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White Flair Bottles
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White Flair Bottles


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Go on. Admit it. However much you might think that the guy with all the tricks down at the posh cocktail bar is a bit of a show-off, secretly you’d love to be able to do them too.

Flairco FounderThat thing they do with the bottles, spinning them round, chucking them over their heads… some people must be born with a gift, right? Wrong.

When it comes down to it, these people can do their tricks because they’ve practiced.

But, even with the explosion in cheap supermarket-brand spirits, you don’t want to be chucking bottles of valuable booze around your room. Not only will it get very messy, you’ll get very funny looks when you’re buying bottles every night.

There is, however, a solution. These 750ml flair bottles weigh the same as an empty glass bottle, but are shatterproof. That solves the problem of cutting your feet to ribbons every time you walk across your bedroom floor.
Even better, the amount of abuse these beauties will take needs to be seen to be appreciated. And you will appreciate it.

Please Note: No liquid included.
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Showroom Collection FREE
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Next Day Express £6.99
Next Day Before Midday £9.99
Next Day Before 10:30am £17.99
Saturday Service £12.99
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Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Offshore UK £4.99
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Bulgaria £41.99
Croatia £28.99
Czech Republic £21.99
Denmark £13.99
Estonia £29.99
Finland £29.99
France £14.99
Germany £13.99
Greece £39.99
Hungary £28.99
Ireland / Eire (Republic) £12.99
Italy £21.99
Latvia £43.99
Lithuania £43.99
Luxembourg £13.99
The Netherlands £13.99
Poland £33.99
Portugal £33.99
Romania £31.99
Slovakia £25.99
Slovenia £28.99
Spain £25.99
Sweden £28.99

Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

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  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

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Trade & bulk enquiries welcome, please contact us 01763 264 280

There is no media for this product.

Product Features:
• Professional quality flair bottles
• Specially designed for bar tricks
• Shatterproof
• A perfect alternative to glass bottles

Manufacturer Part Number:
• Single: 750ml White

• Single: 5020229105909

• Height: 350mm
• Diameter: 78mm
• Weight: 458g

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Drinkstuff Returns Policy:

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faults/Damages must be reported within 3 working days

