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Exacto Pourer Blue 25ml
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Exacto Pourer Blue 25ml


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Set of 3
RRP £10.49 | Save 14%
£3.00 per item

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Set of 6
RRP £22.99 | Save 35%
£2.50 per item

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Pack of 12
RRP £28.99 | Save 17%
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Get perfectly measured shots without the need for a separate measure with the Exacto Pourer from bar@drinkstuff. Also known as a Speed Pourer or Posi Pourer, simply push into your favourite bottle of spirit and tilt. This little gadget will then dispense an approximate 25ml measure into your glass.

Exacto Pourers will fit on most branded bottles of spirits. Perfect for dishing out the alcohol in equal amounts.

Exacto Pourer Operating Instructions:
Exacto Pourer inside a bottle neck, pouring• Simply attach the Exacto Pourer to your bottle
• Make sure you turn the bottle to a high angle when pouring
• The ball-bearing system inside the Exacto Pourer follows the flow of the liquid and plugs up the spout ensuring you get the right amount
• To dispense another measure you must turn the bottle upright again; the ball-bearing will then return to it's original position, ready for the next measure

Please Note:
  • If you find the ball-bearing system is not working properly, please ensure you are holding the bottle at a suitable angle. If you hold the bottle at a too horizontal angle the ball-bearing will not flow very easily, if at all. Instructions are included.
  • Pourers will fit on most bottles but are not suitable for Baileys and other 'thicker' liqueurs or 150cl bottles.
  • Not government stamped or CE marked for use in licensed establishments.
This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery £4.99
Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £12.99
Scottish Highlands £4.99
Scottish Islands £4.99
Northern Ireland £4.99
Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK £4.99
Channel Islands £4.99
Austria £17.99
Belgium £13.99
Bulgaria £41.99
Croatia £28.99
Czech Republic £21.99
Denmark £13.99
Estonia £29.99
Finland £29.99
France £14.99
Germany £13.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £28.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £21.99
Latvia £43.99
Lithuania £43.99
Luxembourg £13.99
The Netherlands £13.99
Poland £33.99
Portugal £33.99
Romania £31.99
Slovakia £25.99
Slovenia £28.99
Spain £25.99
Sweden £28.99

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

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Product Features:
• Spirit pourer
• Plastic construction with ball bearing mechanism
• Pours an approximate 25ml shot
• Allows you to quickly and easily pour shots
• Ribbed rubber cork fits most bottle necks - suitable for 75cl and 100cl
• Not suitable for 150cl bottles
• Hand wash only

Sizes Available:
• 3 x Exacto Pourers
• 6 x Exacto Pourers
• 12 x Exacto Pourers

Brand: bar@drinkstuff

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Set of 3: P7501-2
• Set of 6: P7501-2
• Pack of 12: DS56

• Set of 3: 5055736903380
• Set of 6: 5055736903373
• Pack of 12: 5055736910951

Packaging Dimensions:
• Set of 3: 255 x 177 x 35mm, 0.075kg
• Pack of 12: 270 x 180 x 35mm, 0.264kg

• Length: 95mm
• Diameter: 40mm
• Weight: 25g

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
They didn't fit
"Unfortunately, these pourers didn't fit any of the bottles I bought them for - they were purchased for a whisky tasting evening, but leaked around the sides as soon as I tried to use them."
Mike Hall - Winchester, UK, 21st March '16
Exacto 25ml everytime!
"Are you fed up with pouring out measures in a measuring thimble? I was, it was time consuming messy and made me look tight with the booze when I was mixing cocktails!

What could I do about that I pondered, when looking through the stocks at Drinkstuff I stumble across these beauties!

I purchased a pack of 12 and they are absolutely fantastic! I've waxed lyrical about all the stuff I've bought through these guys but these are by far the best things I've bought so far.

