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How To Make Foam For a Cocktail Without Egg White

Wanting to create a frothy cocktail but don't want to include any egg white? Well not to worry, we are going to tell you how you can achieve that foam with no egg white whatsoever.

Foam Cocktail

It's not always easy to create that foam for your cocktails, especially if you are not too keen on using egg white.

Many cocktails are not complete without that frothy top; cocktails such as a Passionfruit Martini or a French Martini are well known to have that froth.

How to create foam without egg white

Introducing the Stillabunt Magic Velvet Cocktail Foamer.

This fantastic product allows you to create foam for a cocktail without shaking up any raw egg.

This magic foamer offers a cost and time effective alternative to traditional raw egg.

It's made from natural extracts and is vegan, gluten free and nut free!

How to use the Stillabunt Magic Velvet Foamer

Stillabunt Magic Foam

  1. Simply drop in eight drops of the foamer into your cocktail shaker along with the ingredients.
  2. Then shake well as normal and strain into your cocktail glass.
  3. You will then notice a big difference and a nice foam forming on top of your cocktail!

Facts about Stillabunt Magic Velvet Foamer

  • Using egg white is 300% more expensive than using magic velvet.
  • Magic velvet lasts much longer than eggs.
  • Magic velvet is easier and quicker to use.
  • Foamer lasts up to three hours so you can prepare your cocktails.
  • Can be used in up to 600+ drinks.

Magic Velvet YouTube review

Stillabunt Magic Cocktail Foam

For more information and a demonstration on how to use this product, head over to our YouTube Channel where you can watch a full review on this product!