For full terms, see our Returns Policy

Trade & bulk enquiries welcome, please contact us 01763 264 280

There is no media for this product.
Customer Reviews
5 Stars
"Excellent product."
Chris - Italy, 23rd February '14
Not Sure
"As an amateur club juggler I'm used to the weight and balance of a juggling club, as such I'm struggling with this bottle... also almost all the juggling tricks don't work with a flair bottle due to spillage and this thing is a whole lot heavier than a juggling club and unforgiving if you manage to hit yourself. The bottle seems indestructible and I guess I'll just have to learn the ropes without much advantage from my 3-4 club juggling skills."
Shane Russell - Belgium, 2nd January '14
Great Thing, But...
"I work as a cocktail bartender in a busy hotel restaurant/club. Recently I decided to improve my bar work and put a bit of spice into it. So for the first 6 months I've been practising with empty Bacardi, Malibu, Sambuca and Smirnoff bottles. At work I only use these to "flair" with no more than 100ml of booze inside. Obviously they spin differently (harder, slower) than empty bottles. Here's my point - these Flairco bottles also spin that way, even if empty. This makes it hard for a beginner, who got used to glass bottles in the first place. I'm sure it's just a matter of practice to get used to it, but I'm just sharing my first experience with other newbies, to save them from disappointment. I know there are weight details provided on the website, but c'mon - let's be honest - who weights glass bottle before ordering flair practice bottle? Anyway the product seems to be tougher than Vin Diesel and I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, when I should got used to the new bottle. If them folks from roadhouse managed - so will I!"
Adam Bak - London, 20th March '12
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Adam. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
Great Item!
"Fabulous item! Very well made and sturdy. Being plastic prevents it from breaking despite what it hits. I've gone through a table and several ornaments that have got in my way, but the bottle remains unscathed! Thank you!"
Allan - Balmacara, 8th October '11
Drinkstuff says: Many thanks for your review Allan. As a thank you we've added 5 points to your drinkstuff account, which is equivalent to £5 off your next order.
5 stars
"Fantastic item, quick delivery!!!!"
Mariusz - Leeds, 20th July '11
Quality Product
"Got mine this morning after only ordering it yesterday. Excellent product with a real quality feel to it. Time to get practicing."
Joe - Kent, 23rd November '10
5 stars
"This bottle is built to last. Perfect weight to throw about and great fun."
Adam Youngman - Lowestoft, 22nd April '10
Great product
"I've been working in Ibiza for the last couple of summers now and seen loads of people flairing in bars and on the beach and it looks amazing, hence why I bought the Flairco bottle so I can get some practice in for next summer...and I'm loving it. Had it a few weeks now and with out fail I still practice it everyday...thanks drinkstuff!!!!"
James Grange - Telford, 23rd October '09
"Thank you for the good quality and fast delivery of the items."
Ugur Gulduran - llanelli, Wales, 21st April '09
"Excellent product. Really durable and with an excellent weight. Can throw it around all day and not get bored! Arrived quickly and with no fuss from drinkstuff. Top stuff!"
Andrew McCain - Rochford, 16th March '09
5 stars
"I got what I ordered and I got it quickly. Ace"
Stef - York, 15th February '09
"I'm learning how to flair and the moment and held my heart in my mouth every time I threw a glass bottle around my head. Now I can practice without fear of breaking the bottle! It's a really good tool and easy to use! Fantastic!"
Alex Girvan - Nottingham, England, 21st January '09
As expected of Flairco and Drinkstuff
"Flairco have been making flair equipment for years, and in that time the quality hasn't suffered. These bottles are still the best product you will find on the market for their purpose and the pros swear by them.
Great, hardy little bottle.

The service from Drinkstuff was what I've come to expect, nothing but the best. Great follow up treatment, great delivery time, wonderful packaging to ensure my product was secure. They go out of their way and because of that I'll be coming back again and again.

As a professional cocktail barman, this site is the ONLY retail outlet, online or offline, that I will be using for my equipment. I was recommended here, and now I know through experience that if I want the best, I come to drinkstuff.

'Nuff said :)"
Oli Nejad - Exeter, UK, 17th December '08
Drinkstuff says: Thank you for your comments Oli. As a reward for your review, we have applied £10 in Drinkstuff credits to your account. We hope you enjoy shopping with us in the future!
"Product was exactly as described and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely order from this website again for most, if not all of my bar supplying needs."
Matt Bowles - London, 25th October '08
"Does exactly what it says n the tin - or bottle in this case! Prompt delivery."
Dafydd - London, 16th October '08
"Excellent! Cant seem to put it down. Well weighted bottle that ive dropped quite a few times so know its doesnt smash. Little warning though, just because it wont smash doesnt mean it wont smash other things.... i.e. plates by the sink when you drop it... ooops :D"
Daniel Rollins - Soth Yorkshire, 8th July '08

This product is great, it arrived the day after ordering and I've barely put it down the past week, it's great fun and even though I've dropped it lots of times it still looks as good as new.

I must say it is alot nicer and safer to practice flaring with than a real glass bottle and always a conversation starter when people see it.

Some of my friends have also ordered the Flairco bottle after seeing mine and we are all having great fun with them.

