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Reusable Plastic Glasses

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SALE £3.99
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The Plastic Carafe with Lid provides the ultimate in transportable drinks service. With a durable PET plastic design for safety.
SALE £14.99
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With a space saving stackable design, these Plastic Pitcher Jugs are versatile enough to serve any refreshments. From Pimm's and Sangria to beer.
SALE £21.99
These Perlage Tritan Champagne Flutes are the perfect alternative to glassware at events, weddings or parties. Made from BPA-Free Tritan plastic.
SALE £19.99
With a classic French design, these polycarbonate Pierre Tumblers from Utopia are perfect for serving soft drinks at events and parties.
SALE £49.99
With a distinctive frosted finish, these Elite Remedy Frosted Hiball Tumblers are perfect for showcasing a wide variety of beverages.
SALE £27.99
Whether you are serving up champagne, prosecco, sparkling wine or cocktails, these Elite Premium Frosted Champagne Flutes are truly versatile.
SALE £94.99
These Ruby Stackable Plastic Tumblers are incredibly versatile and can be used to serve a wide variety of cold beverages.
SALE £99.99
Made from polycarbonate, these Stackable Plastic Tumblers are a vivid red in colour and can be used to serve a variety of cold drinks.
SALE £56.99
Perfect for serving Champagne, these Sommelier Champagne Flutes have been made from a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate material.
SALE £59.99
These Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from a robust polycarbonate material and are suitable for serving red, white and rose wines.
SALE £55.99
A safe alternative to glass, these Sommelier Wine Glasses are made from polycarbonate, eliminating the risk of dangerous broken glass.
SALE £26.99
Enjoy your spirits in style with these Utopia Pentagon Old Fashioned Tumblers, featuring a stylish contemporary pentagonal design.
SALE £39.99
Ideal for adding some variety to your drink presentation, these Utopia Pentagon Hiball Tumblers feature a unique pentagonal design.
SALE £27.99
Featuring a contemporary pentagonal shape, these Pentagon Half Pint Tumblers are CE marked making them suitable for commercial use.
SALE £26.99
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers are made of polycarbonate and are ideal for commercial use.
SALE £32.99
Perfect for serving a variety of cold drinks, these Utopia Pierre Tumblers feature a retro panelled design and are made from polycarbonate.
SALE £34.99
Ideal for adding a retro American theme to your drinks presentation, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers feature a panelled design.
SALE £47.99
Perfect for outdoor events such as BBQ's and parties, these Utopia Pierre Hiball Tumblers are made from a sturdy polycarbonate plastic.
SALE £69.99
These Carlisle Alibi Double Old Fashioned Tumblers are made from polycarbonate plastic and are ideal for serving spirits on the rocks.
SALE £51.99
Thanks to their polycarbonate material, these Carlisle Astaire Hiball Tumblers are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's.
SALE £57.99
Perfect for serving cocktails, these Carlisle Astaire Martini Glasses are made from polycarbonate and are suitable for commercial use.
SALE £59.99
Made from sturdy polycarbonate, these Carlisle Astaire White Wine Glasses are perfect for use at outdoor events such as BBQ's and picnics.
SALE £72.99
These Carlisle Astaire Red Wine Glasses have a contemporary design and are made of polycarbonate for a safe alternative to glass.
SALE £34.99
These Plastic Reusable Wine Glasses are lined at 125ml and are dishwasher safe making them perfect for use in commercial settings.
SALE £3.99
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This Plastic Carafe features a clip lid to help prevent any spillages and is made of PET plastic making it ideal for use at outdoor events.
SALE £24.99
Made from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate, these Elite Premium Beer Goblets not only offer style but durability. Perfect for garden parties and BBQ's.
SALE £34.99
Unbreakable and easy to stack, these Roltex Privilege Viini Polycarbonate Wine Glasses are perfect for commerical use or for use at events.
SALE £49.99
With a clarity unrivaled by other plastic glasses, these Roltex Tao Long Drink Copolyester Glasses are the perfect alternative to traditional glassware.
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Reusable Plastic Glasses

Help avoid breakages with our selection of reusable plastic glasses that are ideal for large events and outdoor parties. Whether you're hosting a garden party for friends or planning a wedding party, we've got the perfect reusable plastic glass for every event.

Our range of cheap reusable plastic glasses offer great value, safety and convenience and includes dishwasher safe plastic glasses. We offer a large variety of plastic reusable glasses, including reusable plastic wine glasses, reusable plastic beer glasses, reusable plastic champagne flutes, reusable plastic cocktail glasses, reusable plastic shot glasses and reusable plastic jugs.

For a unique gift idea, we have a fun range of reusable plastic novelty glasses, including plastic shot glasses, light up plastic glasses, novelty plastic beer glasses and giant plastic cocktail glasses.