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SALE £7.19
Cocktail mixing doesn't have to be left to the professionals, the VacuVin Cocktail Shaker makes preparing cocktails easy for anyone. Part of the VacuVin PopSome family, this shaker features a unique patented Oxiloc system, meaning the silicone cap can be
SALE £6.79
There's no excuse for misplacing your most important bar tools again as the VacuVin Muddler & Tools features a 3in1 innovative design. The multipurpose tongs and spirit measure conveniently slot inside the cocktail muddler, ready for use when you're next
SALE £2.99
For use with the VacuVin Wine Saver, the Wine Bottle Stoppers help seal your wine bottle with a vacuum to keep your favourite tipple fresher for longer. These Vacuum Wine Bottle Stoppers are placed in the bottle before using the Wine Saver to extract air
SALE £9.99
Doctors say that a glass of wine a day is good for your health, but if you're opening and closing a bottle of red every day, how can you guarantee it's going to have that fresh taste every time? The VacuVin Wine Saver helps you seal your bottle of wine fo
SALE £7.99
To help keep your champagne tasting better for longer, the Champagne Saver from the VacuVin range simply slots on to the spout of your champagne bottle and works as both a pourer and a bottle stopper. The Champagne Saver slows down the oxidation process e


Novelty, yet functional the VacuVin range of VacuVin wine accessories, VacuVin bar accessories and VacuVin cocktail accessories is ideal for the home. The practical range of Vacu Vin products includes the VacuVin Rapid collection and the VacuVin Party People collection. For the perfect VacuVin gift idea see our range of VacuVin corkscrews, VacuVin wine racks, VacuVin wine stoppers, VacuVin champagne stoppers, VacuVin glass markers, VacuVin cooling carafes, VacuVin champagne coolers and VacuVin wine tenders. In addition to our range of VacuVin wine tools, we offer a range of VacuVin bar tools, including VacuVin cocktail shakers, VacuVin ice cube trays, VacuVin pineapple slicers, VacuVin cocktail equipment and VacuVin snack markers.