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White Plastic Ice Crusher
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Code: 72

White Plastic Ice Crusher


inc vat
RRP £14.99 | Save 47%

inc vat
Case of 12
RRP £99.99 | Save 20%
£6.67 per item
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There are ways to reduce big, chunky ice cubes to the perfect consistency for cocktails, and thie White Plastic Ice Crusher is one of them! Simply twist the handle and the metal teeth will give you plenty of ice shards for your drinks.

Please Note: Suitable for domestic use only
Bagged ice cubes found in supermarkets are made using commercial quality ice makers which produce dense ice - the bar@drinkstuff White Plastic Ice Crusher is not designed to crush this dense ice which can cause operation issues.

Please use home made ice cubes from an ice cube tray in a freezer when using the White Plastic Ice Crusher. Failure to do this will result in voiding the warranty of your ice crusher.
After use, please ensure to thoroughly dry the mechanism of the ice crusher to increase longevity.
This item can be delivered to the following zones:
Showroom Collection FREE
Standard Delivery £4.99
Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £12.99
Scottish Highlands £4.99
Scottish Islands £4.99
Northern Ireland £4.99
Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK £4.99
Channel Islands £4.99
Austria £17.99
Belgium £13.99
Bulgaria £41.99
Croatia £28.99
Czech Republic £21.99
Denmark £13.99
Estonia £29.99
Finland £29.99
France £14.99
Germany £13.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £28.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £21.99
Latvia £43.99
Lithuania £43.99
Luxembourg £13.99
The Netherlands £13.99
Poland £33.99
Portugal £33.99
Romania £31.99
Slovakia £25.99
Slovenia £28.99
Spain £25.99
Sweden £28.99

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Manual ice crusher
• White plastic
• Metal teeth for crushing ice cubes
• Simple to use
• Ideal for home use

Packs Available:
• 1 x White Plastic Ice Crusher
• 12 x White Plastic Ice Crushers

Brand: bar@drinkstuff

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: 503010
• Case of 12: DS151

• Single: 5060152853010
• Case of 12: 5055736926396

Packaging Dimensions:
• Single: 240 x 120 x 165mm, 0.515kg

• Height: 230mm
• Width: 160mm
• Depth: 115mm
• Weight: 515g

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

There is no further information for this product.

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
Breaking the ice
"Done the job perfectly, just be careful as you tip the crushed ice out."
Darren - Surrey, 10th July '17
"Bought this ice crusher to go on my home bar. It crushes the ice fairly easily and i can now make all sorts of cocktails. Great purchase at a good price."
Ice breaks ice crusher?
"I have bought 12 ice crushers for my coffee shop and have already gone through three in a week as they have fallen apart while crushing ice?
Not the best product or just a flimsy batch?"
Grant Ahlers - Folkestone Sandgate, 30th August '15
Drinkstuff says: Thanks for your review Grant, however these are domestic ice crushers design for light usage and should not be used in commercial environments.
Good For The Price
"This ice crusher does the job, no special features but does what it says on the tin.
The plastic doesn't feel 100% up to the job and when you get a stubborn bit of ice it feels like it's going to snap and you have to jiggle it a bit to reshuffle the ice.
It has not broke yet so I may be over reacting but for the price of it I'm happy with my purchase."
Danny Holden - Aldershot, 20th January '15
Great Item
"Cheap, portable, does exactly what you expect... crushes ice! Brilliant for Mojitos."
Paul - South Wales, 18th August '14
Ice Crusher
"Very pleased. Bought as a cheap thing to buy to get free postage but really impressed with it. Is a little bulky but is very effective and produces excellent crushed ice."
John Eldred - Redhill, 24th April '14
Value Product
"As the cheapest ice crusher on offer, it performs as expected. It works fine and produces good quality crushed ice but requires a lot of effort as the blades are not particularly brilliant. I've had it a week or so and one of the rubber feet has already gone missing. While it is still in good working order, I would recommend anyone wishing to buy an ice crusher and is planning on using it frequently to pay a few more pound a buy a better model. However, if you're looking for a cheap purchase, you will get what you pay for with this crusher."
Phil Jones - Liverpool, 20th November '12
Works Fine
"Was a great price and did the job."
Viv - Bicester, 4th November '12
Cheap & Cheerful
"Not the best in the world, occasionally gets stuck on the cubes and requires a bit of wiggling to get going again, but gives nice uniformly crushed bits of ice. Mostly plastic in construction with metal handle and teeth inside, these are not sharp and so had no worries letting my 6yr old crush her own ice. If you need to do a lot of ice, spend more money on something electric. If you need to make a few drinks for family, friends or kids on an occasional basis, then at this price you can't fall off.
Please note, all kids drinks were non-alcoholic."
Andy Brown - Huddersfield, 1st January '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Andy. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Plastic Ice Crusher
"Great for crushing small quantities of ice. Any more than two drinks though, and you're going to get wrist ache. Pretty noisy but does the job - better than using a rolling pin!"
P Mountford - London, 6th September '11
"Does not crush ice but does chip it with difficulty but jumps all over."
Chris Woodcock - Leeds, 30th July '11
Drinkstuff says: We're sorry that you've had these issues with your ice crusher Chris. You are welcome to contact our customer services team if you ever have an issue with a product you purchase from us.
"Great item very pleased, thank you."
Sherry Mckittrick - Wolverhampton, 25th July '11
Decent For The Price
"I got this for £7.99 and for that price it's spot on. Crushing the ice is quick and easy and the crusher doesn't slide around the work surface the way I've seen it reviewed that other ones do. The crusher DOES seem a little flimsily made I have to say, so I'm not sure how long it would last with heavy use but for occasional use (which is what I need it for) and at the price you just can't complain. The only other thing worth noting is that you can only fit a few ice cubes in the top at a time so if you need lots of crushed ice you have to keep refilling the top (the collector box can easily hold enough for two full tumblers so that's not a problem). This might annoy some people so in that case I'd opt for a larger crusher perhaps, but for my frequency of use it's ok and means the actual thing is quite small so doesn't take up too much space in the cupboard whilst not in use."
N Syms - Solihull, 11th July '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review, as a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Great Value Ice Crusher
"One of the cheapest ice crushers I have used and I must admit very good value for money, does the job in a no-frills way, quick, easy to clean and function.
David Swain - London, 19th April '11
Plastic Ice Crusher
"A very useful piece of equipment, works excellently."
Terence Hipkiss - Bryn Gywn, Flint, 22nd December '10
4 stars
"Good item. As described. What more is there to say? It crushes ice ha."
Vicky Johnson - North East Lincolnshire, 28th November '10
5 stars
"I was extremely happy with this order as it is great value for money and does what it says on the tin. It has not been used to any length yet but my first impressions are good. I decided to go for this ice crusher based on other customer's positive feedback. I will definitely recommend this to friends."
Jennifer Buchan - Edinburgh, 23rd November '10
Does The Job!
"A great product. Ideal for a drink or two at a time, a bit labour intensive for playing cocktail waiter.

