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Edible Straws

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Sorbos Edible Straws

Plastics are rapidly becoming a massive issue on the planet, and one quick change you can make is to ditch plastic drinking straws. There is a huge range of eco friendly options available, but our favourite has to be edible straws! Made from all natural ingredients, these straws are obviously completely biodegradable and compostable, but they are also a novel addition to drinks!

What better way to ensure your straws never end up in landfill than by opting for edible alternatives? Edible drinking straws make a great talking point at events or gatherings - they taste delicious and ensure there’s no leftover waste at the end of the day. Edible straws are a relatively new addition to the straw market but they’re sure to be a popular one.

Edible Straw Flavours

Edible straws come in various flavours, and thanks to our range of Sorbos edible straws, we’ve got plenty to offer. For fruit lovers, why not try a strawberry or apple edible straw? Or, if you prefer bold tastes, give cinnamon or chocolate edible straws a go. If flavoured edible straws don’t appeal to you, why not try pasta straws? They are also biodegradable!