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Bottle Stoppers & Pourers

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SALE €3.41
With a Bung Wine Stopper, you can savour even the finest wine to prolong maximum flavour and aroma. An airtight seal prolongs the life.
SALE €9.12
To help keep your champagne tasting better for longer, the Champagne Saver from the VacuVin range simply slots on to the spout of your champagne bottle and works as both a pourer and a bottle stopper. The Champagne Saver slows down the oxidation process e
SALE €3.41
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If you don't want the celebrations to end, preserve your bottle of bubbly with the Stainless Steel Champagne Stopper. It acts as a clamp to fit most bottle necks, forming a seal to keep your champagne or sparkling wine fresh.
SALE €3.41
Insert one of these handy discs in your wine bottle and avoid any spillage! The disc rolls up and fits tightly into any bottle forming a seal.
SALE €2.84
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When you can't quite finish your favourite bottle of wine, just grab one of these Corkies and plug up the bottle ready to be stored away!
SALE €7.98
These Wine Bottle Re-Sealers are perfect for when you can't quite finish your favourite bottle of wine, keeping the contents fresher for longer.
SALE €2.27
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Pour your favourite spirits with this Stainless Steel and Cork Pourer, pour straight from the bottle without any spillages on your bar-top or table.
SALE €14.83
For a novel way to reseal your wine bottle, the Acrylic Mini Wine Bucket Bottle Stoppers are perfect handmade miniatures of wine coolers and wine buckets. This set of 3 bottle stoppers is neatly displayed on a display stand, so even when not in use they c
SALE €6.27
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Keep your champagne crisp and in perfect condition with this Champagne Stopper by Kitchen Craft, made from durable stainless steel with a elegant copper finish this stopper is an excellent gift for all those champagne lovers.
SALE €11.40
Doctors say that a glass of wine a day is good for your health, but if you're opening and closing a bottle of red every day, how can you guarantee it's going to have that fresh taste every time? The VacuVin Wine Saver helps you seal your bottle of wine fo
SALE €3.41
For use with the VacuVin Wine Saver, the Wine Bottle Stoppers help seal your wine bottle with a vacuum to keep your favourite tipple fresher for longer. These Vacuum Wine Bottle Stoppers are placed in the bottle before using the Wine Saver to extract air
SALE €17.11
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Add some vintage country living style to your drink presentation with this Stag Bottle Stopper, perfect for keeping opened wine fresher for longer.
SALE €2.27
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With a unique design, the Cap-On Freeflow Pourer allows you to reseal the bottle with its cap after serving. This spirit pourer is more hygienic than standard bottle pourers and also prevents evaporation. These features make this one of the most innovativ

Bottle Stoppers & Pourers

Ensure your wine always tastes at its best with our wide range of wine bottle stoppers and wine pourers. The perfect gift for a wine lover, a wine bottle stopper or wine pourer offers a practical and stylish gift.

Our range of wine bottle stoppers are ideal when storing wine and champagne between servings. Choose from novelty bottle stoppers, vacuum bottle stoppers and designer bottle stoppers.

Ideal when throwing a dinner party or serving at your home bar, our selection on wine pourers ensure you won't spill a single drop of wine. Using a pourer with a wine bottle also helps the wine to breathe and oxidise for a fresher tasting glass.