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Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette
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Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette

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The Gamucci Micro is a rechargeable electronic cigarette. It is a completely non-flammable product that uses state of the art sophisticated micro-electronic technology to provide users with a real smoking experience without the tobacco and tar found in real cigarettes. It looks like, feels like and tastes like a real cigarette, yet it isn't. It is so much more. It is truly a healthier and satisfying alternative. Join the revolution today!

The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Micro does not produce any second-hand smoke to others nor does it cause harm to the environment. It doesn't need to be lit and therefore there is no fire risk. This product can be used safely in most public places. Gamucci Micro only produces a harmless vapour.

Unlike nicotine gum or the nicotine patch, the e-cigarette actually functions much like a regular cigarette. However rather than burning and smoking, it vaporises. The nicotine is still delivered to the lungs, but in vapour form, rather than smoke which contains all the cancer causing toxins.

Gamucci Micro contains only water, propylene glycol, nicotine, tobacco scent and a membrane to suspend the ingredients. The vapour like smoke that is released from the Gamucci Micro is simply condensation that evaporates into the air within seconds, not unlike the functioning of a humidifier. Gamucci Micro leaves no visual residue in the air.

The Gamucci Micro does not release harmful smoke but rather condensation so it can be used in public areas, restaurants and offices where smoking is prohibited. Do not be surprised when people ask about you smoking Gamucci Micro - to the casual observer Gamucci Micro creates the appearance of traditional smoking!

One Gamucci Micro cartridge is equivalent to approximately 20 traditional cigarettes, and the battery lasts for up to 8 hours on the first charge and 3-4 hours on each charge thereafter.

Gamucci Micro can be used legally indoors where traditional smoking may be prohibited.

How The Gamucci Micro Works:
The Gamucci Electronic Cigarette Micro uses advanced microelectronic and atomisation technology to atomise the nicotine dilution extracted from tobacco into a vapour when inhaled and accordingly meets the needs of the smoker.
The nicotine dilution used contains nicotine, a tobacco flavour and a non-toxic solution.
The cartridge of the electronic cigarette is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container. The nicotine dilution to be atomised is stored in this container and is free from harmful ingredients such as tar and carcinogenic substances.

Spare Cartridges:
• One pack of cartridges is equivalent to 75 cigarettes
(15 cigarettes per cartridge)
• The spare cartridges are rated with a high nicotine level of 16mg
PLEASE NOTE: Gamucci Micro Spare Cartridges are compatible only with the Gamucci Micro, not the classic Gamucci.

This item can be delivered to the following zones:
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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

18 Plus Only Please Note: Product can only be
purchased and used by adults aged 18+

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Advantages of the Gamucci Electronic Cigarette:
• Free from tar and carcinogenic substances harmful to the human body
• Non-flammable and doesn't contain the danger of over 4,000 chemical substances entering the body, like tobacco
• Harmless to others and doesn't cause any pollution to the environment normally caused by 'second-hand smoking
• No fire risk and the product can be used in most public places
• Free from electromagnetic radiation
• Nicotine content of each liquid container is equivalent to approximately 15 ordinary cigarettes

Starter Kit Contains:
• Gamucci E-cigarette Micro
• 2 Rechargeable batteries
• 5 High strength tobacco flavour cartridges (16mg nicotine)
• Mains Charger with UK plug adapter
• Gamucci carry bag

Cartridge Strength:
• Regular: 16mg
• Light: 11mg
• Ultra Light: 6mg

Brand: Gamucci

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Starter Kit: N/A

• Starter Kit: N/A

• Height: 112mm
• Diameter: 10mm

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

18 Plus Only Please Note: Product can only be
purchased and used by adults aged 18+

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Fantastic! This product has saved my life!
"I'm on Day 5 of no smoking and thanks to this product. The day it helped me stop was the day my life was saved. Thanks Drinkstuff for a fantastic product. I owe Drinkstuff and Gamucci my life! I was diagnosed with Hereditory High Chorlestrial and was told I had to stop. This is the only product that has worked and I am so proud of myself."
Simon Wilson - Westcliff On Sea, Essex, 25th August '09
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Simon. We are pleased that the Gamucci Electronic Cigarette is working for you. To show our appreciation for your review, please find 5 drinkstuff credits on your account equivalent to £5 off your next order.
5 stars
"It sounds and looks good. Never tried it but I'm gonna order it 2 see whether it really works."
Anil Saini - London, 23rd May '09
Complete Satisfaction
"I'm really satisfied with the Gamucci eCigarette I bought on DrinkStuff, and even more satisfied with the customer service here. One of the batteries I received in the starter pack was faulty. I called DrinkStuff expecting some complicated procedure, but the conversation lasted for less than two minutes, and 3 days later I've got a new battery. I'll definitely come back to buy more stuff from DrinkStuff.
Ali - London, 27th January '09
5 stars
"Funny useful stuff. I've quit smokes completely."
Mateusz Oliwa - London, 20th January '09