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Head Rush
Beer Bong
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Beer Bong

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. Try Other Beer Bongs
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If you've never been able to show off your drinking skills to your mates, then grab a hold of one of these party shooter Beer Bongs and get ready to impress as you down a drink in seconds!

How it works:
Just place the thin tube inside a glass bottle and secure the large drinking tube onto the top. Place your finger on the vent-hose and place your mouth around the Beer Bong. Tilt your head back, get ready, take your finger off the vent-hose and it all comes down in seconds!

Tests show that the liquid from a 330ml bottle will come out by an increase of 266%! Just make sure you've got an empty stomach!
This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery FREE
Next Day Express €7.98
Next Day Before Midday €11.40
Next Day Before 10:30am €20.54
Saturday Service €14.83
Scottish Highlands FREE
Scottish Islands FREE
Northern Ireland FREE
Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK FREE
Channel Islands FREE
Austria €20.54
Belgium €15.97
Bulgaria €47.93
Croatia €33.09
Czech Republic €25.10
Denmark €15.97
Estonia €34.24
Finland €34.24
France €17.11
Germany €15.97
Greece €45.65
Hungary €33.09
Ireland / Eire (Republic) €14.83
Italy €25.10
Latvia €50.22
Lithuania €50.22
Luxembourg €15.97
The Netherlands €15.97
Poland €38.80
Portugal €38.80
Romania €36.52
Slovakia €29.67
Slovenia €33.09
Spain €29.67
Sweden €33.09

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

While we recommend the enjoyment of this product, you must remember that the UK Health Department recommends that men do not exceed 3-4 units and women 2-3 units of alcohol per day.

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Bottle bong
• Down a drink in seconds
• Easy to use
• A great party game
• Fits most standard beer bottle necks
• No foam, less hassle
• Pocket size
• Great party starter
• Hand wash only

Brand: Head Rush

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: BB-C1
• Set of 4: BB-C1
• Set of 12: BB-C1

• Single: 667240132467
• Set of 4: 5055736902789
• Set of 12: 5055736915475

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 228 x 152 x 30mm, 0.07kg

• Weight: 45g
• Length: 260mm
• Diameter: 30mm
• Min. Bottle Neck: 24mm
• Air Tube Length: 245mm
• Drinking Tube Length: 128mm

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

While we recommend the enjoyment of this product, you must remember that the UK Health Department recommends that men do not exceed 3-4 units and women 2-3 units of alcohol per day.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Fun Fun Fun
"Excellent product we had lots of fun and it does exactly what it's meant to do."
Leanne - Liverpool, 10th December '14
Brings Me Back To Student Days
"Bought one of these for a stag do; where the folded straw simply wouldn't do! Does exactly what it says on the box - drink beer fast."
Adam - Manchester, 27th August '13
"Really good item had one before but misplaced it, great for some drinks before a night out."
Luke Tibble - Clacton, 30th May '13
Fun For A Night Out!
"Great quality and super fast delivery. Bought this as part of my housemate's secret Santa present. He was really excited and tried it out that night - albeit from a little peer pressure from us - worked perfectly and downed a bottle in about 4 seconds! It would be better if he wasn't such a lightweight and could manage more than one bottle though... very happy customer :)"
Rachel - Cardiff, 25th December '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
5 stars
Dominic - Grimsby, 25th September '11
Beer Bong Review
"Not as well made as I would've thought, but it was cheap."
Julie - London, 15th December '10
Great Stocking Filler
"Fun for the 20 something when you don't know what else to get!!"
Moira Monro - Aberdeen, 15th December '10
The Real Way to Down a Drink!
"This is the second Beer Bong I've bought! These things are amazing for downing a bottle!

