thousands of them, each with good feedback. The only suggestion we have is that the ring maybe too small for the finger you are using to open the beer bottle. Please see our email regarding this matter.
4 stars
"Good product, works , shame this web site just got 2 sizes & both too big for me!"
Samuel Nascimento - Warrington, 14th June '11
4 stars
"Good product, shame it is too big for me."
Samuel Nascimento - Warrington, 14th June '11
"Definitely worth a buy: easy to use, great for parties and BBQs."
Chief - Plymouth, 24th September '10
Easy and Comfortable
"I have this ring bottle opener, I have used it in a rock music bar, and is a great idea because people are surprised because they do not know how you opened the bottle. I advise any bartender you buy, because it is very comfortable and fun to use. The bottle opens with ease, unlike other rings I've tested, this ring does not hurt.
Thanks and regards."
Diego Jimenez Sanchidrian - Avila, Spain, 16th April '10
Great gadget!
"What a great gadget. Ideal for when I'm overseas following Scotland's football team, and fellow supporters are searching for a bottle opener."
Eric McGirr - Livingston, West Lothian, 25th January '09
"I ordered this ring for my partner as he's been after one of ages. The ring opens the bottles perfectly and looks good as well. It's very handy!"
SJH - Scotland, 2nd November '08
"A fantastic gadget when you get used to it. Quick and easy to use. Definitely worth the cost."
Mads Nielsen - Denmark, 21st September '08
"bit of fun. can amaze friends with the hidden bottle opener. also quick delivery"
nick - cambridge, 14th April '08
"This is such a useful tool. When just worn as a ring, the bottle opener looks like an outline of a cat's head.
I've found it works best when on the middle finger - and to anyone who doesn't know about the ring you look like you can just prize of bottle tops with your bare hands!"
David Grewcock - Croxley Green, 8th October '07
"It was a great idea, and truth be told it has been of great help on those busy friday nights. The only downside is that if its a strange bottle, pulling the cap off will end up bruising your finger and leave a lovely deep red mark. 8/10"
J. Whyman - Kings Lynn, Norfolk, 20th August '07
"Cheep as chips, & sure to save your teath when your trying to get in to a bear bottle."
K R - London, 18th August '07
"This is a really cool gadget. I used it at a house part for opening beer / alcopop bottles. Make sure you hide all the bottle openers in the house, so that you can stride forth, and with a flick of your wrist remove peoples tops (bottle tops that is, it isn't magic)

You feel much cooler than you would imagine, when opeing bottles with your bare hands. Just make sure you have the right size, I had a medium one, which would only fit on my thumb. However, this was perfect as it feels more natural opening them this way.

Very handy to have, and cheap too.

Bradley Wilkinson - Manchester, 31st July '07
"A clever little gadget that i have now ordered more of for friends/family."
Sharon T - Lanarkshire, Scotland, 24th April '07
"wow...this is an amazing product its so handy...my friends love them i hope to buy loads more soon."
kerry - north wales, 18th January '07
"super fast delivery,great !!"
brad - gatwick, 15th January '07
"I would recomend this product for any one who likes to party. With this ring u'll never have to worry about searching for a bottle opener when opening your next bottle of beer infact u can impress ur mates by pretending your opening it with just ur finger"
Craig - Edinburgh, 18th December '06
"My partner has a bar in our living room and is always looking for gadgets.
He adores these rings and even bought them for his mates also."
Miss Millard - Essex, 29th September '06
"Fab Idea! Its reeeally impressive when serving drinks in a bar, its so fast and easy to use that those who've had a few are left amazed at how fast yo uopened their drinks!"
Michelle - Liverpool, 3rd September '06
"The ring is a really useful device. It's extremely handy for parties and can be used to fool some very drunk friends that you can open beer bottles with your palm.

It can also be worn just as a normal ring as the hole looks vaguely like a cat's head (or devils) or it can be worn upside down and just looks like a silver band.

Drinkstuff.com gives a reasonable price for UK citizens so if you're an impulse buyer then get one. Although if you were an impulse buyer you wouldn't be reading this review..."
Alex Bowen - Buckinghamshire, 22nd May '06
"If used correctly, people will think you have a grip of steel!'"
Spanner - North London, 16th May '06
"Absolutely brilliant - used at my son's 18th birthday party - every home should have one"
Karen Smith - Bovingdon Hertfordshire, 12th May '06
"works really well takes some getting used to tho. you must measure accurately otherwise can be painfull if too loose."
charlie - leeds, 15th March '06
"great bottle opener good for delivering bottles to customers with amazing speed"
danny - leeds, 6th February '06
"To be blunt, this product does exactly what it says, and does it well. A simple, yet novel way of opening your favourite tipple. I find it impresses most people I've met, and all have been sent to drinkstuff.com to buy one.
An excellent gift."
Dan Lloyd - Winchester, Hants., 26th January '06
"Bit disappointed with the size it listed on the website as the ring is slightly bigger so doesn't work as effective. I have changed it into a keyring bottle opener now so not a bad buy I guess.
drinkstuff says: All ring measurements are accurate, we recommend customers check their ring size to ensure they order the correct ring."
Mike - Bristol, 17th December '05
"Saw a barman using one of these in a Fulham Road bar (London). Had to get one. Really cool. I measured my finger accurately and got one for that size. It works a treat and still has novelty value to impress the punters."
Nick - North Yorkshire, 12th December '05
"I have to say that not only is this product absolutely brilliant but so is this web site, its service and most of all its staff who cater to your needs personally instead of using a crappy automated response! Im very happy with both!"
Josh Forwood - Hampton, 2nd October '05
"it looks good feels good and works really well all my friend think its cool i am never with out it!!!"
Harriet Smith - croydon, 12th February '05
"Fantastic, mates hard to buy for, but hey they all drink, and the first question we get every single poker night is "Where is the bottle opener", not anymore, got people jumping over each other to open a bottle.

Still makes me laugh when they try to open twist open bottles.

Excellent christmas stocking filler thanks drinkstuff..."
Peter Bowers - Knightsbridge, Gosforth, Newcastle, 22nd December '04
"This is very cool, i have only had mine a day and its wicked, took it to work and was cracking open bottles right in front of guests, the look of amazement when they think you're croc dundee or somethin haha! Unfortunately I bought one a little too big so i have to plaster up which sucks but hey im workin on gettin a fat finger!"
Paul - Bristol, 24th February '04
"This is cool. One word don't choose one that's too big. I used all the blue plasters up at our bar trying to make the thing fit. When it does though it's worth it. No more pesky bar blades. (Well not until i want to show off.)"
Jimmy - Manchester, 2nd January '04
"These ROCK!!! I bought these for me and my mates and were never stuck to open our beers> easy the best buy this year."
Ebo - Hertforshire, 3rd December '03
"This ring rocks, get one, opens bottles easy and looks really cool, everyone wants one.....I'm so popular now, made thousands of new friends...just kiddin but it does rock =)"
John Bowman - Surrey, 17th October '03
"This is sooo wkd mine was delivered today and now I have run out of bottles to open. It looks great, feels great works really well."
Lincoln Smith - Croydon, 10th July '03
"This looks great, if its okay with you I am going to come and collect one of these. This will come in real handy"
Steven - Melbourn, 26th May '03