I have to recommend buying one of these bottles, they will keep you entertained for hours :)"
Max - North Yorkshire, England, 26th February '08
"These Flairco flair bottles is great! I bought the five pack to split it with some mates, and now we're tossing bottles all over the classroom. Our teachers aren't very fond of it, but we're having a laugh :)"
Mikkel Fog Nielsen - Denmark, 18th February '08
"A great product to teach any bareman the value of liquid in the bottle!"
Jonah Robeman - London, 13th January '08
"Exceptional quality, superb service. Goods received following day.
Mr M O'Sullivan - Luton, Beds, 6th November '07
"Brilliant bottle...use it nearly every day. Has a nice weight"
Kyle - Dorchester, 20th August '07
"ive just got into flair and decided to buy this, itr was the cheapest on the internet also have the flairco dvd too, so both these products have helped me to learn. the bottle is realistically weighted to a glass bottle which is great (and it hasnt broken yet LOL)"
lauren white - hull, 20th August '07
"These bottles are brilliant for anyone looking to learn or to improve their Flair skills!

I don't know how anyone could be disappointed by this product!"
Miss Weir - Scotland, 4th August '07
"Very useful for both beginners like myself who don't want to cost themselves a fortune in wasted bottles, and pros who just want to show off!"
Zoe Chilton - Yorkshire, 25th July '07
"The flairco flair bottles are fantastic, they have helped improve my flairing by 70%. I love them they are the greatest bartending invention ever. My bar has gone from doing a couple of cocktails a month to a couple of dozen on a busy night. All my co-workers love the flairing I can now do, although they are not to keep when I practice in the staff block."
Chris Britten - Glenshee, 8th July '07
"it does exactly what it says on the bottle, so to speak. A completely reliable, unbreakable, simple yet stylish, perfectly weighted flairing bottle.. what else do u want from it?"
Chris - Notts, 16th June '07
"I got to admit, it is amazingly good. It is the third time I order from drinkstuff.com, and i am more than pleased! It is definitely the place to shop. Thank you for your great service,