These are essential for a great party! The Beer Bong is really good alone but for the ultimate party game, get yourself more than one for a group downing game, see who is the fastest!!"
Craig Douglas - Scotland, 11th August '10
5 stars
"You've gotta get yourself one of these beer bongs, my mate Rob can down a bottle of beer in a blink of an eye and take cash outta my pocket with the wager we had, not any more I am getting my cash back with great gusto. What a cracking idea these are brilliant for partys and making a few extra quid. I won't be bullied anymore Rob lol!!!!!"
Mr Craig Abbott - Morecambe, 20th December '09
5 stars
"Absolutely spot on but not 4 the faint hearted. Ideal 4 all the heavy drinkers out there ( every1 in the uk >< )"
Daniel Goodwin - Castleford, England, 7th December '09
"This was great laugh! I bought it for an 18th. Once the first person went, everyone was fighting to have the next go. A great way finish your drinks quick..."
Donna - Scotland, 6th July '09
"This is a party must have! Gets everyone laughing and pissed. Be careful! I had a go and the beer ended up every where - down my nose and covered the floor - but ended up everyone wanting a go!"
Grogan - Blackburn, 28th September '07
"The best gadget around. Great fun at parties. Lets you neck a bottle in seconds. BEWARE not for light weights as it can get you drunk very quick."
Greg Ritchie - Manchester, 20th September '07
"the bottle bong is an awesome little device that creates many simple hours of amusement. 330cl bottles are my personal favourite, preferably Stella. My friend tries to do the litre bottles and it ends badly. as far a im concerned in the summer no barbecue/party/gathering where there will be booze should be without one!!! I have six gooo on me!"
keene howland - at work, 31st July '07
"These are must for any party or barbecue. Lots of fun, lots of laughs watching friends compete for the 'fastest bottle downer' in town."
John N - Worksop, 22nd July '07
"The party shooter is great fun and brings everyone together on a night out or at a party! They work really well with the whole contents of a bottle's liquid being emptied into your mouth at once and provide a brilliant challenge or dare! At only £1.99 these are a must have party tool."
Nikki - Cardiff, 2nd May '07
"If your goal is consuming liquid fast, then buy one of these babies. After just a few practice attempts I was taking a whole bottle white wine in 8 seconds.

Be warned, that the bong only fits over wine and beer bottles glass which are made out of glass. Plastic bottles (such as the Strongbow 2 litre) are not sturdy enough.

Also the device allows a new breed of drinking game which is guaranteed to make you utterly plastered.

Videos of the bottle bong/party shooter in action are on YouTube - Click here..."
Richard Spoun - Bury St Edmunds, 6th April '07
"Does exactly what it says! Great for house parties, and you can do it on any kind of bottle"
Becky - Stockport, 7th January '07
"This is a must for anyone that likes to party! It has become one of the essential things i take out with me on a night out. Also its extremely useful for any sort of drinking game! Best £1.99 ive ever spent and worth every penny!"
Elliot - Edinburgh, 30th December '06
"I love my party shooter! My most through it so far is 14. But i was sick all over my kitchen! Good times :]"
Lee - Birmingham, 26th December '06
"I got one of these for my brother expecting him to show off with his mates down the pub with how fast he can down his alcopops little did i know he was going to 'practise' using all our christmas booze! He loves it though!"
Emily - Surrey, 25th December '06
"Very good party device, if you have not got one, i certainly recommend it."
Danny Evans - Warwickshire, 22nd December '06
"F***ing amazing, gets you pissed so easily!"
NEIL - iow, 1st November '06
"it made a great nite fantastic and had the desired effect og getting absolutely bladdered"
Simon - Cornwall, 28th October '06
"these party shooters are class 1 fun if u are going to a party u must buy one of these for the party that you will never forget"
stuart mckee - bellfast, 14th October '06
"WOW!!! This is brilliant!! A real party piece!! A definate MUST HAVE for all party people!
Gets you drunk soo quick!! I recommend this to everyone!! They are also handy to take to clubs with you, can fit in your bag, quite easy if you fold the lil straw bit! Whoever thought of it, is a pure genius!"
Laura - Nr London, 5th October '06
"Great fun, unfortunately the first attempt went straight down my t-shirt =D"
Alex - Plymouth, 7th September '06
"good value for money, very quick delivery"
Paul Draycott - harlington, 25th August '06
"The party shooters are f***ing AWESOME! Now i just need a new beer bong to go with them!
drinkstuff says: Thank you for your order and review Gareth, glad you like your Party Shooter. Unfortunately we don't sell Beer Bong's, a simple Google search will bring up details of who sells them."
Gareth Rowe - Ashby, 11th August '06
"Awesome! makes getting drunk a breeze! XD"
Tom - Royston, 14th July '06
"what a way to get absolutely shitfaced! thanx drink stuff for making my day!"
chris spencer - ipswich, 12th July '06
"cheers for the party shooters, they have already come in very handy for a few great drinking games and will continue to entertain at many more parties to come im sure!"
fresca - hereford, 7th July '06
"these are brilliant and well worth the money, looked around everywhere and this is definitely where they should be bought from , thanks for a top night out lol"
Cath - cheshire, 19th June '06
"This thing is.... superb! Only problem is i cant remember what happened last night! everyone needs one of these for there partys!"
Gary Baker - Ipswich, 3rd June '06
"Funny to watch people drench themselves with the unexpected rush of liquid."
Lisle Wallace - Normandy, France, 29th April '06
"Absolute bargin! and a fantastic product. allows you to easily down a bottle in one. gets you mashed a lot quicker! great for parties..only thing is i would advise to buy more than one because it'l be passed around all night!"
James McDonough - Taunton, 14th April '06
"Fantastic item, bril quality, yet again another free gift from drinkstuff, and to be honest they shouldnt be giving them away free, as they arepurely brilliant.... A+ 100%"
James Godfrey - Wrexham, Wales, UK, 12th April '06
"Ordered sunday night, came tuesday (...and i only done the cheap postage!)

