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2/3 Pint CE Marked Beer Glasses

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2/3 Pint Glasses

Allowing draught beer service to be more flexible, the 2/3 pint CE marked beer glasses offer a new legal measurement for consumers to choose from. Around the size of a bottled beer glass, two thirds of a pint glasses are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit the drinker, including 2/3 pint stemmed beer glasses, 2/3 pint conical beer glasses, 2/3 pint pilsner glasses and 2/3 pint highball beer glasses. Conforming with the UK Licensing Act, our CE marked 2/3rd pint glasses are all available with a fast UK delivery service, so you can offer a broader range of beer volumes to your customers as soon as possible.

Following in the footsteps of the Australian schooner glass, the two thirds of a pint schooner glasses are a welcome addition to the long tradition of pint beer glasses and half pint beer glasses.