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Established in 1977
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Toughened Beer Glasses

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Conique Pint Glasses 20oz / 568ml

Conique Pint Glasses 20oz / 568ml

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Toughened Beer Glasses

For a longer lasting collection of beer glassware, our range of toughened beer glasses incorporates a wide variety of popular beer glass types in a toughened finish. From toughened nonic pint glasses and toughened tulip pint glasses to toughened stemmed beer glasses and toughened pilsner glasses, our toughened pint glasses and toughened half pint glasses can be found in pubs across the country. Perfect as toughened glassware for pubs, these toughened beer glasses are great anywhere glassware is used regularly every day.

With famous brands of toughened glasses including Arc Fully Tempered glassware, Arc Kwarx glassware, Libbey Duratuff glassware, Luigi Bormioli Sparkx glassware and Luigi Bormioli SON.hyx glassware, we have a large selection of toughened glassware to choose from.

A safer option than standard glassware, when a glass breakage does unfortunately happen, our tempered beer glasses will shatter into small blunt fragments, helping to reduce injuries for bar staff when cleaning up.