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BB Plastics

Elite Polycarbonate Drinkware

Econ Polystyrene Drinkware

BB Plastics Products

Practical and stylish, our range of BB Plastics reusable glassware makes a great alternative when glassware isn't practical. Great for parties, functions and outdoor events, these reusable plastic glasses are suitable for use in commercial environments, helping to reduce glass-related violent crime.

The BB Plastics range of plastic glassware includes polycarbonate wine glasses, polycarbonate champagne flutes, polycarbonate hiball tumblers, polycarbonate rocks tumblers, polycarbonate beer glasses, polycarbonate half pint glasses, polycarbonate pint glasses, polycarbonate coffee glasses, polycarbonate martini glasses, polycarbonate cocktail glasses, polycarbonate shot glasses and polycarbonate jugs. Alternatively, the BB Plastics range also features polystyrene wine glasses, polystyrene champagne flutes, polystyrene hiball tumblers, polystyrene rocks tumblers, polystyrene beer glasses, polystyrene half pint glasses, polystyrene pint glasses and polystyrene shot glasses.

Made in the UK, BB Plastics offer environmentally friendly products which are reusable and recyclable at the end of their lifespan. The Elite glassware range of polycarbonate glasses feature a durable, virtually unbreakable construction, while both the Elite and Econ ranges are glasswasher safe (tested in excess of at least 100 cycles).

If you need to promote your brand, business or event BB Plastics glassware can be custom printed with your text, logo or image. This option of customised glassware is great for beer festivals, bars, clubs, promotions and events.

A great choice for commercial licensed establishments, BB Plastics products include a range of LCE wine glasses, CE wine glasses, LCE beer glasses and CE beer glasses. This range of rigid, reusable plastic glasses include plastic wine glasses, plastic champagne flutes, plastic hiball tumblers, plastic rocks tumblers, plastic beer glasses, plastic half pint glasses, plastic pint glasses, plastic third of a pint glasses, plastic coffee glasses, plastic martini glasses, plastic cocktail glasses, plastic shot glasses, plastic jugs. You'll find our entire range of BB Plastics is available with fast UK delivery on our next day UK delivery service.