I've included a photo that shows the pourer in action and as you will see from the top left to the bottom right is a measure of 25ml exactly!"
Steve Cox - Essex, 10th May '15
DIY bar
"We bought these to help with the measurement of drinks at a party where we put on an all-inclusive bar. They were easy to use and after a couple of goes getting used to it (so it didn't just free-pour when held at the wrong angle) we had a nice simple means of pouring drinks without messing with measures or worrying about poisoning anyone! Made for a first class night with little faffing and much merriment."
Lucia - chelmsford, 12th April '15
Spirit Pourers
"Ordering process very easy. Delivery and tracking information on time and excellent. Good quality pourers and value for price paid."
Joy - London, 3rd September '14
Perfect Pours
"These take all the hassle out of pouring and messing around with measures.
Get yourself a big bag, I use these in every bottle at home. Can't recommend them enough."
Simon - Manchester, 28th May '14
4 stars
"Disappointed by the fact that they can not be used with liqueurs."
Carl Edwards - Bristol, 30th March '14
Exacto Pourers
"Very prompt delivery, well packaged, quality and good value for money item. What more is there to say. Very happy, thank you :)"
Corinna Byrne - Devon, 15th November '11
Exacto Pourer
"Great little device for pouring your favourite tipple, just so you can keep a little tab in your head on how many you've had, lol, would recommend to anyone that likes their spirits etc."
Andrew Leon - North East, 23rd October '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Andrew. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Perfect Pour
"I love this item. It works great in a busy bar knowing that I can pour a shot and know that it is exactly 50ml so I can concentrate on other things like the customers or flairing."
Nikk Lindop - Telford, UK, 14th September '10
Very Nice But...
"Very nice product but not dishwasher safe. A seal was damaged and I have got odd number now. :( I should have known not to clean one in dishwasher. Silly me. Apart from that they dispense the right amount perfectly. I would like to see more colour choice in the future if possible."
Simon John Wilson - Westcliff On Sea, Essex, 3rd September '09
Exacto Pourers
"Potentially a brilliant device but it does not seem to work that well as drink dribbles out continuously! Maybe I'm not using it properly...if so then its not as simple to use as you would assume...if more technical instructions would help! Would spend more for a better one (different brand) in the hope it worked."
John Feltham - Norwich, 30th March '09
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments. We have been selling the Exacto pourers for many years now and rarely have issues with them. However, there is a technique to pouring them. To pour your 25ml measure you must raise the bottle to around 45 degrees, even a little higher. This will release the ball bearing in one swift movement allowing for the fixed measure to pass through. You must then return the bottle to an upright position to reset the ball bearing. Repeat the steps above to pour your next measure. If poured at a horizontal angle, the pourer will dribble.
5 stars
"Superb product; has allowed our domestic drinking to be regulated."
Ken Chettleburgh - Norwich, 23rd March '09
"Great product, exact dispense every time."
Dom - Birmingham, 26th February '08
"This Exacto Pourer arrived with the minimum of delay. I am very pleased with it. However if I want to pour a single measure - no problem. But it won't pour a double measure automaticaly, you have to tip the bottle upright again first.

Drinkstuff says: Clive, thanks for your comments. The pourer measures an approximate single measure so if you want doubles you will need to pour twice or you can purchase the 50ml pourers."
Clive Truman - London, UK, 20th February '08
"A great piece of kit. Maybe not as flashy looking as the chrome speed-pourers but you don't need to guess your pour, this delivers the same volume every time.

Exactly the same as the ones used in many airport lounges."
Dom - Birmingham, 15th February '08
"Funky little device, very useful for getting the same amount out every time."
Derek - Leicester, 10th January '08
"great product and great service.