This is a well engineered product. Within expected tolerances, it will do its job perfectly well. Remember the price is so low because much of it is plastic. Plastic is brittle and more so when cold. If you are over-enthusiastic, you will break it, but that is your fault, not the ice crusher's. Steady, reasonable pressure or reverse-winding for a sec will mean only the ice breaks.

If you let guests use it at a mad party, or give it to small kids to play with, this will be a one-off use machine. Simply buy a more expensive one if you need it to be more robust. Or think how many "one-offs" you can have before you reach the cost of a more expensive one!

The handle does come loose with use, but it's just half a screwdriver's twist away from being back to 100%.

For a couple of drinks at a time, if you don't treat it badly, this is the ideal manual ice-crusher at a great price."
Rob - London, 15th November '10
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Rob. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your Drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Great Ice Crusher
"Don't bother splashing out on an expensive electric ice crusher - this one is an absolute bargain and does the job brilliantly. It's big enough to crush enough ice for two big mojitos and is so easy to use. We ordered it for a party the other weekend and just about everyone used it making their cocktails. Really pleased we ordered it."
Mark Fogwill - Redhill, 3rd August '10
Ice Crusher
"Excellent purchase, fast delivery also. My ice crusher has made World Cup margaritas a far less stressful endeavour - many thanks!!"
Jeff Leaver - Blackheath, London, 5th July '10
Ice Crusher
"Very satisfied with the ice crusher ordered which will save much time in preparing crushed ice for use in chemistry experiments particularly at GCE 'A' Level."
Mr J J Zawadzki - Bromley, 24th March '10
5 stars
"Excellent service, fast and efficient."
Andrew Sadler - Bristol, 27th January '10
"Product works fine for me, apart from 1 of the screws keeps falling out on the underside of the blade segment. Would strongly recommend this product as you get what you pay for, very happy with my purchase."
Nick - Lincolnshire, 11th January '10
Ice crusher
"Cheap and cheerful. Does exactly what it says. Works well."
John Hudson - Manchester, 16th December '09
Great for the price!
"Does what it says on the tin. It can take a bit of strength to crush ice straight from the freezer, but if you run the cubes under water first to crack them makes it much easier. Also note that the blades go both ways, so you can use a back-and-forth motion to crush which makes it even easier. Would be still a bit laborious for more than 3 or 4 drinks though.