What can i say, great product and so cheap. ive had a little play with it and was drinking 33cl stella's in about 10 secs!

Cant wait to take this out on the weekend."
Jonny - London, 4th April '06
"good fun especially at parties"
danny - leeds, 6th February '06
"excellent product, quickly distributed"
tony fairs - newcastle, 29th January '06
"Drink half the beer, refill with rum, etc... then use the shooter. AWESOME BUZZ!!! And FAST!!!!"
Hoss - Ca, 14th December '04
"We used one of these at my m8s house and it was wicked. After using this i went on this website and bought 2 for my sisters xmas presents and they also think they are the ultimate drinkin tool."
wez - leeds, 12th December '04
"this thing is the best thing since sliced bread, i got it last year with an order off of this site, knowing what it was i gave it a go needless to say i had one of the best evening for a long time."
james - kent, 14th October '04
"wow!!! these things r wkd and really get you goin wen u wanna party!! great invention!!!"
Faye - ESSEX, 1st October '04
"Get wrecked easily! These are so good mine got stolen! so keep an eye on yours!!"
si-guy - plymouth, 20th September '04
"I got mine a few years ago, after going to a party of my boyfriends. This is the best invention ever! I love it, you get messed up quicker with less liquer. I have gotten all of my friends begging me to bring it to all of the parties. I tell them to get there own."
Toni - Pahrump, NV, 24th July '04
"if ya really want to get f'd up quick, drink the beer 1/2 way down first, refill with rum, then use this on the bottle. damned quick buzz!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Hoss - California, USA, 4th June '04
"got mine this morning at 10am
its 11:40am

already doen 10 bottles of WKD


happy ST patricks day!"
Liam Rushton - UK, 17th March '04
"this is the best invention i have found in my life. now i drink the same amount as my house mate and get 3 times as pissed"
Shaun Dell - Mexbrough, 13th January '04
"this thing is just one amazing tool, the advantages are endless for one it makes a cheap night, then there is the fact that if your a little over weight like myself it blowts you out and keeps you from feeling hungry, i blame it for this weeks 2pound weight loss."
james - kent, 18th December '03
harg - Stoke-on-Trent, 30th July '03
"wer hey more booze in less time."
Lincoln Smith - Croydon, 20th July '03
"Fantastic product. Had a fantastic time, made the night just that much better. Get ready for a suprise, you don't expect how effective this thing is!"
Jon - West Midlands, 7th June '03
"This product is fab, brilliant for a night out with the lads and after a few of these you'll be hammered so makes it a cheap night as well."
Bobby - Herts, 3rd April '03
"I used the bottle party at my mother Linda's 60th Party, It was fun for all ages. I really recommend it."
Alan - Stretford, 5th March '03
"This has to be one of the best products I own or have ever owned. Just because it's cheap certainly doesn't mean it's not effective! I'm a fairly heavy drinker and we bought a few of these for a laugh for a stag weekend, not thinking they'd be any good. How wrong can a man be? (No smart arse replies from women). By the time I came round I ended up in the sea in Brighton. So if you like to live a bit on the wild side, take one of these out with you and see where you end up!"
Chris Harding - Bishops Stortford, 19th February '03
"Got one for my girlfriend for Xmas.
I'm not one for drinking huge quantities of beer so I usually stick to vodka. Howevver, this Bong had me a fine Xmas night. She'd bought one for a fellow family drinker too, so there we sat, cuddling a 24 crate of Stel"
John Walsh - Didnt Say, 3rd February '03