They deliver very fast to BFPO."
Roger - BFPO address, 24th September '07
"great product and very innovative, i use it every time i'm doing shots, its a great product, TOTALLY AMAZING!!"
Mark Scott - Leicester, 6th August '07
"These things are fantastic. I had a very large house party the other week, and used the 25ml versions (which are a very sexy shade of blue) on my flavoured vodka bar. The 50ml ones I used for bacardi, and mojito's. They went down a treat. Easy to install and use, I'd recommend them for any sort of party."
Bradley Wilkinson - Manchester, 31st July '07
"These are very good and as they are a double measure make pouring fun"
Patricia Wheatley - Spain, 16th July '07
"These are grate they cut down on people of pouring there drink and allow me to run my bar with proper precision. I advice any keen bar man to by these and if you don’t have a bar just by them for fun. Poor perfectly every time and are the cheapest ive ever found on the internet. This product is 10 out of 10 **********"
joe - london, 7th June '07
"Very cool, and looks great and impresses, but not great for frozen wodka as it doesn't like gelatinous drinks. More of a novelty than anything else, but definitely worth it."
T Weiss - LDN, 10th March '07
"Great idea. Makes sure everyone gets the same measure of drinks and that they don't get too generous as the night goes on."
Lis - Scotland, 13th January '07
"Great invention! got my old dad to pour less insane measures now its all in multiples of 50mls! Also stops him getting guests tooo drunk, too quickly!"
Paul Norris - Blackmore, 18th December '06
"i thought the exacto pourers were excellent..look good and do the job, will order some more for sure"
carmela - essex, 13th October '06
"These are the type of items that after you've used them for the 1st time, you wonder how you ever did without em.
Personally I just just got drunk quicker. But now there's no excuse for binging, & no-more will my guests gag on my 'singles'. Though I did nearly send the Pourer back coz I thought they'd sent me a 50ml one as my glass would overfill on every pour, but then I learnt it's all in the wrists (much like my love-life) and now I've mastered my Exacto Pourer, I love it and can't recommend it enough. My drinking mates will have one in their stockings this crimbo too, although I'll be buying em the 50ml version for when I visit (though I'll still use my 25ml when they visit me!)."
Lee Healey - London, 16th September '06
"i csn only say that i am happy with my purchase and continue to use it"
Martin Bell - scotland, 1st July '06
"These are amazing little things that measure exactly. I now get the pefect Malibu and Coke at home - just as in the Bar!!!!"
Gareth Fradgley - Leeds, UK, 23rd May '06
"Bought one of these to try, and Ill never go back to conventional pouring. These are a must buy. 5/5"
Craig Low - Arbroath, 15th May '06
"Trying to control your gin consumption? Take if from me, buy and Exacto Pourer..perfect results everytime!"
Paul Spencer - Preston, 14th May '06
"This is a great item, you think its going to keep pouring then it stops with a perfect measure."
Richy - North East, 18th February '06
"Quality!! It makes making drinks quicker, and I will never have to weak drink again! Now all I need is some alchol to pour..."
Andrew Spruce - Glasgow, 30th January '06
"Exacto pourers work some of the time, they have a habit of just keeping pouring.
drinkstuff says: Exacto pourers require regular cleaning with water to ensure they pour correctly."
steven mctaggart - ayrshire, 18th December '05
"I got one free when I ordered some optics as Xmas gifts but I'm now getting Exacto pourers to give instead as they will suit the people better. The trouble with getting one as someone else has pointed out is that you want to keep playing with it."
Steven - St Ives, Cambs, 3rd December '04
"This was one of the best items we have used in our home bar, they are great when pouring your drinks, especially when you've had a few, (you don't spill any )
Great Pourers"
Janine Oakley - Surrey, 14th April '04
"WONDERFULL. Does exactly what they promise to do. Equal measures: however drunk you already are, you know exactly how much more you're going to get...
Great for shots and cocktails. For some reason the bottle do go empty faster though because my friends want to see 'that trick' again."
Patrick Londema - Holland (The Netherlands), 25th March '04
"I just like saying the word 'Nozzel' They're great!! 10/10"
Alessandro Beaverhausen - New York, 23rd February '04
"I run a members only club with over forty 'Exacto pourers' in use every day, these things are excellent. They give the illusion that your speed rail is 'free pour' the punters luv it. OPTICS are dead. However they dont work with creams or that crap with gold flakes in it."
Mark - Lincoln, 12th February '04
"This looks like a very good thing but whats it do? Drinkstuff says 'Please read the description for details'"
luke - st-lazare, 25th January '04
"These are the best gadgets I have ever brought.
A perfect measure every time, especially after a few! I'm going to order the Party Pack, as two wheren't enought last Christmas."
Phil Jay - Walsall, 10th January '04
"legendary they're great and do the job swell"
lewisio clarkioli - london, 17th December '03
"Exacto Pourers really are good. Although they can take some bar staff a few attempts to get used to them they work really well and are reasonably accurate (not government stamped though). Plus they are suitable for cordials."
Chris Jones - Cardiff, 11th December '03
"Everyone who has a stash of alcohol should have these, they are great.Reasonably priced and a speedy delivery too."
Corinna - devon, 15th November '03
"These are great for the home.
Beware of using them for anything other than cocktails in bars and clubs though as they are not a verified measure."
Paul Gander - London, 7th October '03
"what a great idea now i can make cocktails without taking time to measure. why didn't i buy one of these sooner."
Lincoln Smith - Croydon, 20th July '03
penetrator - sweden, 19th July '03
"This is an excellent product and everyone should use it. With the drink/driving laws it is now more important than ever to ensure that you know exactly how much alcohol you are drinking. An alcohol measure like this should be welcomed,and used,by everyone who intends to drive-or to ensure they don't drive!."
Dorothy Kirk - Greenock, Scotland, 4th June '03
"I want to say that this is a must for every home owner, it's worrying to give estimated shots of drink to your family and friends, but with this product I knew that one shot was just right, they would be not over the limit to drive, and that meant I didn'"
Ms Eve Henderson - Newmarket, 29th January '03
"Out comes the Jack Daniels in goes the exacto pourer! Why aren't bottles built with these in?"
D.Jedynak - Herts, 29th January '03
"Great product. I don't end up drinking a whole bottle of gin now I can measure the shots. Wouldn't be without it."
L. Bingham - London, 29th January '03
"Great if you have no shot glasses around, just tilt and pour in gob!"
Paul Hardy, 29th January '03
"Perfect for when my alcoholic friends come round"
None Given, 29th January '03
"Top notch product, no if only I can remember where they ended after a night of recreating the dentist chair with Tequila and JD"
Mark Vernon, 29th January '03
"I use these behind the bar and couldn't do without them. They are great in a busy bar, quick and easy, and they make the staff look more slick and professional. And I have them at home too!"
Nigel - Manager - The Green House Effec, 29th January '03
"They are brill no arguments every one gets the same, some how a bottle seems to last a lot longer now. - Dec 2002"
Paul Villiers - Coventry, 29th January '03
"Yeah this product is very good, totally agree with the others, great price and great idea! Mite have to but the larger one now!!!"
Anti gow leader, 29th January '03