Great for brambles or straight-up drinks (martinis, manhattans, jack roses etc), as it's difficult to get them cold enough with just ice cubes."
Bryan - London, 11th October '09
A good, indispensable bar item
"Browsed yesterday for an ice crusher, had this one in mind as I'd used one exactly like it in the past, bought it and was delivered this morning! Very sturdy, despite being plastic, piece of equipment and at a very reasonable price. A must for all barmen, amateur or seasoned pros."
Miguel - Wilsden, W. Yorks, 19th August '09
Ice Crusher won't last long at all
"Cheap, but not at all cheerful. The plastic inside broke within 4 days and is just not built for any kind of use beyond one-offs. I'd recommend spending a bit more and getting one that's stronger and has no threat of leaving plastic pieces in your drink."
Mark Williams - Plymouth, 3rd January '09
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Mark. We have sold hundreds of these ice crushers and in our product testing the product was durable enough for multiple uses. It is excellent value for money for the odd cocktail but if your needs are greater, we recommend the Chrome Ice Crusher.
"This actually works! Creates perfect crushed ice for the perfect mojito..."
Liz - Swindon, 16th June '08
"Great item - highly recommended. I got the white one and it looks good with a solid white top half and like a frosted tupperware base. And the bottom line is - it works great! Takes a little while if you're crushing ice for lots of drinks (more than 2 or 3) and it's quite noisy while crushing. Apart from that - great value.

Drinkstuff says: Thank you for this and your many other reviews Dan. As a gesture of our appreciation, we have added 10 Drinkstuff credits to your account, equivalent to £10 off your next order."
Dan - Edinburgh, 11th February '08
"Cheap and not up for the job. Mine broke first time I used it. Spend the extra and get the chrome one or use a bag and a rolling pin.

Drinkstuff says: Mark, we are sorry that you have been disappointed with this ice crusher. It is the lower end of the market for ice crushers but believe the price does reflect this. We have not had previous issues with them breaking first time but we have emailed you regarding this."
Mark - Ipswich, 28th January '08
"What a clever little device. Does exactly whats its serpose too!. Very strong and durable. Highly recommended useful gadget for eveyone."
Joanne - Wantage, Oxfordshire, 20th August '07
"The Ice Crusher is great for cocktail parties and my favorite with the crushed ice is Jericho's breeze, what a ride!"
Mark Jones - Ramsgatre, 9th July '07
"Credit were credit is due. Drinkstuff.com dealt with my issues promptly and very satisfactorily. Not only did I receive mails regarding my complaint but I got curtsey call also. Very friendly service, not only did they send me a new set but also allowed me to retain the open set. Will defo continue to use their service.

Thanks Alex
Neil - Surbiton, 6th July '07
"Mine has just arrived along with the barman’s cocktail set. The Ice crusher looks to have been used already. The bag inside the box had been ripped open. A referb’ job methinks. The same could be said of my barman's cocktail set. With no to cover (holding the products still) and being sent in well weathered box. The spoons and measure jars were banging around when received. All in all not a happy bunny and will probably send back today. Shame as I had high hopes. ;(

drinkstuff says: Neil, thank you for your comments. With regard to the email we have sent you we can either refund you or replace the items you are not happy with. We apologise that you got your order in this state.."
Neil - Surbiton, 4th July '07
"Pleased with this natty little gadget. When I first gotit It looked like it would break as soon as you turn the plastic handle, but it crushed the small ice enough to make quite a few Margaritas. For £10 it does the job. I do think, however that if I wanted a quicker gadget i'd go for an electric/motorised crusher, but for small partys this is fine."
Jan - Bucks, 15th October '06
"Great product. Very simple to use and it does the trick. Great for cocktails"
nick - amersham, 12th October '06
"great for crushing small amounts of ice, but be careful because the handle has a habit of coming loose, so keep a screw driver handy.
drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Kate and we apologise the handle for the ice crusher sometimes comes loose, this occurs when too much force is exerted onto it. To aleviate this the chunks of ice being crushed need to be made smaller."
kate - essex, 31st July '06
"Very helpful and prompt response to a damaged product. Couldn't do too much more to help! Thank-you.
drinkstuff says: Thanks for the review Su, unfortunately the ice crusher was damaged in transit and the box was squashed. We sent a replacement immediately."
Su Strange - Somerset, UK, 8th May '06
"Does the job perfectly! Bought it to try and make a cocktail my friends and I always get when we go out, mojitos. Works really well, crushers the ice with ease into chucks ideal for cocktails. More robust than I thought, will be great to use at barbeques this summer!"
James Cannam - Wokingham, 20th April '06
"Was even better than I thought ordering it. Works perfectly, but I'm a bit concerned if the plastic top will break if I crush a lot of ice. But works perfectly!
drinkstuff says: We have sold hundreds of these units with no reported faults or breakages so we're very confident they will last a lifetime. Remember, Drinkstuff only sells quality products."
Tonje - London, 27th January '06
"Was uncertain about buying a plastic ice crusher as there was a worry that it might not be up to the job. I have been very pleasantly surprised and the crusher is certainly equal to the job."
Kevin Robinson - Staffordshire, 9th January '06
"great product, easy to use. nicely crushed ice........"
jason moore - yate,bristol, 26th December '05
"Excellent value and much better quality than picture shows--cocktail shaker also purchased,also excellent value.2-3 days delivery quoted--rec next day,what more could you ask for."
G. Smith - NORTHAMPTON, 26th July '05
"This ice crusher is a lot better quality than the picture gives it credit for. Very solid and works a charm."
Nick Wright - Wakefield, 13th January '05
"Absolutly indispensable and very easy yo use.A must for all bar staff of what ever skill."
Rick Walton - Essex., 16th May '04