Marinos Kalligas - Bath, UK, 26th April '07
"The bottles are amazing! im a bar tender which flairs and they are great to practice with!! they havent broken and i know they wont! great product!"
Dan Marks - Southampton, 26th March '07
"I bought the flairco bottle, it is supr nice! I love it!"
Daniel U - Denmark, 16th March '07
"this really is amazing such a great product! but in reply to andy elliot if they are so great and indestructable why did you need 6 more?"
laura - hertfordshire, 17th February '07
"Have to say these flair bottles are great!! I've had one for over a year now and it's still as solid as it was the day i bought it!! They're so good i just bought another six!!"
Andy Elliott - Derby/Leeds, 22nd December '06
"Who ever knew that throwing around a bottle could be so much fun???
I have much respect for Flairco for creating such an amazing product!
The Flairco flair bottle is virtually indestructible…
Being a student; impressing the ladies with tricks is great! They love it!
Order this product NOW! “Trust me, it’s worth it!”"
Danny Thomas - Zürich (Switzerland) & Plymouth (En, 2nd November '06
"this bottle is a must have for any flair enthusiast very durable and well weighted, cracking product!"
robin - mallaig, 19th October '06
"These things are practically indestructable, I've seen them thrown at walls, bounced off floors and bar tops and they don't even crack. A vast improvement if you're used to the old glass bottle and gaffer tape method."
James Ferrier - Reading, 16th October '06
"Excellent flair bottle.. very nicely weighted and a perfect shape for practising! Thanks.."
Steve - Liverpool, 29th August '06
"Awesome! v addictive... and best of all absolutely unbreakable!"
Kat - Leeds, 10th May '06
"spectacular! as well as being, suave and stylish this god like peice of equiptemnt pays for itself. It gets you notised anywhere you go in the world. i have made loads of freinds in thailand, mexico etc. It is the best talking point and everyone loves to be taught a few tricks. I have been practisi8ng for two years, faithful to the flairco original bottle from drinkstuff. BUY IT!"
Ben trott - nottingham, 17th March '06
"Does exactly what it says on the tin. Completely indestructible. If you haven't used one before this one is perfect if a bit pricy.
drinkstuff says: The Flairco Flair bottle is an officially licensed product from the leading brand in flair equipment, this is no cheap imitation! We are also the cheapest on the internet for all the flair bottles and DVDs we sell."
Olly - Newcastle, 31st January '06
"Highly reccomended!!! I was very pleased withmy fliarco flair bottle it is easy to flair with and i was very impressed overall."
Daniel Davison - leeds, 2nd January '06
"i have had my bottle for quite a while now and my flairing has improved dramatically, this bottle is genius! also anyone in the bristol area into flairing mail me at tommo303@yahoo.co.uk, i'm lacking inspiration at the moment and its always good to practice flair in groups."
Tom Green - Bristol, 19th January '05
"Essential for practice, and excellent service from Drinkstuff. Ordered yesterday on 2-3 day Parcelforce, arrived this morning! Fantastic :-)"
TimB - Stoke, UK, 14th October '04
"No more worries about broken glass! One warning though, the bottles won't break but your balls might. Careful lads!!"
Kev - Keighley, 6th May '04
"Got my bottle thru the other day, impressed immediately! Nice weight of the bottle makes some tricks even easier! Been flairing for around 6 months and this bottle's up there with my favourites!"
SeanyG - Southampton, 19th April '04
"This is cool, though it does hurt when smashed on head! i have only just discovered the wonders of flair bartending so this is wicked, a couple of lads i work with have em and they are to much fun. and no more jugs of vodka hanging about coz i smashed the bottle."
paul - Bristol, 21st February '04
"I got mine a few weeks ago, its hard to get used to the weight at first but it took me about 3 days and i have never looked back, i used to be having to clear glass from all over my bedroom that took time and i never got all of it and so cut feet. These bottles are well worth it considering other sites offer one bottle inc. delivery for about 53 quid and those sites dont offer as many ways to pay."
Neo - Newcastle, 15th February '04
"I've been juggling for a while now, and learnt quite a bit of maniuplation with a cocktail shaker. Always wanted a few of these puppies, and got to play with someones the other day! Excelent!"
Timmy Q - Scotland, 10th February '04
"I work in a popular cocktail bar and needed to use my housemates flairbottles but now i have two of my own and they are brilliant and well worth the money. Completely indestructable which saves from sweeping glass off your bedroom floor when practicing. Perfect!!!"
Nick - Derby, 23rd January '04
"I bought one of these babies for my boyfriend. We'd seen a guy in a cocktail bar on holiday throwing bottles around and from then on my boyf was in awe of bartenders who could flair. Apparently its the perfect weight and he's got quite a few tricks going on. I think he feels like Tom Cruise now.... never a bad thing!"
Gem - Warwickshire, 13th January '04
"This is ace. Got it over a week ago an not stopped practicing, only down fall it really hurts if you hit yourself in the head. Bruises."
Jimmy - Manchester, 2nd January '04
"Just got one of these, and in less than a week have improved my flair skills. Also yet to break a glass bottle in my bar. (Used to smash about 2 a night, oopps):)"
Dean - North Wales, 20th October '03
"Man, this bottle is superb!Brilliant for anybody to learn the art of flair, i've had mine a week and i have learned so much! the bottle is indestructable and believe me thats a good thing! Just one question though, what is the best pourer for flair work, anybody have any ideas?"
Russ - Derbyshire, 6th October '03
"Your description of this product is perfect. I could not have said it better myself. I have been using the flair bottles for years. I can't live without them.
Dean Serneels - Canada, 1st September '03
"Practiced with this for ages until i had the confidence then wowed my m8s at a party . Showed off ma stuff in lan zarote and got a job for the summer awesome"
Andy - Teeside, 20th April '03
"Ive been using one of these bottles for over a year, for myself and training other bartenders......excellent
John Owen - Sheffield, 7th April '03
"Been looking for these for ages, only to find a company 3 miles outside Cambridge stocks them (drinkstuff)! Small world!"
Ben Palmer - Cambridge, 2nd February '03