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Starter Dishes, Amuse Bouche and Tapas Tableware

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SALE €50.72
This Wood Effect Melamine Round Paddle Board is perfect for serving pizzas, Tapas, cheeses, sharing platters, Meze and Antipasti.
SALE €132.24
Made from natural Acacia Wood this Pizza Paddle from Genware is perfect for bringing and on trend rustic aesthetic to food presentation.
SALE €36.47
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Perfect for serving sides and Tapas elements these Gourmand Express Flandres Bowls are incredibly versatile as well as durable.
SALE €56.99
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Designed for those who are adventurous with cuisine these Bologna Bowls from Arcoroc have been made to look like take out containers.
SALE €51.29
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Ideal for serving a variety of dips and sauces these Be Bag Dishes are perfect for casual dining as well as buffet and deliware service.
SALE €34.19
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Perfect for serving Tapas sauces and dips these Be Bag Dishes are incredibly versatile and are perfect for casual dining settings.
SALE €39.89
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Perfect for casual dining and creative food presentation these Be Bag Dishes are made to look like a bag and are perfect for buffet foods.
SALE €136.80
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These Mini Hammered Copper Casserole Dishes from Genware are perfect for serving Tapas dishes, sides and appetisers with creative flair.
SALE €94.62
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Perfect for serving appetisers, dips and sauces these Mini Hammered Copper Casserole Dishes bring creativity and variety to food service.
SALE €28.50
Terra Stoneware Sereno Grey Chip Cup 3.3inch / 8.5cm
SALE €28.49
Perfect for serving Tapas dishes, sauces and dips these Utopia Eagle Enamel Casserole Dishes feature a distinct retro colour scheme.
SALE €31.91
Ideal for serving a whole host of sauces, dips and condiments these Utopia Midas Dip Bowls are versatile and feature a textured finish.
SALE €29.63
Crafted from stoneware with a metallic, textured finish these Midas Bowls are perfect for adding variety to food presentation.
SALE €28.49
Perfect for serving sauces and dips alongside Mains and Tapas style dishes these Utopia Umbra Dip Dishes are incredibly versatile.
SALE €50.15
Showcasing a cream finish these Utopia Umbra Irregular Bowls are perfect for adding a subtle rustic aesthetic to food presentation.
SALE €17.09
The perfect finishing touch to your enamelware table setting, these Avebury Blue Ramekins are ideal for showcasing a wide variety of sides.
SALE €56.99
Perfect for presenting dips, oils or condiments, these Koi Ramekins hold up to 50ml and are incredibly versatile. With a oriental inspired design.
SALE €61.56
With a practical divided design and distinctive dark finish, these Koi Seasoning Dishes are perfect for showcasing dips, sauces or sides!
SALE €74.10
Perfect for storing and pouring oils or sauces, the Utopia Koi Jugs are highly versatile and holds up to 330ml. With a oriental inspired design.
SALE €14.82
Ideal for serving cakes and pastries as well as Tapas dishes, canapes and appetisers this Mini Sharing Stand is extremely versatile.
SALE €60.42
The Utopia Koi Pots offers a rustic way to serve sauces, small portions or side dishes. With a lustrous glaze and superior stoneware construction.
SALE €67.26
Perfect for bringing a botanical and earthy feel, the Utopia Arboreta Pots boast a two-tone design and tree-like structured finish.
SALE €60.42
Whether you want to add depth and texture to your contemporary table setting or looking to complete your traditional oriental tableware range.
SALE €91.20
The Utopia Kelp Oval Plates are the perfect shape and size for presenting appetisers, canapes and sharing platters! With a distinctive dark design.
SALE €71.82
Holding up to 960ml, these Utopia Kelp Footed Bowls allow for generous portions and perfect for sharing rice, noodles or side dishes.
SALE €55.85
With a stunning dark colouring and sleek glazed finish, the Utopia Kelp Footed Bowls provide true elegance to any food presentation.
SALE €52.43
With a monochrome two-tone design and organic shape, these Utopia Sano Bowls are perfect for bringing a rustic yet contemporary touch.
SALE €55.85
Showcasing colours inspired by nature, the Utopia Horizon Footed Bowls are perfect for providing a unique touch to oriental dishes. Holding up to 300ml.
SALE €54.71
Stunning in design, the Utopia Horizon Plates stand out with its spiral design. With a white and blue colour blend. Provides a distinctive table setting.
SALE €45.59
Made from durable stoneware and inspired by aged bronze tones, these Terra Stoneware Antigo Ramekins are perfect for bringing warm tones to any table.
SALE €80.94
Professionally crafted from vitrified porcelain and finished in a bold blue lined design, the Urchin Footed Bowls brings an ocean inspired touch.
SALE €68.40
Perfect for showcasing delicious sides, starters or desserts, these Utopia Azure Bowls provide a unique food presentation. With a speckled finish.
SALE €60.42
Crafted from durable vitrified porcelain and a unique speckled finish, the Azure Bowls combine excellent strength and contemporary style.
The perfect size for serving soups, desserts or starters, these Utopia Lichen Coupe Bowls provide a rustic touch to signature dishes.
Inspired by the differing colours of the ocean, these Utopia Lagoon Coupe Bowls are perfect for bringing a natural touch to any table presentation.
SALE €75.24
Stunning in design, these Vendome Black Dinner Plates by Viejo Valle act as the perfect blank canvas for signature dishes allowing them to stand out!
SALE €77.52
The Vendome Black Trays are a combination of excellent strength and modern style, with a stoneware construction and sleek matte black finish.
SALE €34.19
With a unique triangular shape and gentle curved edges, the Viejo Valle Vendome White Trays are perfect for serving a wide variety of dishes.
SALE €399.03
With an unusual shape and design, these Nude Ice Cube Serving Cups are perfect for shaking up your food presentation methods.
SALE €427.53
These Nude Ice Cube Serving Cups are ideal for shaking up your food presentation and can be used to serve canapes and mini desserts.
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Starter Dishes, Amuse Bouche and Tapas Tableware

Serve up exciting appetisers with our range of starter dishes, amuse bouche and tapas tableware. With a wide selection of tapas dishes, tapas ramekins, tasting spoons, amuse bouche spoons, serving platters, presentation boards, serving dishes, presentation bowls, temaki cones and cheese boards, you'll find the perfect way to impress your guests. Ideal for entertaining at home or serving up gourmet food at your restaurant, our range of starter tableware includes ceramic dishes, ceramic bowls, ceramic platters, porcelain dishes, porcelain bowls, porcelain platters, wooden dishes, wooden bowls, wooden platters, wooden boards, ceramic spoons, porcelain spoons, plastic spoons, stainless steel spoons, slate platters, marble platters and marble boards. Don't forget, our range of appetiser dishes, canapé dishes, amuse bouche dishes, tapas dishes, hors d'oeuvre dishes, entree dishes and sushi dishes are available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.